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Recently, my youngest son, who just turned 8 months, has been sleeping through the night now. Yahoo!!! It was a very big help for me and my husband since we also have a toddler who will turn 2 next month. From all the sleep deprivation with my kids, all I really want is to sleep longer. If you are single, mom-to-be, or married with no kids, all I can say right now is that enjoy your sleep! Just sleep and sleep! 😉

Today’s post is about how to look fresh and feel fresh when you have those dark circles around your eyes. I thought dark circles are cool to have when you are in school since you will look studious, but I guess not anymore! Here are easy steps and tips for you to enjoy how to cover those tired eyes!

conceal_dark_undereyes_tutorial_soften_wrinkless_puffiness_eye_cream_OZ_naturals_fresh_mom_look_emsmith_1 1. Freshen up  

I used OZ Naturals Super Youth Eye Gel*  which is natural and cruelty-free. This eye gel comes in a small bottle but you don’t need to put much, only tiny bit of gel. I love to  massage the gel all over my under eyes and also to my outer corner of my eyes. Wait for few seconds to let the skin absorb the eye gel. 

conceal_dark_undereyes_tutorial_soften_wrinkless_puffiness_eye_cream_OZ_naturals_fresh_mom_look_emsmith_4 conceal_dark_undereyes_tutorial_soften_wrinkless_puffiness_eye_cream_OZ_naturals_fresh_mom_look_emsmith_3 conceal_dark_undereyes_tutorial_soften_wrinkless_puffiness_eye_cream_OZ_naturals_fresh_mom_look_emsmith_10

Although, I didn’t see the improvement of my dark circles, I can say that this Youth Eye Gel* helps to soften the lines I have around my lower lash line. I love the smell too! The eye gel is fast-absorbing which is important for me since I use it under makeup. The feeling is smooth and fresh. You can also use this product day and night.


2) Correct it

Corrector helps to neutralize the darkness of under eyes. It brightens the area before applying the concealer. It makes a big difference to use the corrector especially if you have discoloration under your eyes. I used an orange tone corrector by using a brush and apply all areas of darkness, after that I pressed the corrector  with my finger into my skin. If you don’t have one, you can try to use any cream orange eyeshadow as long as it is matte finish. If you have deep dark skin tone, you may try red tone corrector. You may also try to use darker shade of liquid or cream type of foundation to neutralize your dark circles before applying the concealer. Make sure you blend it well.


3) Lighten up

Clean the same brush and use concealer that is 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone or foundation. Apply on the same area where you put the corrector. Use your fingers afterwards to pat down and to gently warm up the concealer into your skin, this also helps to avoid crease and cakey under eyes.

conceal_dark_undereyes_tutorial_soften_wrinkless_puffiness_eye_cream_OZ_naturals_fresh_mom_look_emsmith_7 conceal_dark_undereyes_tutorial_soften_wrinkless_puffiness_eye_cream_OZ_naturals_fresh_mom_look_emsmith_8

4) Set it!

By using a loose powder, I set the concealer by dusting some powder. Use only enough powder you need. If your skin is dry, use less powder.

conceal_dark_undereyes_tutorial_soften_wrinkless_puffiness_eye_cream_OZ_naturals_fresh_mom_look_emsmith_5 conceal_dark_undereyes_tutorial_soften_wrinkless_puffiness_eye_cream_OZ_naturals_fresh_mom_look_emsmith_2

Doing these steps will help you look fresh and less tired! The makeup is also long-wearing especially when I have an eye gel to act as a base and help the makeup to have a smooth skin finish.

Have a great week mommies!! 🙂

Disclosure * This product has been sent to me to review. All opinions are honest and my own. Powered by Brandbacker.

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