Taking photo of your own baby bump (Styling & Photo tips!)


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Once my baby bump began to show a lot, I planned to have a mini baby bump photo session at home while the kids snooze. It’s been difficult to find a time for an outdoor shoot while pregnant since everything feels “heavy” for me, especially with the Texan weather. I’ve always thought indoor shoots are comfortable to do when you’re pregnant. You’re able to style yourself comfortably, have a cooler room, and most importantly, have bathrooms always available. 😉 I wanted to share today how I take photos of my baby bump, in a silhouette inspired style. I also wanted to share some tips that I’ve learned from the past few years with my photography background, as well as photo editing. Here are a  few of my photography works if you’d like to browse through them.


I used my old Nikon DSLR camera to take these shots. It’s in automatic mode and I used a tripod and remote/clicker, so it would be easy to take pictures and pose compared to using a timer. When I click to start shooting, it automatically focuses on me. If you don’t have a DSLR, you can use your phone camera as well. There is a tutorial online like this where you can learn how to do it.


Some pregnant women who do maternity silhouette shoots wear fitted pants and tops. This time I tried on a black, fitted off-shoulder dress (similar piece) that I got before I became pregnant. It’s a matter of finding clothes that fit your body and your baby bump well, when it comes to choosing a wardrobe. I also used a necklace (similar like this) that would reflect on the silhouette, to add some style to my outfit.


Since it’s indoors, I chose the window in our room where there was good lighting. Our window has a sheer white curtain which creates a soft light. You also need to consider the surroundings to be more on the clean side, so that your photos’ backgrounds don’t look messy or too busy.


I like to take photos with different angles so I have different choices. When I setup my tripod and camera, I like it more in position so that the subject (me, the preggy) will look taller in the pictures.


I use Photoshop to adjust the lighting, to edit the color, and polish the photo. I like to use “Levels” in adjusting the lighting. Below is before-and-after of a photo that I edited. I made it black-and-white and used “Levels” in Photoshop to adjust the brightness and contrast. You can also see that I removed my right hand (where I was holding the remote of the camera) by using “Clone” in Photoshop. If I didn’t use Photoshop, I would probably use smartphone apps like “Snapseed” to edit these photos, along with VSCOcam to get a good photo filter.


I hope this helps those who are expecting and planning to save some money by taking their own maternity photos. These photos will make great memories for yourself and loved ones of your pregnancy. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions! I would love to help!

Have a blessed week!

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