Top 5 Things I’m Excited for This Spring!


Yesterday was the first day of spring! Although, the cold weather did come back to Dallas these past few days. However, next week, temperatures will be back in the 70s! Yey! So what am I looking forward to doing this spring? Here’s my TOP 5!

  1. Wearing dresses and flip flops (No more jackets and boots!).
  2. Taking a family trip to Arkansas, to visit my husband’s grandmother.
  3. Wearing bright lip colors.
  4. Enjoy having dinners with sunlight (because of Daylight Savings Time).
  5. Having many picnics with my kids, near the lake!

Here are photos of Lauren Bloom that will make you smile and inspire you this spring season!

Hair: Styling by Macey

Model: Lauren Morgan

Makeup: Em Smith skechers(1of1)-5copy Skechers(1of1)-35 Skechers(1of1)-37copy Skechers(1of1)-38 Skechers(1of1)-39 Skechers(1of1)-40 Skechers(1of1)-41 Skechers(1of1)-42 Skechers(1of1)-50 Skechers(1of1)-52 Skechers(1of1)-53

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