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I thought I would share some of my favorite lessons and journeys that I’ve been on during my 20’s. I don’t normally share details about my personal life on this blog, especially about my past, but I felt it would be good for my readers to learn more about me in addition to my makeup and art 🙂

So here are a few of my favorite memories from my 20s, ones that I cherish and am thankful for! 🙂

welcome2 1) MOVING TO THE UNITED STATES –  Coming here was a big adjustment for me. I remember how afraid I was to go out of the house and meet people. Speaking English was also one of my weaknesses when I came here. I was very shy and conscious about my grammar and how my pronunciation sounded. I’m more comfortable with the way I speak now though. I’m also used to my family and friends in the Philippines joking about my English 😉 But hey! I think my English has improved (according to my husband 😉 ). Another big challenge for me was learning how to drive here (especially on highways) since I never drove in the Philippines. Driving is just one of my fears. I used to cry when someone would honk at me after I did something wrong. It would really hurt my feelings. LOL Now, I’m more cool with it. I just tell myself that they don’t know me, so let’s just move on. 😉 Finally, like I had discussed in a previous post, living here in the US has taught me to really appreciate a lot of different things. (Read my post here .)  marriage_1 2) GETTING MARRIED – When I was 25, Brent and I had a simple garden wedding in Dallas. None of my family was there, since they couldn’t get travel visas in time. However, Brent’s family and friends were there to witness and celebrate our wedding. I won’t lie, the first year of marriage was tough since I was totally immature. Marriage got even more challenging, especially after we had kids. This is how we can feel that God is really testing our patience and our trust in Him. Marriage taught me not to be self-centered; not “I” but “We”. I’m a person who doesn’t like to communicate when I get angry, but Brent always reminds me that we are a team that needs to help each other. We don’t have a perfect marriage; we have arguments and fights, but the important thing is that we are learning to talk about and share our feelings, as well as apologize to and forgive each other. My husband has been a big impact on my life. Although I know that he wasn’t the one who changed me, I believe God used him to open up my eyes.  baptismal_em_accepted_christ 3) ACCEPTING CHRIST – Around the summer of 2012, I decided to get baptized and accept Jesus Christ into my life. It was at Impact Church of Christ in Houston that I got baptized.  When we were still living in Houston, this was the church we attended. Before I met my husband, I hated God so much that I would even curse at him a lot. I would blame him for every bad thing that had ever happened to me. I never felt peace of mind. I always felt empty and “emo.” Lol I made a lot of bad decisions in life. I smoked a lot, got drunk often between classes, cursed (because I thought it made me look cool and strong), told dirty jokes, and I was just a bad influence on my friends. It took a while for me to believe in and surrender to God. It was like taking baby steps. I still remember the feeling when I got baptized. I felt reborn again and that God forgave my past sins. I like how my husband continues to help me understand and learn more about the importance of Christianity. It helps remind me that there are things much more important in life than makeup or fashion. He never nags me to attend church nor to read the Bible. Instead, he leads by example, showing how Christians should act through his actions and heart. He also loves to share his favorite Bible verses which inspire and encourage me. Of course, I’m still an imperfect person and have weaknesses, but knowing what is right from wrong saves me from big consequences in life, and has taught me to repent.  motherhood 4) MOTHERHOOD – It’s like a roller coaster!! Whoaaa! This is the most patience I have learned in my entire life.  Being a mother has taught me to sacrifice my time and even my career. It was really hard to leave work and be a stay-at-home mother with the kids. My husband has been supportive and reminds me that this is just a small amount of time to take care of my little boys. Soon enough they will go to school and I can go back to work and do whatever I want with my career. One thing that I love about being a mom is that it has taught me to go back to being silly, and to laugh about the little things; to not be too serious all the time! I’ve also learned that it is okay to cry when your day as a mom has been frustrating and challenging. I think it’s a good way to recharge your body and mind. Having kids has taught me to appreciate my own mother more and to be closer with my siblings. They always want to see my kids on videochat! Maybe I should charge them $100 per view? Haha! Kidding!  423818_10151188243562349_1671896357_n 5) OPENING UP- Last year, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law invited me to join a Bible Study Fellowship. Since we have two kids, things have been challenging all the time. If you knew me before, I would like to make jokes about God, the Bible, and the people who believe in them. If you asked me to join a Bible study 5 or 10 years ago, I would have just laughed and not spoken to you anymore. In my mind, I’d think about how boring it would be, that it was only for old people and not cool to do. At first, I thought that Bible study was only for good people, but I was wrong. As a person shared to me, the Church and the Bible are actually for sinners because they need help and need to hear God’s word. Christians are not perfect, we are sinners. The important thing is that we confess our sins, repent, ask for forgiveness, and stand up again when we fail. There are so many things that I’ve learned from this study. Here are some of the verses that inspire me and convict me:

