7 Must-Try New Year’s Eve Makeup Looks



I promised myself that this year we would celebrate New Year’s Eve, even if we stay at home. I don’t want to just go to sleep in the evening. Something I’ve been missing about New Year’s Eve are the Filipino celebrations. How is the celebration done the Filipino way? With loud music, banging pans to create noise, LOTS of food, parties with family and friends, waiting for the countdown on TV, fireworks and firecrackers everywhere, collecting round type of fruits for fun, wearing polka dots clothes, and so much more! I also miss dressing up and putting makeup on for the occasion! If you have plans for New Year’s Eve, here are 7 makeup looks to give you ideas on what to try for your New Year’s Eve celebration.



Wear matte red lipstick.



Double the liner, but try a liquid metallic on top to add some fun to your eyes.



Or, simply play with winged eyeliner and a bare skin look.



Try metallic colored eyeshadow to emphasize your eyes. Don’t forget to apply it on the tear duct area as well.



Opt for golden metallic eyeshadow all over the eyelids, and use false lashes if you’d like.



Try colored shimmer eyeshadow for smokey eyes. Use two colors like deep purple and bronze (for crease) to get a nice gradient look.



Smokey eyes don’t always have to be black. You can try using different tones of silver or gray, and use white eyeliner on the waterline to open up your eyes.

Less foundation is always good for pictures. Just make sure you brush off some setting powder on the areas of your face that get shiny (like your T-zone, around the nose). Avoid wearing foundation with a high SPF. This helps keep your face from reflecting white in photos with flash due to the foundation.

I hope everyone will have a blessed and fun celebration! How do you celebrate New Year’s Eve? Share it in the comment box below! 🙂

See you next year!

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