Tutorial: How I Curl My Hair (VIDEO)



I finally had the guts to take video of myself for my blog, although I need to improve on recording myself, like not recording in the vertical position. 😉 This hair tutorial is about how I usually curl my hair, which I mostly do on the weekends when we go out. I like to begin curling with “dirty hair” or unwashed hair. I don’t wash my hair everyday and it helps my hair curl easily and have a loose, soft finish. Here’s the process on how I achieve this hairstyle.

  1. I brush my hair to make sure there are no tangles.
  2. My hair is super dry so I like to apply hair serum to the bottom part of my hair (from the middle to the end of my hair) to make it soft. I use a Filipino brand called St. Joan Hair Care Shine Serum. It protects the hair from damage caused by heat appliances like curling iron.
  3. I usually section my hair, but in this video I didn’t. I just started to curl the left side of my hair using 1 ½ “ curling iron starting from the back of my hair.
  4. I continued to curl on the right side of my hair. I like to grab only small sections of hair (ideally 2 inches), so the curls will last longer. I also curl outwards.
  5. After I’m done curling, I set my hair with hairspray so the curls​ hold throughout the day. I also like to use my fingers to brush off my hair instead of using a comb or brush.


Watch my first hair video tutorial below and don’t forget to subscribe to my new channel!

I hope you enjoy watching my first video! I promise to do better recording next time. Maybe Brent can teach me. 😉 Any requests for my next video?

Have a great week!

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  1. Such a cute look and great video.

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