1 “Do not be shaped by this world..” Romans 12:2 – This verse reminds me that I should not try to follow what the crowd says, and be aware of who I admire and follow. This verse is very convicting, since I am person who easily admires others by the way they dress and what material things they have, even though I know that they do things that are against God. But I’m slowly learning to appreciate and admire people (especially in social media) by how they act as a good example, speak gently and respectfully, and how they are so dedicated to share God’s word. This year, I’ve come to realize that a person can look and feel “cool” without doing such offensives things to Him.

2 “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first” John 15:18 – I was always afraid to share or say something about God and Christ. I even felt shy to pray publicly because I felt people would judge or make fun of me. But what I learned from this verse is that if we believe in Him, we should be proud of saying his name. I also learned that if someone is against what we share about Christ, we should correct them gently and with respect. But if they try to argue in a harsh way, just stop and pray! 😉

3 “Think only about the things in heaven, not the things on earth” Colossians 3:2 – It is hard not to think about material things, especially when everyone around you has them. With all the advertisements, social media, and even blogs, they can make you feel left out if you don’t have these possessions. This verse makes me feel guilty sometimes, yet it has taught me to slow down. I’ve always loved makeup, but I’ve learned to slow down and stop thinking that, “It is my life, and I need these things.” Instead I think, “It is just makeup, material, a thing”. I remember telling my husband how I worried about my career and wanting to have more stuff. He told me that makeup, clothes, and shoes don’t matter in the end, as they will vanish and be destroyed. But living to the fullest and practicing to do good, will give us a great reward in heaven.

4 “So faith comes from hearing the Good News, and people hear the Good News when someone tells them about Christ.” Romans 10:17 – I also learned to find a church that bases its sermons on the Bible, not just stories and storytelling. I really wish I knew how to read the Bible before. I just realized how important it is for me, and even for my kids and marriage. I think if I just went to church and didn’t read the Bible, my faith would be incomplete. I’m not intelligent or smart person like other people I know, but reading the Bible helps strengthen and grow my faith as well as my decision making. I am still a newbie when it comes to all of this, but I can’t wait to learn more!  BSF_childcare Oh by the way, it’s amazing at church because if I go to the class, I can leave my kids at a childcare with awesome, loving people who will take care them. My son loves it because they sing. He loves to sing “Jesus Loves Me,” dance, and hear stories about Christ. Did I mention it is FREE?? BSF is all around the world. Check out their classes here. They have it in the Philippines too. Try to locate your country and find a class here. Don’t hesitate to call or come by, they are always happy to help and accommodate.  EmSmith(1of1)-29 6) BLOGGER X BRAND – I left my full-time job after giving birth to my first child. It’s a good thing that I’ve loved blogging and sharing images ever since I started doing makeup. Now, it gives me a chance to stay connected with the beauty, makeup, and creative industry. Early this year, I started to monetize my blog (meaning Brands pay me for my posts) and had the privilege to work with brands that I like!  My latest partnership was about Jergens.  I’m so thankful for my family and friends who support me in blogging! I appreciate them so much!  cooking 7) LEARNING TO COOK AND BAKE!! –  It is just awesome to look back and see this accomplishment in my life: learning to cook! LOL Shameful to say, but my mom is the one who cooked our meals all the time when I lived in the Philippines. That’s why it was a shock for me to live in the US without knowing how to make my own food! (Well, I could make instant noodles. Does that count?). Since I love to eat, I was forced to cook my own meals for myself and for my husband. I learned how to make Filipino foods like Empanada, Lumpia (Egg Rolls) and other foods (I love Panlasang Pinoy for recipes and video tutorials). I also tried to make other western foods (Mostly from

I hope you had as much fun learning more about me, as I did sharing about my life. Thanks for reading my blog, and thank you for your support! 🙂

Happy weekend!!




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  1. sabine says:

    Em, this was such a fun read. Your 20s had been awesome but your 30s will be amazing! Hope you’ll have a great birthday weekend. – Sabine

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