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Classic Red Lips and Easy Eye Makeup (No Eyeshadow)

Thursday, February 11, 2016


If you are a red lip lover, this look is perfect for you! Since I used red lip color, I matched it with a simple winged eyeliner and didn’t use any eyeshadow. What did I use? My contouring and highlighting palette from Lorac. What I love about this look is that it is classy and perfect for this weekend – Valentine’s day! The eye makeup is just easy to do, you just need to make sure that the entire eyelids are matte by patting down some pressed or loose powder. Also, whether you want a long or short winged eyeliner, it’s up to you! I also wore false lashes for this look since you can’t barely see my real lashes in the photo.

classic_red_lips_easy_eye_makeup_winged_eyeliner_matte_foundation_valentines_look_2 classic_red_lips_easy_eye_makeup_winged_eyeliner_matte_foundation_valentines_look_4

For this look:

  1. I used a matte finish foundation and applied it all over my face (including the eyelids and lips) to even out my skintone.
  2. I grabbed my small angle brush and used MAC Dipbrow to fill up my eyebrows and brow gel to set it.
  3. I pat down some pressed powder on my entire eyelid and used my blending brush to contour my outer crease using the Lorac contour palette.
  4. For the winged eyeliner, I decided to use my liquid pen eyeliner and curled my lashes and then mascara for upper and lower lashes. I also used my favorite natural false lashes – Ardell!
  5. By using a pencil eyeliner in natural color (not in the photo, ooops), I applied it on my waterline to open up my eyes.
  6. I used the medium contour powder (from Lorac palette) to darken my lower lash line and used the shimmer highlighter on my tear duct.
  7. I used MAC powder blush in stubborn for the cheeks and did some contouring on the side of my cheeks and nose.
  8. Lastly, I used MAC Lipmix in red for my lip color. By the way, this is a very long-wearing/ smudge-proof lipstick!

classic_red_lips_easy_eye_makeup_winged_eyeliner_matte_foundation_valentines_look_3 classic_red_lips_easy_eye_makeup_winged_eyeliner_matte_foundation_valentines_look_1 Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

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Featured Blogger: Lauren Morgan

Thursday, January 28, 2016

LaurenMorgan(1of1)-48 LaurenMorgan(1of1)-55 LaurenMorgan(1of1)-4 em_smith_lauren_morgan_bloom_makeup_fashion_blogger_dallas_texas_winter_spring_outfit_style14 em_smith_lauren_morgan_bloom_makeup_fashion_blogger_dallas_texas_winter_spring_outfit_style13 em_smith_lauren_morgan_bloom_makeup_fashion_blogger_dallas_texas_winter_spring_outfit_style12 em_smith_lauren_morgan_bloom_makeup_fashion_blogger_dallas_texas_winter_spring_outfit_style11 em_smith_lauren_morgan_bloom_makeup_fashion_blogger_dallas_texas_winter_spring_outfit_style10 em_smith_lauren_morgan_bloom_makeup_fashion_blogger_dallas_texas_winter_spring_outfit_style9 em_smith_lauren_morgan_bloom_makeup_fashion_blogger_dallas_texas_winter_spring_outfit_style8 em_smith_lauren_morgan_bloom_makeup_fashion_blogger_dallas_texas_winter_spring_outfit_style7 em_smith_lauren_morgan_bloom_makeup_fashion_blogger_dallas_texas_winter_spring_outfit_style6 em_smith_lauren_morgan_bloom_makeup_fashion_blogger_dallas_texas_winter_spring_outfit_style5 em_smith_lauren_morgan_bloom_makeup_fashion_blogger_dallas_texas_winter_spring_outfit_style3 em_smith_lauren_morgan_bloom_makeup_fashion_blogger_dallas_texas_winter_spring_outfit_style2 em_smith_lauren_morgan_bloom_makeup_fashion_blogger_dallas_texas_winter_spring_outfit_style1


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Photography by Lauren Bloom

Hairstyling by Macey 

Makeup by Em Smith (me)


Tutorial: Contour & Highlight

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


As a makeup artist, contouring and highlighting are my favorite techniques to use for my clients to enhance their best features and for them to look amazing in pictures and real life!

