Father’s Day Gift Idea: DIY Taped Crayon Art



Father’s Day is coming up! Here’s one idea, perfect to do with your kids for surprising your husband with. My eldest son and I (with youngest son was there for moral support) actually made this crayon artwork for Brent’s birthday a few months ago. Since Father’s Day is coming, I wanted to share this idea and how we made it.


Choose the paper you want and start to draw a message. The shorter the message, the better. It keeps it readable and easier to make, which is important right. Start covering up the art and create a border, using tape. With the artwork we made, I used regular scotch tape. Make sure to lessen the stickiness of the tape before applying it to the paper. This will make it easier to peel off later. I did this by applying the tape on my son’s shirt so that some of the lint would stick on it. I’ve actually used this method since I was in college, but of course, you can also use easy-to-peel off tape like blue painter’s tape.


I used box cutter knife to start gently tracing and removing the excess tape.


Have your kids use different kinds and colors of crayons! Tell them to go crazy! 😉 Of course, you may help them to fill up the image more. DIY_do_it_yourself_fathers_day_gift_idea_made_by_love_kids_activity_crayons_abstract_we_love_dada_5

Once you think the paper’s filled with enough crayon and colors, you may begin peeling off the tape


It’s fun and easy! Happy Father’s Day! 🙂

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