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Marble design has been a trend and popularly used for photography background for product shots in Instagram for bloggers. And now, a lot of people are using these to redesign some stuff like desks, boxes, coasters, trays and even phones and laptops! Today, I will teach you how to redesign an old watch box with a Marble designed contact paper. This box was about to be thrown by my sister-in law and I stopped her. I’m a type of person who always thinks of reusing things that are usually trash for others (Am I a hoarder? By using a marble self adhesive contact paper  (Similar here) that I bought from Amazon , it makes your old stuff look elegant and beautiful – just like the photo above. So here’s an easy tutorial to create your own marble makeup brush holder! Enjoy!


What you need:

 Adhesive Film, Grey Marble (similar here)

Watch Box or any type of box that you can use to place your brushes

Scissors (similar here)

Marker Pen


1) Find the right size to cover the box and start to cut (Most of contact papers have grid lines that make it easier to cut straight)  


2) Cut, peel it off and start to cover the entire box. Use your finger to slowly slide the marble contact paper and make sure that there will be no bubbles and creases. DIY_marble_makeup_brush_holder_tutorial_howto_emsmith_5

3) Cut the excess paper if there are any. DIY_marble_makeup_brush_holder_tutorial_howto_emsmith_6

And it’s DONE!

DIY_marble_makeup_brush_holder_tutorial_howto_emsmith_1aa DIY_marble_makeup_brush_holder_tutorial_howto_emsmith_before_and_after

What stuff and creative ideas do you want to marbling? I would love know! Hit the comment below :-)

P.S My brushes need a bath! I know!


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