DIY Mother’s Day Card (+ Mess-free painting for kids)



As we celebrate Mother’s Day in a week. I wanted to share this simple, but elegant and fun idea for a Mother’s Day card you can make on your own. This is perfect to give for your children’s grandmothers too, so that they can be involved with the design. My mom has always liked keeping cards that I made for her when I was a kid.  I started to do DIY cards again last year when I found more time and was more motivated, after browsing through Pinterest. Since I have children now, I wanted them to participate in creating this card for Mother’s Day.  Speaking of kids, this painting technique is mess-free! It is also good as it serves as a sensory activity. Here is what you will need to create this abstract painting, with some help from those little hands! Quick note, I bought the paints and paper from Hobby Lobby.


Paints (I used acrylic paints)

Poster paper

Ziplock or re-sealable plastic bag


Tape or glue



First, cut the white poster paper. You can either cut it to be larger than the body of your card so that you have some leeway, or you can just cut it to be an exact fit. However, keep in mind that it must also fit inside the re-sealable plastic bag. Then, start to apply your chosen paints in random patterns.  I picked white, green, yellow, and some red. I created different drip styles of paints, in more of an abstract fashion. The more paints you use, the more time it will take to dry. If you use less paint, you’ll also get less of a smudge/swirl effect. So try to make it balanced by finding a medium between the two. Tip: Don’t put too many dark colors, since it will blend with the other colors and create a muddy look. Unless, that is the color you would like.



Carefully place the paper inside the re-sealable plastic bag, securely locking it. Make sure to try to get as much air out of the bag as possible.


DIY_painting_by_kids_mothers_day_card_cut_style_paper_hand_print_handmade_5 DIY_painting_by_kids_mothers_day_card_cut_style_paper_hand_print_handmade_6

SMASH! TAP! PRESS! Or whatever your child wants to do, it is up to them! You can also try this on the table, securing the edges with tape, so that the re-sealable bag won’t move. That way you can let your child sit and have fun!


When pulling the painted poster paper out of the bag, the plastic pulls off some of the paint creating some texture. I think it’s neat and beautiful. I like how it turned out with mine! After you remove it from the re-sealable plastic bag, let it dry in a safe area where the kids won’t grab it.



After it dries up. Start measuring your artwork with the inside of the card, so that you can cut off the excess, and place it inside. Secure it with tape or glue at the back.


I also thought of having my kids place their hand prints on top of the painting, after it had dried. It actually wasn’t hard and it didn’t make much mess. I just had them do it one at a time. I had wipes prepared beside me, so that I could quickly and easily wipe off the paint from their hands.



For the card’s cover, I used a cut-out style so that the inside of the card would be visible. This is optional, but if you want to try this and make it easier, you can simplify it by cutting out “MOM” in a bold font.  You can then start to cut it out, or whichever you think is easier for you. There’s also the option of using your kids hand prints for the front cover, and you can make that into a cool design too. It was actually my first time trying this cut-out paper style. I won’t lie, it was really difficult, especially since mine was a bit more detailed. I tried using a swivel blade for the details, but I found it difficult to use. In the end, I switched back to a normal blade knife. But it was worth the effort to create this kind of art! Cool, huh? 🙂


I hope this post gives you the inspiration to create something for Mother’s Day! How will you celebrate Mother’s Day this year?


My mother and me on Mother’s Day 2013. I miss you Mama!

“All people will know that you are my followers if you love each other.” John 13:35


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  1. Sabine says:

    Em, you and your mama are such beauties. And your cards are so pretty. Such a great idea to use ziploc bags for this project.

    Have a wonderful Mother’s Day! – Sabine

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