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Hello, October! I’m getting excited this month because it’s Halloween season. It’s the time of the year when I can try something new to post on my makeup blog. I’m excited to make some fun and creative looks for my readers to try this Halloween, or for other costume events. This year I told to myself that I would do something less scary… or less creepy. My past Halloween looks have included: Queen of Thorns, Forest Nymph, Creepy Doll, and Trippy Double Vision. I’ve always wanted to do a Bohemian look since it’s easy to create, but still looks cool. Here’s what I came up with! bohemian-makeup-look-style-1 bohemian-makeup-look-style-4 bohemian-makeup-look-style-2

Basically, I started by putting on my makeup normally. However, I added a dark, brown eyeshadow onto the creases of my eyelids. This helped to create depth and darkness. I also used darker eyebrow makeup than usual to get strong features for my face. To make it more Boho, I used the back of my eye liner pencil and dotted it with cream white eyeshadow. Alternatively, you can use white face paint. Brown colors are the key for this look, and the same goes for the clothes and accessories. I accessorized myself with brown, natural materials like a wooden necklace I got from the Philippines. I also put on a Boho wrist band that my boss gave me when I used to work in Abejas Boutique. I like how it fits with this theme. The headband on my forehead was actually an old necklace that Brent made when he was high school. So 3 things to consider for this Boho look are:

1. Focusing on brown tones for the makeup, especially for the eyes

2. Creating white dots around the eyes

3. Wearing accessories (the more, the merrier, especially on the neck) that are natural and have brown-toned colors.

bohemian-makeup-look-style-3 bohemian-makeup-look-style-5

What are you thinking of doing for your Halloween look?

I would love to hear your Halloween requests for makeup looks that you want me to create this month! 🙂

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  1. This is so pretty. Love the bohemian look!

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