DIY Icicle Inspired Necklace Using Hot Glue


Learn how to create your own necklace using hot glue. This necklace was inspired by ice and the winter season, gorgeous to wear for Halloween or a costume.

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I’m thrilled to share my latest DIY today! This time it’s not for home decor, but an accessory to complete your Halloween or costume look. This necklace was inspired by ice, winter and a DIY ice queen’s crown I stumbled on at Pinterest. I saw how they made crown out of hot glue, but chose to create a necklace instead to add an accent for my neck.  I’ve been wanting to create a look like this that is mainly white in color or ice inspired. Here are the materials that I used. Most of them are from Hobby Lobby (art store).

Plastic Bowl

3-4 Glue Sticks and Glue Gun

Petroleum Jelly


Clear Nail Polish (I used Sally Hansen)

White Glitter (similar here)


Optional: String, Needle, Rubber Band, 2 Safety Pins

(Apologies for the quality of these photos. I took them at night while my kids were in bed. 😉 )


  1. Prepare your glue gun, glue stick, and plastic bowl. Turn on your glue gun and wait until it’s hot.
  2. While waiting for the glue gun, apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly on the surface of the bowl where you are planning to apply the hot glue. This makes the necklace easier to remove.
  3. Start applying the hot glue to the bottom part of the bowl as the foundation. I based the length of the necklace to match my jawline. Apply at least 2-3 coats of hot glue to make the foundation strong and thick. Wait a few seconds between coats. If you make a longer length necklace, you’ll able to trim it later to fit around your neck.
  4. Start on the center by letting the hot glue drip. Make sure the center is much longer than the rest of the necklace pattern, to create a nice dripping icicle shaped necklace. Create at least 2-3 coats of hot glue. Again, wait a few seconds between coats. I like to move the hot glue in random directions to create texture, so that the design is not perfectly smooth.
  5. Turn your bowl upside down and place it under the light to check if you have missed some parts, or to see if you are satisfied with the proportion of the glue drippings.
  6. When you are done, wait to dry and clean up the strands of hot glue. Carefully remove the dry glue using a cutter or razor
  7. Apply clear nail polish (same polish I used here) on top of the icicle inspired necklace. I sectioned it by 3 so the clear nail polish would still be wet for the glitter to stick on.
  8. Next, dust the white glitter over the top of the clear nail polish, to cover the surface of the hot glue-made necklace. Proceed to the next section and repeat steps #7 & #8 until you are done. To seal the glitter, wait for the nail polish to dry and re-apply clear nail polish over the top of the glitters
  9.  I used white sequins to decorate this necklace and glued them on with hot glue.
  10. I didn’t have the right string for the necklace since this was an impromptu project. Instead, I used a needle and white thread to finish this necklace. I put a rubber band on my thumb, making it easier to push the needle in both ends of the necklace. I used 2 small safety pins to attach both sides of the thread and make the necklace easy to wear. Again, I used this method only because I didn’t have the right materials, but if you can, use the right materials and tools for it. :-)

I’ll be posting a full makeup look soon that I did, inspired by ice and winter. Be sure to check them out here on my blog!

Any creative looks you are planning to do for Halloween?

By the way, for makeup bookings (in Houston) this Halloween, for parties, etc. Feel free to email me at

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