There are different kinds of contouring and highlighting techniques since we do have different face shape, and different bone structures like nose shape, cheeks and chin. For daily look, I prefer to use a natural and soft contour finish. I like to focus on my “little” nose and side of my cheeks. I also consider the color of the powder, skip the ones that has orangey colored powder that will just make your skin unrealistic and dirty looking. Matte finish is also the best for contouring since light won’t bounce to it.

 I posted few weeks ago on my Instagram @emsmithartist about this Lorac Pro Palette. This Lorac Pro Contour palette has six powders – five of them are matte and one is a frosty highlighter. It comes with a sleek packaging and very handy. For $45, it is a great deal because it comes with high quality contour brush! As a makeup artist, this contour palette is great for my kit because most of the shades can be use for different skin tones. The texture is so buttery, soft and easy to apply. It is a long-wearing contour and highlighting powder as well! It doesn’t leave your skin cakey or patchy. Make sure you start from light shade to dark for contouring so it will be easy to correct. I also suggest to tap off excess powder from the brush before applying it on your skin to avoid harsh powder. This product might be difficult for beginners since it takes a lot of blending techniques which is why I’m showing you a step-by-step procedure to make you into like a PRO!


  1. Highlight Under Eyes

I used the beige highlight to highlight my concealer by patting motion. If you want to correct your under eyes, I would recommend to use the yellow highlight first and blend with the beige highlight.


2) Proportion is the key

Again, we all have different face shapes. To help you know where to put the contour powder you can measure using your makeup brush from ear and stop to the center of your eye or outer corner. After this, blend upwards and brush downwards up to your ear to avoid harsh lines.


3). Forehead Sculpt

I used the medium contour around my forehead and temple.


4) Add depth to the cheeks

Using medium contour powder, I started brushing off again from the edge of the cheekbones near the ear and apply short strokes downward.


5) Define Jawline

I started to apply the light contour powder under my chin and along to my jawline. Make sure you blend very well so it won’t leave harsh line.


6) Nose Contour

Start from your brow area to the side of your nose and brush downward to make it look natural.


Then pat down a little bit of darker tone near the brow area up to the tip of your nose, don’t add anything between the brows and tip of the nose to avoid looking unrealistic. contouring_highlighting_stepbystep_tutorial_masterlikea_PRO_Lorac_Palette_Powder_emsmith_noseline_7

8) Shady Lip

I like to create a little bit of shadow under my lower lips. I used the edge of the brush and I apply medium contour powder.


9) Add some highlight

I used the highlighter over my nose, upper cheeks, above my lips and chin. Again, take time to blend to make sure that your make-up will look more natural.






Photo taken without flash


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I am a fan of this technique, even though I don’t use this for my daily routine, but I’m sure I’ll use this for special occasions. Just remember, don’t over use it so you won’t look like someone else 🙂

Do you know what face shape are you? What areas do you want to enhance?


Featured Blogger: A Dash of Koko

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Kailee(1of1)-43 Kailee(1of1)-28 kailee(1of1)-19 Kailee(1of1)-35 Kailee(1of1)-30 Kailee(1of1)-27 Kailee of A Dash of Koko is a fashion and lifestyle blogger here in Dallas, Texas. I love her style because it’s simple yet classic! Shop this style and few of the makeup that I used for her at  

Beautiful images by Lauren Bloom Photography

Makeup by Em Smith (me)





Eye Makeup Tutorial: Pop Of Color

Monday, January 4, 2016

eye_makeup_tutorial_pop_of_color_blue_brown_eyes_new_years_look_2016_emsmith_8_a eye_makeup_tutorial_pop_of_color_blue_brown_eyes_new_years_look_2016_emsmith_7_lipstick

Hello 2016! I’m starting the new year with this pop of color eye makeup tutorial! It’s getting colder here in Dallas and most of the times, the sun is out. This simple and soft pop of color of bluish purple is perfect for a dull winter weather and for those who has dark colored eyes like me. I paired it with a matte lipstick to contrast the eye makeup. And if you are starting to look for makeup look idea for Valentine’s day, this is great color inspiration too. Scroll down for step-by-step tutorial to get this eye makeup look!


