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What I’m bringing in my hospital bag

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

what im bringing in my hospital bag 2 what im bringing in my hospital bag 1 what im bringing in my hospital bag 3

I started to pack my hospital bag since I’m now 36 weeks pregnant. Hospitals usually provide what my baby and I will need such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, sanitary pads, underwear, diapers for the baby, and blankets (and I’m sure there’s still more that I missed!) So here are the things I’m bringing, aside from my wallet.


Balls – I’ll be bringing a few, small toy balls from my kids’ toy box. I brought one soft one and a tennis ball too for when my second child was born. During my first time going into labor, Brent  was beside me holding my hands when I was having contractions. I squeezed Brent’s hands so hard that his hands must have been hurting. 😉 That’s why I brought a small toy ball to use as a stress ball when I had my second son.

Socks – The hospital provided me with socks before, but I’m more comfortable using my own because their sizes are too big for my feet.

Nursing Tops – I’m bringing 2 nursing tops (similar to this), in case I decide to change out of my hospital gowns. Even though hospital gowns aren’t that nice to wear sometimes (and not cute in pictures lol), it’s very easy to put on and remove during breastfeeding, and when I’m skin-to-skin with the little one.

Light Cardigan (similar) – This is to help me cover up and keep me warm inside the hospital room.

Makeup Pouch – Inside are concealer, an eyebrow pencil, cream blush (I can use it for my lips as well), lip balm, hairpins and an elastic band. Do I need to explain why I’m bringing these?? 😉

Attire for Going Home – I’m just planning to bring a loose skirt with a comfortable waistband, and then wear one of the nursing tops when I am headed home.


Lasinoh Cream – The first few days of breastfeeding can make me sore, which is why I’m going to bring this cream. It helps soothe the soreness, and will help in case I need to stay in the hospital longer.

Baby Oil – I’m bringing a small bottle of baby oil. During labor, you may experience a very bad backache, so I asked Brent to massage my back sometimes while I am in labor. I actually forwarded a Youtube video to him on how to give a massage during labor. (Hopefully he watches it beforehand…)

Contacts / Eyeglasses – I like to wear my eyeglasses, but this time I will also bring contacts. From my experience (during labor), the room can sometimes get warm and my eyeglasses tend to get foggy. If it does, I’ll try to wear contacts.

DSLR Camera

Facial Wash – Who doesn’t like a fresh face after delivery? :)

Laptop – so our family can videochat with us to see our new baby!

Bag  – I found this bag from the thrift store, but you can check out a couple of cute bags like this large travel tote bag from Longchamp, or this cute pineapple duffle bag. I like to use a bag that is large and opens wide, so my husband can easily find things that I need.



Receiving blanket

Outfit for going home – Most of my kids’ clothes are hand-me-downs or from the thrift store, but I’ve liked getting new attire for the baby’s first time going home. The clothes will be something I keep as a memory. :)




Onesies – Some hospitals provide white onesies, but I’ll bring a couple of newborn sleep attire, just in case he needs warmer clothes.

Small bag – It’s helpful to have a separate small bag for baby’s clothes. It’s convenient for Dad too so that he can find it easily. I am just using a mesh bag with a zipper. You may also use a laundry bag too!

I’m bringing a blanket for Brent too since the hospital can be cold. Aside from my hospital bag, I’m done packing bags for my 2 toddlers. They’ll be staying with a good friend of ours, who will take care of them, while my mother-in-law is driving down to Houston.

I’d love to hear from you! Any other helpful essentials you want to share for a hospital bag?


Baby Shower for Baby Boy #3

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

baby shower for baby 3

When I moved to Houston from the Philippines in 2011, I found my very first friends at Impact Church of Christ. This was the church Brent and I attended while he was in grad school. Brent and I love this church so much, not only because of the wonderful, diverse people, but also because their main objective is to help people who are less fortunate. Impact helps everyone, from children to the elderly.

