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As the weather changes to warm and sunny, I’ve been changing my makeup routine into a lightweight and softer look. Showing your “true skin” is the key for this season. I don’t mean to say that you can’t wear any foundation, but don’t apply foundation in heavy layers. Doing so will just make your face look over-done and obviously cakey, since there will be a lot of sunlight and heat from the sun. Here are my 7 Makeup and Beauty tips for Spring!

1 Lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer is always the best option to create that natural-looking glow. I’ve been using a gel cream-based which I used for my Tropical Makeup Look Tutorial. Using foundation only on the areas you need to even out (or concealer to hide some spots) is much nicer to use for this season, than trying to cover your entire face with heavy or full-coverage foundation.  Liquid foundations are great to use too, since it easily blends with your skin. If I think my liquid foundation is too heavy, I like to mix it up with a little bit of facial moisturizer. Using beauty blender can also help to achieve a flawless foundation finish.

2 Always apply moisturizer onto your face. This gives the makeup a soft canvas to paint on, and it softens dry areas like around the nose and/or lips. I like to massage my face with moisturizer for a few seconds and let it dry, before applying makeup. If you plan to put eyeshadow, skip putting moisturizer on your eyelids so that the eyeshadow will stick well onto your skin. If your under-eyes are dry or feel tight after applying concealer, try to blend eye cream with your concealer to achieve a softer finish.

3  This is fastest way to get rid of the shine on your nose, t-zone and other areas on your face, rather than reapplying powder.

4a I like to blur lines in applying eyeshadows, lip liner, or lipstick. Use a clean blending brush to soften the edges of eyeshadows. Then, use your fingertip to blur any edges from your lipliner or lipstick. I skip the “defined” lip finish for this season, as I think it’s much nicer if your lips have a softer and naturally effortless look for spring. Avoid sharp brows as well, by using a Q-tip or your finger to soften eyebrow makeup.

5a  It’s good to be back wearing shorts and skirts. I love to use baby oil for an instant, healthy looking glow on my shoulders, collar bone, arms, and legs. Not only does baby oil give your skin a beautiful shine, but it also softens it! Before applying another layer of baby oil, let your skin absorb the first layer.

6a  Another product I love to use in the spring is cream blush. It gives the most natural looking blush on my cheeks. Some cream blushes can also be used for lip color, and even eyelids.

7a  If you are applying powder (either compact or loose), I recommend using brushes instead of sponges. Brushes give a more natural finish and are easier to build up with. Just make sure you tap the brush off after grabbing powder, to avoid getting too much product on your face (We don’t want cakey).

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spring_season_dallas_portrait_makeup_hair_photography_floral_dress_beauty_tips_ideas_2 spring_season_dallas_portrait_makeup_hair_photography_floral_dress_beauty_tips_ideas_3
spring_season_dallas_portrait_makeup_hair_photography_floral_dress_beauty_tips_ideas_5 spring_season_dallas_portrait_makeup_hair_photography_floral_dress_beauty_tips_ideas_6 spring_season_dallas_portrait_makeup_hair_photography_floral_dress_beauty_tips_ideas_7 spring_season_dallas_portrait_makeup_hair_photography_floral_dress_beauty_tips_ideas_8 spring_season_dallas_portrait_makeup_hair_photography_floral_dress_beauty_tips_ideas_9 spring_season_dallas_portrait_makeup_hair_photography_floral_dress_beauty_tips_ideas_10


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