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Christmas is my favorite season of the year especially when we started to have kids because I can plan a photo session, style up my boys and capture those cute innocent faces. But having two kids under 2, (one has bad reflux and one is a hyper toddler) is tough and challenging than I thought. So instead of getting frustrated not having the perfect picture, I layout 4 photos to tell a story about our Christmas family photo session. First, Cavan was trying to run around. Second, my husband – Brent, holds our youngest son while my eldest son still being himself – a hyper toddler. Third, my youngest was being fussy and fourth photo was when he decided to spit up and puke went to his clothes and my arms…All we can do is just enjoy and laugh about it.

The card was printed out in Vista Print (they always have big discount so check it out!). I also thought to make my own envelope and I’m glad I found an Envelope Punch Board in Hobby Lobby. I’m sharing below how I created this easy and simple Christmas Envelope. Hope you like it!


What I used:

Envelope Punch Board. I used We R brand that I purchased in Hobby Lobby.



Paper for the envelope

Paper for the liner

Stamp and Ink

I followed the instructions of the Envelope Punch Board  (Select Card Size, Trim paper to correct PAPER SIZE, Punch, etc). After following the instructions…


Fold and glue.


Trace the seal flap of the envelope on the green paper to create liner and cut it out.


Glue the back liner


Fit the liner inside the envelope and make sure it is secured.


Give some space for the seal flap


For finishing, I grabbed a Christmas tree stamp from Hobby Lobby and stamp it on the front seal flap.


And  it’s DONE!

As what our Christmas card said “WE TRIED. Merry Christmas!”. We tried our very best to capture the “picture-perfect” but forget it, it won’t happen this year, maybe next year Well, at least the kids still look cute, right?

Merry Christmas everyone!

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” – John 3:16


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