Over the weekend, some ladies from Impact threw a baby shower for me and my baby boy #3. Brent and I already have a name for him, but we’d like to wait after he’s born to share it. Even though the weather was so hot outside, they pampered me with sweet treats (good thing Brent was not around…*wink) and delicious foods! Here are some photos from the shower and some of the sweetest gifts that my baby boy received.

baby shower for baby 3 h

(Photos from my good friend, Karla.)

baby shower for baby 3 e baby shower for baby 3 f

This is Caroline, one of the hosts of my shower. I loved this game. It’s called “Baby Match Game.” You pick two numbers and see if they have the same words written on the back of the post-it. For example, let’s say #3 and #19 both have the words “Twin Boys.”  If you choose both those numbers back-to-back, you’ll get candies that correspond with the words. For “twin boys” the candy was “Mike and Ike”. Memorization is the key to find the matching words and win candy! baby shower for baby 3 d

How cute is this?! These are customized shirts made by my good friend Ashli, who owns Christian Grace Embroidery. Thanks, girl! I can’t wait to take photos of my boys wearing these! baby shower for baby 3 b

baby shower for baby 3 c

My boys got this handmade step stool too! How talented is Susan?! Having 3 boys will be a BIG adventure that awaits us. 😉 baby shower for baby 3 a

We felt so showered with love from you all! From Brent and I, thank you! :-)



6 Things you can do while waiting for a new baby’s arrival

Thursday, July 6, 2017
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Things you can do while waiting for a new baby’s arrival (4)

As I’m waiting for our third son this coming August, I’ve been doing something to keep myself busy and help me prepare for the newest member of the family. I want to share a few ideas on things a first time mom (or an expectant mom like me) do while waiting for the new baby. I also partnered today with Playtex Baby™ VentAire® at Target , who offers a unique bottom vent and angled bottle design to help prevent reflux (which I’ve experienced from my older son!).


I love taking photos! This is a great time to prepare a photo album for a new baby. Whether you do it digitally or traditionally (which I prefer), you are able to treasure these moments for years and look back on how your precious little one has grown.

Things you can do while waiting for a new baby’s arrival (3)


Something I’m trying to finish up is to find easy meals to make. I want to prepare for the time when I have two toddlers and a newborn, but still have to make dinner.. It’s unpredictable when you have newborn: you don’t know if he will get fussy or fall asleep during cooking time. That’s why having easy meal ideas prepared, like using a slow cooker or a one pot recipe, is a great way to make dinner planning easy. Here are some of my favorite easy meals [Beef Stew Slow Cooker, Chicken Adobo, Slow Cooker Baby Back Ribs]

Things you can do while waiting for a new baby’s arrival (10)


Since I’m having my third son, I have most of things I need for him already. However, there are a few items  I’m preparing, including newborn diapers, new onesies, finding him an animal stuffed toy (all of my boys have their favorite animal stuffed toy, like a frog and an owl), and preparing milk bottles. As I have mentioned in past posts, our second child had very bad reflux and we are hoping this doesn’t happen again. Even though I’m still going to breastfeed our new baby, it is good to have milk bottles like Playtex Baby™ VentAire® to help  comfort the baby’s tummy, and which are designed to reduce reflux in feeding. My husband Brent also helps with feeding so I can catch up on sleep, so having milk bottles is at the top of list. Having dad feed the baby from time to time is also a great bonding experience.

Things you can do while waiting for a new baby’s arrival (12) Things you can do while waiting for a new baby’s arrival (6)


What I have learned from being a mom is that you should be preparing not only material stuff but also preparing yourself mentally and spiritually. Pregnancy can be overwhelming, especially if you are a first timer or have older kids already. Reading inspiring articles or books about motherhood, as well as reading Bible verses (like Psalm 28:7, Matthew 6:34, Philippians 4:6), can make you feel positive and build strength mentally and spiritually. Reading is also a great way to relax your mind and have some quiet time for yourself.

Things you can do while waiting for a new baby’s arrival (9) Things you can do while waiting for a new baby’s arrival (8)


If you have older kids like I do, this is a good opportunity to spend more time with them before another child comes. My boys and I love to read books together, play hide-and-seek, and swordfight with foam swords (welcome to my life as a mom of boys) These are great bonding times which result in wonderful memories for you and your kids. This is also a good time to talk to your kids about the upcoming new baby, and how they need to be careful and gentle to him 😉

Things you can do while waiting for a new baby’s arrival (5)


As much as I just want to sleep and eat, having toddlers makes my pregnancy active, even in spite of the hot weather in Texas and my heavy baby bump. I stay active by walking with my family in the evening, stretching or doing yoga at home (check out this great yoga video on Youtube I use), and swimming with the kids in the pool. One fun thing about keeping active is that the kids can often stay active with me, which is both fun for them and helps them stay healthy. For example, they love to try to do yoga with me.

