Do-It-Yourself Egg White Face Mask



If you are in Pinterest, you’ll notice that Do-it-yourself Egg White Face Mask has been one of the most popular pins from the past few weeks. I’m excited to blog this because I’ve been doing this since I was in high school in the Philippines. I remembered my older sister do this and so I tried it. This is easy, simple and effective!


What you need:

Egg White


Paper Towel (or you can also use facial tissue)

Use 1 egg, separate white from egg yolk.


Use fork to beat the egg white


Make two square size of paper towel to cover both cheeks. egg_white_DIY_doityourself_face_mask_emsmith_2

Dip the paper towel until it’s all wet. Squeeze it if necessary. egg_white_DIY_doityourself_face_mask_emsmith_3

Apply it onto your cheeks and gently pat it on your face. egg_white_DIY_doityourself_face_mask_emsmith_5

Use a long rectangular facial tissue for your forehead – cut it if necessary…dip it and pat it on to your skin egg_white_DIY_doityourself_face_mask_emsmith_6

Cover the rest of the areas such as your nose, upper lips and chin egg_white_DIY_doityourself_face_mask_emsmith_7


Let it dry and gently peel off. Rinse your face with water and dry it off with a towel. egg_white_DIY_doityourself_face_mask_emsmith_9

I promise, that this is definitely effective! Egg whites help to reduce oil from your skin and leave the skin so refreshing and glowing. It is also removes blackheads!. It’s a cheap alternative from expensive facial masks in the market. Try it! It’s great start for a glowing skin in 2016 🙂

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