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Burgundy_Wine_Bordeaux_Theory_Dress_Silk_Fall_PreFall_Wedges_Style_Blogger_Style_EmSmithArtist_Dallas_Blogger_Obviously_Eliz (4)

My collaboration with Elizabeth, a fashion and lifestyle blogger in Dallas, Texas. We had so much fun working together! Elizabeth and I talked about makeup trend this Fall and we decided to do the “vampy lips” which is very trendy this Fall. To create this look, visit my previous post CLICK HERE for easy tutorial! Burgundy_Wine_Bordeaux_Theory_Dress_Silk_Fall_PreFall_Wedges_Style_Blogger_Style_EmSmithArtist_Dallas_Blogger_Obviously_Eliz (3) Burgundy_Wine_Bordeaux_Theory_Dress_Silk_Fall_PreFall_Wedges_Style_Blogger_Style_EmSmithArtist_Dallas_Blogger_Obviously_Eliz (2)

What a comfy dress!
Burgundy_Wine_Bordeaux_Theory_Dress_Silk_Fall_PreFall_Wedges_Style_Blogger_Style_EmSmithArtist_Dallas_Blogger_Obviously_Eliz (1) Burgundy_Wine_Bordeaux_Theory_Dress_Silk_Fall_PreFall_Wedges_Style_Blogger_Style_EmSmithArtist_Dallas_Blogger_Obviously_Elizabet

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