Things you can do while waiting for a new baby’s arrival (7)

Things you can do while waiting for a new baby’s arrival (11) Buy 2, 3-packs of Playtex Baby Bottles (Nurser or VentAire), and receive a $5 Target GiftCard, valid 7/1 – 7/14

Things you can do while waiting for a new baby’s arrival (1)



You may click the image above to shop and discover this amazing bottle for your baby.

Are you expecting this year? What are the things you are doing/preparing while waiting for your little one?


Simple Self-Care Ideas For Busy Moms

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

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I’m finally waking up to the fact that I will have another baby in the next few months in addition to my 2 active toddler boys. I’ve been starting to think and ask myself, do I have even have time to change my pajamas, get a good amount of sleep, or even to finish my food? I think probably not in the first few weeks or even months. My stay-at-home mom lifestyle is getting busier and busier as my kids grow and as my baby bump grows as well. But I noticed that whenever I take even a small amount of time for myself during the busy day, my stress and most especially my grumpiness are reduced 😉 I feel happier, more positive,  and even more confident. Do I need to feel guilty if I take some time to myself just for a short moment? I honestly can say no. For me, I take care of myself not only for my own benefit, but also for my kids and most especially for my marriage – because my kids and husband see a happy mom and wife. Today, I wanted to share some simple self-care ideas for busy moms which are easy, but which can make a strong difference mentally and physically.


Make To-Do List

Making a to-do list is my favorite thing to do even before I got married and had kids. As a busy mom, this helps me to see what the tasks are for the day. It’s a good feeling to be prepared and organized, especially when your days with the kids are hectic – and it saves time too!


Stay Connected

Even though it’s been 6 years now that I’m living in America since coming from Philippines, I love to get connected with my friends abroad. It’s a good thing that communication is convenient now because of internet and social media. I love how I am able to chat with my friends and update them on my personal life, and most specially to speak my native language. I have also found some wonderful friends here in Houston who I love to connect with by going for a ladies night out, a playdate with our kids, or even planning an outing to the thrift store with other moms.



Easy and Healthy Food

Breakfast is a big deal for me now that I have children to take care of for the whole day. Now that my days are getting busier and busier since I’m pregnant, I’m trying to make an easy yet healthy breakfast that fits my busy life. I found these on-the-go smoothies from Odwalla when I stopped by Randalls. They’re perfect for breakfast and offer great  nutrition for my body, with the added benefit of having no sugar added! They also offer wide variety of 100% juices and smoothies, protein, and almond milk shakes.


Do Some Hobby

I feel thankful that my kids are napping well in the afternoon. This is the time I like to paint, create fun DIYs, browse magazines or art books, and even blog, which I love to do now as a stay-at-home mom. I find it peaceful and relaxing when I engage in the hobbies I used to do before becoming a mother. These activities balance my busy life of motherhood.



Listening To Music

Whether at home, driving, or strolling with the kids, music can make you feel good and change your mood. I like to listen to Christian songs or other feel-good music like reggae while I’m doing some work or a hobby, because it relaxes my mind as well as my body. Any feel good music you like to listen to?




By the way, You can save $1 on your next purchase of in-store fresh cut fruit when you buy any TWO (2) Odwalla 15.2 fl. oz. (You’ll receive a print out coupon at the register.). Offer ends 6/27/17. simple-self-care-ideas-busy-moms-odwalla-instore


Any other simple self-care practices you like to do for yourself?

Don’t forget to check Odwalla’s Facebook page to know more about their healthy and on-the-go products.



A Day in the Life: Toddler Schedules, Motherhood and Blogging!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Since Mother’s day is right around the corner, I thought to share a day in the life of being a stay-at-home mom with my kids. Some of my friends, and even my sister, wonder how I still manage to blog while taking care of my kids. With two little ones (soon to be three), I think one of the important habits that helps me greatly in doing these things, is planning and scheduling ahead of time. Knowing what I need to do for the next week or what I need to do (like cook) are such big helps. It makes things easier, especially since I have young kids that are unpredictable. I love to have a routine with my kids, which my husband likes as well. My husband, who is a psychologist, says that it’s okay to be organized, on schedule, and to plan things ahead of time, but that we should also be flexible when things don’t work the way we want (which happens). For the most part, here’s what our typical day looks like.


6:30 Wakey! Wakey!

They like to stay in bed for a few minutes and start a conversation with each other. Once I open their door, my boys are ready to play and say, “Mama” at least a hundred times.

6:45 Milk Time

Not only is this milk time, this is also potty time and when we change from diapers to big boy underwear. We also love to read short stories from the beginner’s Bible book.

