Minimal Bathroom Summer Refresh (+ Win $1000 or $250 Target Gift Card!)


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minimal bathroom summer refresh + win $1000 or $250 target gift card (2)

Our guest bathroom is used mostly by the kids, and has been decorated with them in mind. However, since it’s summer, visitors like family and friends are visiting more often, and I wanted to give our guest bathroom a more clean, adult look (sorry kids!).. I found these lovely items at Target, where Quilted Northern offered an exciting and fun challenge for a bathroom refresh. I’m pretty excited to join this challenge to transform our guest bathroom into a clean, minimal, and classy look which requires only few simple steps!



First, I focused on changing the shower curtain. I used window panels to give an airy, spacious illusion in the bath. This not only gives a nice, clean  style to the bathroom, but it also hides my kids’ toys and the clear shower curtain in back of the window panels, keeping the shower area clean and simple.

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Extend this clean and simple look to the walls  by adding a floating shelf. This is a striking way to add dimension and color to the wall! Since I wanted the guest bathroom to look clean and minimal, I chose a small, sturdy white finish floating shelf.

minimal bathroom summer refresh + win $1000 or $250 target gift card (6) minimal bathroom summer refresh + win $1000 or $250 target gift card (5)


Target offers some beautiful artificial plants – which means no watering required! I found this faux succulent plant in a muted gray square cement pot, which added a lovely greenery look to the bathroom. I also added Quilted Northern® Mega Rolls on top of the toilet bowl for simple storage. Even though we won’t change the tissue roll often (Quilted Northern Mega Rolls have 4 regular rolls in one) the stack of tissue adds a richer, fuller feeling to the bathroom!

minimal bathroom summer refresh + win $1000 or $250 target gift card (12)

minimal bathroom summer refresh + win $1000 or $250 target gift card (8)

By the way, you can save 10% off Quilted Northern Mega Toilet Paper on Cartwheel from 6/20- 7/8, and they also offer $5 Target Gift Card when you buy 3 packs of Quilted Northern Mega Toilet Paper. This deal is only available from June 6 to June 24 only, so be sure to check it out!

Here’s a before and after of our guest bathroom, which obviously been hanging out with the little ones. If you are wondering what’s that green bucket is, we call it a “Tabo” in Tagalog (Filipino). It’s what my mom gave to my kids to use for taking bath, as most Filipino kids use a big bucket of water and tabo, rather than a bathtub, to bathe 😉

minimal bathroom summer refresh + win $1000 or $250 target gift card (11)

minimal bathroom summer refresh + win $1000 or $250 target gift card (9)

minimal bathroom summer refresh + win $1000 or $250 target gift card (1)

I know most of you love winning prizes! Good news! Vote on your favorite Quilted Northern character-inspired bathroom [Daddy Gator, Little Miss Puffy Tail, or Sir Froggy] for a chance to win a $1,000 Grand Prize or a $250 Target GiftCard! Sweepstakes run from 6/19-8/1.

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minimal bathroom summer refresh + win $1000 or $250 target gift card (4)

I hope this post inspires you to give a little refresh to your bath this summer! Any tips on how you make your bathroom look clean and nice for visitors?


Fish Themed Birthday Party + Birthday Banner Tutorial


fish themed birthday party (5)

My second son turned two this month! I can describe him as a brave and strong toddler. He loves to swim (using his floaties of course) and even jumps into the water on his own. I am proud of him in many ways, especially when he copies us when we pray before eating meals and going to bed. He is such a sweet boy with lots of energy. 😉 We had a great day with his grandparents and a few friends, celebrating his birthday with swimming and splashing.

Since he is fascinated with fish I thought to make his two-year-old birthday celebration into a fish theme. To make this party more “fishy”,my mother-in-law and I worked together to create a fish birthday cake for him! My little boy loved it, and so did my eldest son!

fish themed birthday party (4)

fish themed birthday party (2)

fish themed birthday party (3) fish themed birthday party 7

I made a birthday banner that is different this time, since it says “two” not “happy birthday”. Here are the materials that I used. Most of them came from Hobby Lobby.

Cardstock Paper






*Round sized pattern (see details below)


White Paint (optional)


First, I sketched the word “two” on blue cardstock paper. The bigger, the better. I used one that was 12” x 12” in size from Hobby Lobby. You can make the sketch easier by printing out the word “two” from a computer, and  then tracing it onto the blue paper. Font styles depend on your preference, but I suggest to use a wider/bold font style. Finally, simply cut out the word “two”.

For the fish, I drew a big oval as the body and added a tail that would fit on an 8” x 11” yellow paper. You can use this first sketch to trace the second fish pattern. Use another paper for the stripes and tail color. I used the color orange for this style. Glue the orange pattern onto the fish body and trim the excess (as seen in the picture above).* Add the fish eyes by using small and medium round-shaped container lids. Use then to trace on black and white paper. Glue the white rounded paper, then the black circle for the eyes.

This is optional but you can create a fish rod to add onto the birthday fish banner. I used cardboard to draw a fish rod then cut it out with scissors​. I also painted it white and used yellow paper for the handle and twine for the fishing line. You can also add some fun details like small circles on the side. I used twine to put these designs together along with tape at the back of the designs.

fish themed birthday party 8 fish themed birthday party (1)

Anyone else​ have kids turning two this summer?

I hope you all enjoy this tutorial! Have a great weekend ahead!


My little son. Mama and Dada love you!


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