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Liquid Lipsticks: Maybelline, Revlon, NYX, L’oreal

Girls, are you ready for Valentine’s day? I AM!!! I always feel excited to celebrate Valentine’s day with my husband because I never experienced this when I was younger (I know, no one asked me! Lol!) My husband, Brent, is not a fan of it (he thinks that it is only made up by a card company so people will buy Valentine’s card), but since he knows that I always look forward to a romantic date on Valentine’s day, he gives time for me. Looking back, I only imagine how it feels like to have a date, although I waited for a long time, it was worth it. God’s time is always perfect! Before, I often talk to God and beg Him that I want a guy who is “Tall, Dark & Handsome”. But instead of giving me of these physical attributes, God gave me a greater package which is more important –  a loving, forgiving, hardworking and Christian man.  And yes, tall and handsome too, he can just go for self-tanning to be dark.

One thing I like to consider for my Valentine’s day look is to have a lip product that has high definition color and will stay all night. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve a pretty lip color, so here are 4 of the liquid lipsticks to try and review about it.



liquid_lipstick_maybelline_cosmetics_super_stay_24_color_lip_cream_emsmith_3 liquid_lipstick_maybelline_cosmetics_super_stay_24_color_lip_cream_emsmith_4

Maybelline New York Superstay 24, 2-step Lipcolor, Reliable Raspberry 010

It is a 2-step lip color in one pack. When I apply the lip color to my lips, it has a sticky finish but that’s why it came with an ultra-conditioning balm to seal the lip color and make it soft and not sticky. You just need to wait the liquid lip color to dry about 2 minutes before sealing it. Try to apply mascara while waiting. I like the packaging and the idea. It truly lasts all day when I tried it. It’s hard to remove (that’s the purpose of long-wearing lip product) but I used cotton balls and baby oil to wash it off. This product has 30-35 different shades for this lip product! I’m pretty sure you will find your perfect shade.

liquid_lipstick_revlon_NYX_loreal_maybelline_lip_cream_valentines_look_spring_2016_emsmith_long_lasting_2 liquid_lipstick_NYX_cosmetics_soft_matte_lip_cream_stockholm_emsmith__product

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, Stockholm $5.90

This is my first liquid lipstick I purchased and I am really amazed! Aside from it’s cheaper compared to other brands, I like how it is comfortable, creamy, lightweight and not sticky. It is matte finish but I don’t feel that my lips gets dry which matte lip products mostly do. The longevity is good too but it will be more long-lasting if you apply a lip liner to your entire lips as a base before applying this product. Speaking of lip liners, if you use pink or other lip liner shades, it will change the color of this lip cream in Stockholm. No wonder why it is a NYX fan favorite! Overall I love this product so much! This lip cream is available in 10 shades.

liquid_lipstick_NYX_cosmetics_soft_matte_lip_cream_stockholm_emsmith liquid_lipstick_NYX_cosmetics_soft_matte_lip_cream_stockholm_emsmith_2

liquid_lipstick_revlon_uktra_hd_matte_lipcolor_emsmith_3 liquid_lipstick_revlon_uktra_hd_matte_lipcolor_emsmith

Revlon® Ultra HD Matte Multiple Color Lipcolor (flirtation) $6.15 

I fell in love with this shade, it reminds me of MAC lipstick in Ravishing. One thing that caught my attention is that, it is not matte finish as what it says on the packaging. But it is not glossy either, just semi-matte. Anyway, I love the packaging design and the creamy texture of it to my lips. Although I need to re-apply this product throughout the day, this is something I would love to grab if I am in a hurry and don’t have time to put make-up. It has 8 different shades. It is not a lot but they offer a great selection for the colors, so you better check it out! P.S I love the smell of this product!

liquid_lipstick_revlon_uktra_hd_matte_lipcolor_emsmith_2 liquid_lipstick_revlon_ultra_hd_matte_lipcolor_emsmith

liquid_lipstick_loreal_lip_cream_emsmith2 liquid_lipstick_loreal_lip_cream_emsmith L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics Infallible Pro-Last Color Lipstick, Captivated by Cerise$5.78

L’oreal claims that this is a transfer-resistant lip color. Yes, that’s true! I tried to kiss my kids (which I always do) and it didn’t leave a mark on their cheeks! Again, the lip color is sticky on the lips but there is a seal balm to smooth out your lips. It has 24 different shades that will excite you! I find the packaging easy to use and it looks elegant too! Like Maybelline, you need to wait for about 2 minutes before you apply the seal balm over the the lip color. A minute or two doesn’t hurt right?

liquid_lipstick_loreal_lip_cream_emsmith4 liquid_lipstick_loreal_lip_cream_emsmith3


Makeup tips: If you are planning to apply matte finish lip product, make sure you exfoliate your lips first. Try to exfoliate with brown sugar & oil. Another option is to gently rub it with wet, soft towel, or you can use your toothbrush – whatever works for  you…


 Which of these 4 liquid lipsticks would you try? Will you recommend it to your friends?

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

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