7:00 Free Play

While they are busy playing, I make breakfast for everyone. I also put away the clean dishes from the sink. Sometimes I let my eldest son help me in putting away the utensils. He loves doing it, so I let him be.

7:30 Breakfast With Dada and Mama

My eldest son has learned to lead the prayer now. It’s so cute, “Thank you God for the blessing, for the egg, for bread, for damit (word for clothes in Tagalog)…” It’s a good start to the day. 😉

8:00 Free Play

They are full and ready to play again! So now I have time to clean the kitchen and dining area, check my email, and quickly freshen up. I feel like a better mom if I take time for myself, even if it’s just for a few minutes. It makes me feel better inside and out and it recharges my patience lol

9:00 Kids’ Activity

These activities usually consist of reading time and doing sensory activities. I also try to have a Filipino class at least once a week. There is also a day when we go to the library for storytime and borrowing books. Other activities we love to do include going to the playground or meeting up with other mommies for play dates. Mornings are the best time to be active! I also love to have one-on-one time with each of my boys, even if it’s just for a few minutes. For example, if my eldest son is busy with his legos, I like to play cars, cuddle, or read books with my youngest son. If the younger one is busy, I’ll do the same with my eldest.

10:00 Snack Time

I love to give them pretzels or goldfish with some fruits and raisins. Or if they have leftover from their breakfast, I let them finish it first before crackers.

11:00 Mama Preps for Lunch

We mostly eat leftover food from the previous night’s dinner. If we don’t have leftovers, I like to make a simple lunch like sandwiches with steamed broccoli or green beans. If they are getting bored from playing, but I need to make lunch for us, I use Pandora to play toddler songs. They love listening and dancing to it, which gives me time for meal prep.

11:30 Lunch Time With the Boys

Now, we eat!

12:00 Free Play

This free play time is when I try to clean up our lunch or talk to my family via video chat.

12:20 Playing With the Kids

They love to play legos or hang out on our balcony where they play with bubbles! After we play for a few minutes, I let them try to clean up some toys before getting ready for naptime. Before naptime, we read books, use the potty, and sing.

1:00 NAPTIME ( AKA Dancing Mama Time ;))

This is the time when I blog, take pictures, do tutorials, or edit in Photoshop. I also find this time to do household chores like laundry or cleaning the house. It’s such a good feeling when it’s quiet and the house is clean and organized. This is my relaxation time.

3:00 Waking Up From Naptime

Sometimes they sleep longer, depending on how tired they are. But if they wake up around 3:00 PM, all they want to do is eat snacks and drink milk. My boys are always hungry! They are growing so fast, that’s why!

3:30 Play / Errands

Depending on the weather and how my pregnancy makes me feel, I bring them outside to walk and to play with balls outside, or I do outdoor errands with them. Sometimes we’ll go window shopping like many moms love to do!

5:00 Dinner Prep

This is the time of day when I get ready for dinner. Sometimes I start a little earlier depending what I cook. When Brent comes home, it’s his time to bond with the boys. Nerf guns are the new thing they love to play with together! And they love to shoot me…

5:45 Dinner With Dada and Mama

We talk about our day and how was Brent’s work. We have learned to avoid having cell phones on the table, unless we want to take picture of our kids. This is also a great time to share to my husband about the kids’ behaviour that day, and who was in trouble… Haha I feel thankful that I’m married to a child psychologist. It’s a great help for me to ask my husband about how I should react to certain behavior and what to do if they are in trouble.

6:30 Bonding Time With Dada

It’s the boys’ bonding time while I clean the kitchen and dining area. I mostly clean the kitchen, especially after we have dinner. I find this easy and relaxing, and when the kids are in bed Brent and I have more time to spend as a couple later at night.

6:50 Brent and Kids Clean Up the Toys

7:00 Ready for Bedtime

Brent is in charge of giving them a bath. The boys’ routine is brushing their teeth, reading bedtime stories, potty time, praying, and singing. Brent mostly sings Christian songs and a made-up song about how Cavan defeated a bear. If it’s my turn to sing for a night, I love to sing Filipino songs like “Bahay Kubo”, “Ako Ay May Lobo” and the Philippine national anthem, “Lupang Hinirang.” I need to work on memorizing Christian songs, I’m so bad with the lyrics!

