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Succulent Thank You Gift Idea With Free Printable Tag

Monday, July 10, 2017

succulent thank you gift with printable 11 HERO

Today, I’m sharing with you all a tutorial on how to wrap a succulent plant, as a thank you gift idea. It’s so easy to do with only a few materials needed. I also want to share a free printable “Thank You” tag that you can print and use, to finish your gift wrapping. This succulent plant thank you gift idea is perfect for baby shower hosts, teacher’s appreciation, or to anyone else you appreciate.



Succulent Plant

Kraft Paper




Natural Burlap Fabric


Thank you tag

succulent thank you gift with printable 8

succulent thank you gift with printable succulent thank you gift with printable 3

The way you cut your paper will depend on the size of your succulent. For my plant, I measured and cut a 14”x 14” kraft paper using scissors, and put the pot in the center. Then, I wrapped it around the plant container as seen in the image above. Try to cut your paper so that it can wrap around your plant container like that. succulent thank you gift with printable 2 succulent thank you gift with printable 9

I used a natural burlap fabric (leftover from my DIY Christmas Tree Skirt) to use as a ribbon or bandana styling to help seal the kraft paper around the plant container. succulent thank you gift with printable 7 succulent thank you gift with printable 10

Print the “Thank You” tag (Here’s a FREE printable you may use and print) and use a clothespin or something similar, to attach it to the gift wrapping or burlap fabric. I printed my tag on standard paper and glued it onto kraft paper to make it look nicer. That’s it!

succulent thank you gift with printable 6 succulent thank you gift with printable 11

Who do you want to give this succulent thank you gift to?


6 Gift Ideas for Padre Under $30

Thursday, June 15, 2017


My kids are truly blessed to have a dad who works hard, shares his faith, and is a good role model for them. Today, I thought to share items that will save you some time looking for a for a Father’s day gift. Read on and let me know what you think!


  1. Leather Wallet with Magnetic Clip – Brent has this kind of wallet and he likes it because it is easy to use, carry around, and it’s not bulky.
  1. Personalized Mug : I think this will be a perfect gift for any dad, especially first-time dads. It’s not only a great idea for Father’s day, but can also be a baby shower gift for him too. You can customize the year on the mug, and it is microwave and dishwasher safe.
  1. Sriracha on-the-go If your man loves to make his food spicy all the time, Sriracha has on-the-go packaging containers that are refillable! It’s convenient to use when he goes out, since not all restaurants offers spicy condiments.
  1. Graphic Tee – One of the easiest gifts for Dad is a graphic t shirt. Check out Old Navy’s site where they have different, cool graphic designs to choose from. You’ll find one that dad will surely enjoy wearing.
  1. Klean Kanteen Insulated TumblerDads need something to boost their energy, especially for work. My husband Brent loves his Klean Kanteen container for his coffee or tea. He says that his drink remains hot throughout the day.
  1. Beard Bib – Does Dad like to shave his beard and make a lot of mess in the bathroom sink? Well, give Dad a men’s grooming tool that is easy to clean up after shaving. Goodbye to messy and time consuming shaving!

Have a wonderful weekend!

P.S In celebration of Father’s Day this weekend, I asked my husband Brent to be my guest on my Instagram stories. 😉 I’ll be asking him some questions regarding life as a dad and he will probably share his tips/advice, especially from his background as a child psychologist. We’ll be posting videos soon, follow me in Instagram! See you there!


Gift Ideas for 3 Year-Olds

Monday, March 27, 2017

My eldest son is turning 3 years old this month. Truly, time goes by so fast. He went from a baby to a big, sweet (and hyper) boy, who is also a good helper.  I still remember when I was pregnant with him. It was different than with my second child because I was actually pregnant not only with my eldest, but with another one as well. I also remember Brent’s facial expression when I shared the news with him. His jaw dropped and he couldn’t talk for a few seconds. Haha! I wasn’t familiar with the type of pregnancy I had until I experienced it myself. It was called Vanishing Twin Syndrome. Even though we went through that, God has always been good to Brent and to me. He is always there for us, helping raise our children. If you have met my eldest, he is sweet, although he can be very active (He has so much energy!). As some people say, boys will be boys. 😉 Here are a few gift ideas for 3 year-old toddlers that you will want to check out.


ONE Waterfall Discovery Wall

My kids totally love water! I think this is something we would like to consider getting him, especially now that winter is over, and he and his brother can play outside.

TWO Play-doh

My son loves to play with this together. He requests for us to make snakes or alligators, while his little brother only requests for a ball.

THREE Play-mags

Another cool thing to check out is this magnetic toy, where you can build towers and other structures. I saw this on a playdate with a friend and my son loves it.

FOUR Magnetic Letters and Numbers

They got this last year and I use this mostly when I’m trying to cook. I let them play with these on the fridge door while I cook.

FIVE Books (Harold and the purple crayon)

Books are always a great gift idea. My eldest loves storytime, which I’m so happy about because I’m not into books. 😉 Here’s a book he got from his cousin. He loves this book because of its creative story.

SIX Water Paint Reveal Pads 

No-mess painting for toddlers! I first heard about this from a friend who suggested I get it for my travel to the Philippines. I didn’t have the chance to get one, but it’s a good thing Korea Airlines offered a similar item for our kids in the plane. They totally LOVED it!

SEVEN Magnetic Wooden Block Set 

I think this is good toy to build their imaginations. I would like to have this for him!

EIGHT  Trampoline

My boys have this and they love it. It’s a good way for them to release their energy, and is better than having them from jumping on the bed and sofa 😉

Do you have any gift ideas you like to give for a toddler? I’d love to hear them. :)


Gift Ideas: What To Get Mom For Christmas

Saturday, December 17, 2016


If you are a husband, family member, or a friend who still doesn’t know what to give for the wonderful woman in your life called “Mom,” here are 7 great gift guides that I put together!

  1. Comfortable Sneakers –  Running and chasing after small kids is definitely exhausting, especially if Mom is with her kid/s in the park or doing errands. Wearing comfortable sneakers is a must, and a gift that will surely be appreciated.
  2. Classic Watch –  I love wearing watches all the time because I can track the time (I like old fashioned 😉 ) for daily activities with my kids. I have my black Swatch, but I think this brown classic watch is perfect for matching with casual outfits on a date night with husband.
  3. Liquid Lipcolor – As a mom, it’s hard to find the time to look in the mirror and put something on our face, just to look awake. I recommend this liquid lipcolor as a gift for Mom because it’s easy to apply.  I also use it as my blush for instant glow on my cheeks.
  4. Mom Mug:  This copper mug with the word “Mom” etched on the side is a cute gift for the mothers in your life.
  5. Inspiring Journal: I like this journal because of its cover which says, “‘Cast your anxiety on Him because he cares for you’ 1 Peter 5:7”  I would like to have this journal for writing down inspiring quotes or Bible verses, important happenings with my family or motherhood, or even for doodling and sketching.
  6. Wireless Bluetooth Headset: I think this is a cool and helpful present for mothers with little ones. I would totally love to have this so that I can talk on the phone hands-free while cooking, preparing meals, changing diapers, or even trying to remove koala bears from my legs. 😉
  7. Hello Fresh : I tried this when my sister-in-law sent me 2 meal plans. The ingredients and instructions will be sent to you in packages and all you need is to follow the instructions and cook what they deliver. No chopping needed! I love that idea! If you are far away from your friend who is a mom,  surprise her by sending a gift card!

What is the coolest, but also helpful gift you ever received as a mom? What do you like to give to other moms with little ones?



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