DIY Painted Canvas With Inspiring Text


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I’m finally done organizing my work station, AKA my “me time station.” Having this area gives me a space to relax, blog, work, and reflect.. I’ve always believed that it is healthy for moms to have time for themselves. It’s important to have the time to keep yourself healthy, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. I love my kids and I try to stay active with them during the first part of the day, but once it’s naptime… yahooo! Mama Time starts! (Insert dance move.) 😉 Instead of napping, which I rarely do, I chose to go back to do something I used to love before I became a mother. I’ve been going back to the days when I was an artist and have started painting. It makes me feel like I’m in college again! 


I thought about what I wanted to paint and decided on an abstract painting, with inspiring words from Colossians 3:2. I love the message of this verse: “Set your mind on things above.” It actually cut right through my heart when I read it for the first time. I knew this would be a perfect reminder for me, especially around my work station, to balance life, work, and family and to focus on the things God wants for me. Today’s partnership is with OREO, one of my favorite snacks ever since I was younger.  Keep scrolling to learn to easily make your own inspirational painting. diy-abstract-painting-with-text3

Materials I used:

  • Canvas (I used 11.5″ x 15.5″)
  • Printed Text (Here’s a FREE Printable that I made)
  • Blue and White Acrylic Paints
  • Small Paint Brushes
  • Small Foam Brush
  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • Masking tape
  • Paint Palette (Optional) or you can use any kind of lid cap
  • Water


Step 1: Begin applying the blue acrylic paint on the canvas.

Step 2: Use a small foam brush to even out the blue paint all over the canvas.

Step 3: Next, squeeze white acrylic paint on top of the blue paint as shown in the picture above.

Step 4: Use a small, flat brush to brush off the white paint in a horizontal motion. Do this to create a blend/blur effect between the blue and white paints.


Step 5: I added more white paint to the bottom of the canvas to create a transition from light to darker blue across the canvas. I dampened a small foam brush with water, then squeezed the foam to remove excess water., I then used downward brushstrokes, followed by leftward brushstrokes, to create texture (see image below). Do this in a fast motion. Also, don’t forget to paint the side of the canvas.  After you’re done painting, let the paint dry


Here’s a close-up of the brushstrokes and the texture. The stroke I used was inspired by the texture of a “banig,” which is a handwoven mat in the Philippines. You can follow this brushing style if you’d like, but since it’s an abstract painting, I think it’s more fun to follow your own feelings on what kind of brushstroke to use for your painting 🙂


Step 6: While waiting for the paint to dry, write or print the text you would like to use on a piece of paper. Then start shading the back of the paper you’re using with a  pencil. Make sure you press hard with the pencil so the graphite will transfer onto the painting.

Step 7: Center the paper on the canvas and tape it on all four corners. Start tracing the text with a pen or pencil. Remember to trace firmly so that the pencil transfers onto the canvas. You may touch-up the text drawing to make it more visible if needed.


Step 8: Start to fill the traced text using white acrylic paint. I used a small detail brush for small areas and a flat brush for wider areas. Tip: I like to mix a little bit of water with the acrylic in the palette for smoother application on the canvas. I put 2 coatings of white paint to make the color more opaque and brighter.


Step 9: You’re done! Hang on a wall or lean on a shelf or desk to add inspiration and good vibes for your home. 🙂

diy-abstract-painting-with-text7 diy-abstract-painting-with-text10 diy-abstract-painting-with-text12

Thanks to OREO for keeping me company while doing this painting. I enjoyed eating their thin and crispy cookies, which I grabbed from my nearest Kroger grocery store.
diy-abstract-painting-with-text11 diy-abstract-painting-with-text8


How do you enjoy your “me time” moments?

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9 Responses to “DIY Painted Canvas With Inspiring Text”

  1. Such a cute post, Em. And I love your painting. I can’t say I have much “me time”, but I do enjoy my daily walks. It’s how I recharge.

  2. i love the colors and the canvas!! it looks perfect!

  3. Loved the tutorial! I have a blank canvas and paints, but would never have known how or thought to do something like this. I love how you break down and explain the steps.

  4. Patty K-P says:

    What a beautiful painting and thorough tutorial. So that’s how it’s done 😀

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