7:45 Giving Our Boys a Sweet Dreams Goodnight Kiss

This is also time to tell them about good behavior they did. Brent reminds me that even they have consequences from wrong doing for a day, I must  praise them from their good behavior even just a small thing, like for example “Good job on picking up the toys” “That’s nice of you to stay quiet and not fussy”. This is good way to let them know that they are not bad and focus on the good part.

7:50 Sanitizing Our Kids’ Bathroom.

Since both of my boys learn how to to use the potty now, their bathroom can be dirty and messy too (If you are a mom of boys, you know why!). I always make sure that the seats are sanitized and wiped off the counter etc.

8:00 Me-time

Now it’s time for me to do some work if I have a client, or write for my blog. This is also a good time to just sit down and relax for me by reading some Bible scriptures from BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) notes and questionnaires.  Brent does some work too and he usually loves reading books or news articles.

9:00 Netflix time with Brent

Brent and I love watching Netflix while eating popcorn. We try to sleep before 10:30 PM, but sometimes we sleep later… Oops.


When it comes to blogging, I try to post twice a week because that’s how much I can manage right now. I really enjoy being a stay-at-home mom and being able to take care of my kids. I am thankful that I have a husband who supports us, and that God gave me the role of being a stay-at-home mom, taking care of my own children. That’s why I learned to give more time to them and to my marriage. This is my new duty right now and it is what God has planned for us.

Our schedule will definitely change once our new baby comes in the summer. I’ll update everyone with our new schedule for our 3 kids, once we get the right feel for it.


Enjoy your weekend and Happy Mother’s day to all moms out there! :-)



DIY Animal Silhouette Painting (For Mom & Kids to Make Together!)

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Processed with VSCO with  preset

I’m always excited whenever my kids and I do a painting activity together. As you may know, I graduated from a fine arts college and I used to do a lot of paintings before. There is quite a difference between my paintings now and the ones from college. The ones I paint today are colorful, fun and happy artworks compared to my college ones, which you can see some examples of here. My husband loves to tease me and says the reason for my darker art was that I was empty and depressed, until I met him. It is true. ; )

I saw cheaper canvases at Walmart and found 2 for just under $4. I thought were the perfect size to have for our first canvas painting activity. The challenging part of these activities for parents is cutting out the masking tape and following the animal shapes, but it is worth doing!

diy-animal-silhouette-painting-mom-toddler (5)

diy-animal-silhouette-painting-mom-toddler (9)

First, cover the top of the canvas with masking tape. Leave only the center area clear where you think the sketch’s outlines won’t be. It’s better not to overlap the masking tape too much, so it won’t be too thick to cut. Start to sketch the animal shape of your choice for your child. I suggest to make the sketch simple to have a simple outline for cutting. Next, gently cut and follow the outline of the animal sketch. I used a box cutter to do this. Canvasses have a layer of primer paint, so it acted as a little bit of protection when I used the cutter to remove the masking tape. It helped when I put my other hand underneath to gauge if I was pressing too hard with the cutter on the canvas. If you have another technique on how to do this part, feel free to share in the comment box! :-)

diy-animal-silhouette-painting-mom-toddler (10)a

diy-animal-silhouette-painting-mom-toddler (16)

Once you are done with your animal sketch, prepare acrylic paint colors that you want to use for your kids. I let my kids explore by using different kinds of brushes and tools to paint.

diy-animal-silhouette-painting-mom-toddler (15)
diy-animal-silhouette-painting-mom-toddler (17)

diy-animal-silhouette-painting-mom-toddler (14)

diy-animal-silhouette-painting-mom-toddler (3)

Let the artwork dry before peeling the masking tape. Once you are done, you can retouch the edges by using white acrylic paint. Use a thin paint brush (similar to a pointed eyeliner brush) to create a white outline like as shown in the pictures here.

diy-animal-silhouette-painting-mom-toddler (4) diy-animal-silhouette-painting-mom-toddler (1)

Any fun art activities that you and your kids love to do on Mother’s Day?


I hope all of my readers who are moms have a great time celebrating Mother’s Day. Motherhood is such a blessing from God. I am thankful that He gave me the role of being a mom!


Have a great week!