1. Apply primer, I use and blend a soft matte rosy brown eyeshadow on the upper crease using an oval shape brush.

2. I gently pat down a matte midnight blue eyeshadow all over my eyelid using flat brush.


3. Using a MAC pigment in corn flower, I carefully apply the eyeshadow on the center of my eyelid.

4. I use a matte black eyeshadow for the outer corner and blend it to create a dimension.


5. Next, I start to fill up my waterline using a blue eye pencil.

6. I went back to the same pigment eyeshadow and blend it on the lower lash line.


7.   In applying liquid eyeliner, look down and apply it on the upper lash line. Apply thinner line from your tear-duct and go thicker as you go outward.

8. I add more color on the outer corner and blend back and forth up to the upper middle crease.


9. Curl your lashes and put your favorite mascara. I also apply a light shimmer eyeshadow on my tear duct and use false lashes, but it is optional.

eye_makeup_tutorial_pop_of_color_blue_brown_eyes_new_years_look_2016_emsmith_8_insta before_after_makeup_look_new_year_2016_purple_eye_makeup_emsmith_1

Stay warm my friends! 🙂


Fall Shoot with Lauren Bloom

Thursday, December 3, 2015

November(1of1)-2_emsmithmakeup November(1of1)-9_emsmithmakeup November(1of1)-10_emsmithmakeup November(1of1)-11_emsmithmakeup November(1of1)-17_emsmithmakeup November(1of1)-19_emsmithmakeup November(1of1)-22_emsmithmakeup November(1of1)-36_emsmithmakeup November(1of1)-39_emsmithmakeup November(1of1)-40_emsmithmakeup November(1of1)-47_emsmithmakeup November(1of1)-60_emsmithmakeup November(1of1)-63_emsmithmakeup Another great images by Lauren Bloom Photography

Model: Jamie

Makeup Artist Em Smith (me)

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Featured Blogger: Obviously Elizabeth

Thursday, November 12, 2015

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Burgundy_Wine_Bordeaux_Theory_Dress_Silk_Fall_PreFall_Wedges_Style_Blogger_Style_EmSmithArtist_Dallas_Blogger_Obviously_Eliz (4)

My collaboration with Elizabeth, a fashion and lifestyle blogger in Dallas, Texas. We had so much fun working together! Elizabeth and I talked about makeup trend this Fall and we decided to do the “vampy lips” which is very trendy this Fall. To create this look, visit my previous post CLICK HERE for easy tutorial! Burgundy_Wine_Bordeaux_Theory_Dress_Silk_Fall_PreFall_Wedges_Style_Blogger_Style_EmSmithArtist_Dallas_Blogger_Obviously_Eliz (3) Burgundy_Wine_Bordeaux_Theory_Dress_Silk_Fall_PreFall_Wedges_Style_Blogger_Style_EmSmithArtist_Dallas_Blogger_Obviously_Eliz (2)

What a comfy dress!
Burgundy_Wine_Bordeaux_Theory_Dress_Silk_Fall_PreFall_Wedges_Style_Blogger_Style_EmSmithArtist_Dallas_Blogger_Obviously_Eliz (1) Burgundy_Wine_Bordeaux_Theory_Dress_Silk_Fall_PreFall_Wedges_Style_Blogger_Style_EmSmithArtist_Dallas_Blogger_Obviously_Elizabet

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Perfect Sun-kissed Look

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

9-22-2015_A 9-22-2015_B


For this look, the main focus is my skin so I love to exfoliate first by using olive oil (or baby oil) & brown sugar (I exfoliate mostly around my nose in circular motion). There are many tutorials in Youtube about this that you can watch and learn. Also try Pinterest!


Products that I used:

L’oreal Liquid Foundation

Bobbi Brown Concealer

Laura Mercier Translucent Powder (for the top of  concealer)

MAC Mineralize Powder (all over the face)

MAC Select Sheer Powder in NC55 (as my bronzer/contouring)

MAC Highlighter Powder in Soft and Gentle

False Lashes from Ardrell

MAC Lipstick in Taupe

MAC Eyeshadow in Espresso for brows

NYC Eyeliner

Maybelline Precise Pen Liner

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