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We all have people or things that inspire us. They’re the people we look up to when we need a little boost, or the activities we do when we need to refresh. I don’t need to look far for someone inspires me. I see him every day, share a home with him and our boys, and build dreams together.

My husband is one of my greatest sources of inspiration and hope. My husband is a pediatric psychologist, a great father to our three boys, God-fearing, and the most hardworking person I know. He inspires me in so many ways, especially on how to be a good parent. He  encourages me to take care of myself emotionally (he gives great advice on how to handle stress!) and physically. He is self-disciplined in taking care of himself, eating healthy, and exercising, including running after work.

I thought it best to do a little interview with my husband. If there is anyone out there who influences and inspires me the most, it’s the person who I’ve chosen to spend the rest of my life with. Hopefully he inspires you as well!.

Q: As a pediatric psychologist, what’s the best part of your job?

Brent: I love getting to be a part of a child’s recovery from a serious injury. It amazing to see the strength and resiliency of children and their families.

Q: As a pediatric  psychologist, what’s the worst part of your job?

Brent: Sometimes it is difficult to see children dealing with serious injuries and severe pain. Thankfully, I get to see them progress and overcome many of their difficulties.

Q: How do you handle stress?

Brent: I find that managing stress is easier if I am proactive in being spiritually and emotionally healthy. That means reading my Bible, meditating, and praying daily. Playing with my kids and watching a lighthearted comedy like The Office with my wife after work helps a lot as well!

Q: How important is exercising in your daily routine?

Brent: Important! Physical health has a big impact on emotional health and stress levels. I find that doing a few sets of pushups and pullups a few nights a week, as well as a 3-4 mile run twice a week, makes me feel a lot better. It can be hard to find time to exercise as a parent, but I like to involve the kids whenever possible – it sets a great example for them.

Q: How do you manage to take care of yourself while being a dad to three kids?
Brent: Realize that this time in your life is not about you. It’s about your children. The way we think has a big impact on how we feel. If I come home and think negatively (e.g., “I just need time for myself”, “I’m so tired”, “Why are the kids so loud?!”) then I feel irritated and annoyed. If, instead, I think about how I can help them and help my wife out, I forget about myself and feel better. Of course, we all need time to recharge our batteries – that’s why it’s important for us to have the kids in bed by 8PM.

Q: Any advice how to handle stress, especially for parents with little kids?

Brent: Find a good support network, whether that is family, church, close friends, or a parent group. Make time – even a few moments – each day for spiritual activities, physical exercise, and relaxation. Remind yourself that your kids won’t be small forever, and treasure the time you have – these difficult moments will pass all too quickly, and you will miss this time in your life. Be okay with not being able to do all you want to do: you may not be able to get the house as clean as you want, or work as much as you’d like, etc. That’s okay 🙂

Q: Who is your inspiration?

Brent: My wife inspires me with her work ethic. She works hard all day, and sometimes that helps me when I want to just crash when I get home from work. My grandmother was also an exceptionally hard worker, even when things were difficult, and she is another inspiration for me.

Q: What activities can you recommend to help others de-stress?

Brent: Diaphragmatic breathing is a deep breathing technique that you can do in a few minutes which can lower heart rate and blood pressure. This type of breathing works well with mindfulness practices, in which you engage in the present moment and simply notice and appreciate what is happening right now.

Q:  Are there any self-help books you can recommend?

Brent: Unfortunately not… I think everyone should learn a bit about cognitive behavioral therapy, as techniques to change your thinking and behavior to improve your mood can be utilized by almost anyone. There are many books on CBT out there, but I haven’t reviewed them personally so I don’t feel that I can ethically recommend any of them.

Q:  Any advice for building/starting a family?

Brent: One of the best things you can do before having kids is to finish your education, get a job, and get married. Staying married is also very important, as the research is clear that kids do best when they have the love and attention of their mother and father every day.

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Who inspires you?

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11 Responses to “Who Inspires You?”

  1. Hazel says:

    I’m inspired by those people seizing their dreams. With that, my own family gives me the boost to do the same too! 🤗💖 lovely pictures by the way 😊

  2. Love this little interview! It’s great that he is an inspiration to you! Loved his answers, especially about the mindset of having “me” time!


  3. You have such a sweet family! I love that interview.

  4. Jackie says:

    I love his advice for parents of little kids. They won’t be small forever! Sad to think about.

  5. Colleen says:

    I’m inspired by the people who are out there following their dreams. People like Caitlin Pyle and every single author who participates in NaNoWriMo. When people have the courage to step out of their comfort zone and not care what other people think, it’s inspiring to watch – and makes me believe I can do it too.

  6. Ciara says:

    This was a nice post to read, it’s a lovely compliment to your hubby that he inspires u. U inspire him too so that is really sweet.

  7. Kendra says:

    What a great interview! I’m inspired by the people who can overcome hard times and move forward by learning from the situation.

  8. Justine says:

    Great interview, I loved the part about handling stress by being more spiritual.

  9. What a sweet post! And great advice from your husband. My husband also inspires me, as well as my kids.

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