Hello baby bump #3

Thursday, April 20, 2017

hello-baby-three (1)

I’m finally excited to share with everyone that we are expecting our third child this year! We had told some people when I was in the Philippines (Brent and I decided to share the good news in-person first, then on social media), but I think now is a good time to officially share this blessing with everyone, and it’s my birthday week! I’ve been feeling great since I hit my second trimester. No morning sickness at all. Although, I still can’t stand the smell of coffee… Sorry, coffee lovers…

Was this planned or was it a surprise, you ask? I’ve been praying to God to bless us with another child to add to our family, so nope. It was not a surprise. Haha! Brent knows that two kids are little in number for me. 😉 Last year, was a challenging one with our second child because of his bad reflux, colic, and waking up before 6AM daily. It was also sometimes challenging to take care of a baby and toddler close in age, but it is true that these kind of challenging moments will disappear one day. When I try to look back and remember those moments, I honestly can’t remember the feeling. I know I was exhausted and I do remember it was so hard for Brent and me.  But here we go again, starting another chapter with a new addition to our family. It’s weird to me that I don’t feel anxious and nervous thinking about taking care of two toddlers and a newborn… Maybe I should be, but right now, I’m just too busy with my two boys and focusing on parenting them before the new baby comes. I also believe that all I can do is trust God and His plan for this new little one.

Happy weekend and happy birthday to me! I’ll be enjoying a piece of cake! Sorry, Baby!
hello-baby-three (2)

(Hello Baby book by Mem Fox / Motherhood Maternity Top (from a friend) / Jeans from thrift store but here’s the similar)

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.” James 1:17


Ninja Turtle Inspired Birthday + Filipino Skewered Barbecue Recipe

Thursday, April 6, 2017

ninja-turtle-inspired-birthday (8)

ninja-turtle-inspired-birthday (5)

ninja-turtle-inspired-birthday (4)

My eldest son has been liking “ninjas” a lot.  I think he’s been a fan of them ever since he was an infant. My husband would lift him up and have him pretend to jump all over the house (walls, sofas, etc). This year for his birthday, he was the one who kept telling me that he would like ninjas for his birthday. That’s why I planned to use a touch of Ninja Turtles and a colorful theme for his special day. I saw some ninja turtle birthday ideas when it came to food. I tried to make the fruit tray and saw Ninja Turtle cookies in a grocery store. We also played “Pin the Mask” on the ninja, thanks to my friend Karla who led the game. We had a great time with our friends and their kids, who are close to my son’s heart. I thought to prepare Filipino dishes like lumpia and skewered pork barbecue, so our friends could taste some FIlipino dishes that we love. Here’s a recipe of Filipino skewered pork barbeque in case you guys want to try it. It’s actually a street food in the Philippines, which I loved to buy often when I lived there. It’s perfect if you dip it with spicy vinegar and eat it with rice!! YUM!


(Special thanks to my sister-in-law Suki for the birthday decor!)

ninja-turtle-inspired-birthday (1) ninja-turtle-inspired-birthday (2) ninja-turtle-inspired-birthday (3)

Filipino Skewered Pork Barbecue


2 lbs pork, sliced

½ cup soy sauce

½ ketchup

8-10 cloves garlic, minced (I used garlic pressed, similar to this)

3 tablespoons brown sugar

1 teaspoon ground pepper

2 teaspoons salt

1-2 teaspoons sriracha (optional, but it’s good!)

2 teaspoons of lemon juice (fresh or it can be from the bottle of concentrate)

1 cup (or more) of Sprite (Yep!)

Bamboo skewers – Soak a night or at least 20 minutes before you use it. It keeps the skewers from getting burnt during grilling.



Combine soy sauce, ketchup, minced garlic, brown sugar, pepper and salt, sriracha, and lemon into a flat container (I like to use a glass baking dish), stir it well with a fork. Place sliced pork onto the dish and mix together with the sauce. Pour the Sprite evenly over the pork. Cover it and refrigerate it to marinate overnight.

After it’s marinated, skewer the pork with the bamboo sticks. Keep the sauce aside. Ready the grill at medium heat. While waiting for the grill to be hot, cook the sauce from the marinated pork with a low heat and stir. Wait for it to bubble while cooking. When it’s cooked, I taste it and add some sprite, ketchup and brown sugar depending on how I want it to come out. For my son’s party, I found it a little spicy for our visitors who were kids, so I added these ingredients to adjust it. This cooked sauce will be used to brush onto the barbecue while on the grill so it’s juicy and moist. Put the barbeque pork on the preheated grill and start to brush the cooked sauce on each side of the pork. Grill 10-12 minutes per side. Keep rotating it and brushing the pork with the sauce keep it moist. Cooking takes about 25-30 minutes. I used a charcoal grill to cook this, but you may use a gas grill too.


Try serving it with spicy vinegar and rice! It’s totally delicious!


Anyone here tasted this skewered barbecued pork before?


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