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I started to pack my hospital bag since I’m now 36 weeks pregnant. Hospitals usually provide what my baby and I will need such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, sanitary pads, underwear, diapers for the baby, and blankets (and I’m sure there’s still more that I missed!) So here are the things I’m bringing, aside from my wallet.


Balls – I’ll be bringing a few, small toy balls from my kids’ toy box. I brought one soft one and a tennis ball too for when my second child was born. During my first time going into labor, Brent  was beside me holding my hands when I was having contractions. I squeezed Brent’s hands so hard that his hands must have been hurting. 😉 That’s why I brought a small toy ball to use as a stress ball when I had my second son.

Socks – The hospital provided me with socks before, but I’m more comfortable using my own because their sizes are too big for my feet.

Nursing Tops – I’m bringing 2 nursing tops (similar to this), in case I decide to change out of my hospital gowns. Even though hospital gowns aren’t that nice to wear sometimes (and not cute in pictures lol), it’s very easy to put on and remove during breastfeeding, and when I’m skin-to-skin with the little one.

Light Cardigan (similar) – This is to help me cover up and keep me warm inside the hospital room.

Makeup Pouch – Inside are concealer, an eyebrow pencil, cream blush (I can use it for my lips as well), lip balm, hairpins and an elastic band. Do I need to explain why I’m bringing these?? 😉

Attire for Going Home – I’m just planning to bring a loose skirt with a comfortable waistband, and then wear one of the nursing tops when I am headed home.


Lasinoh Cream – The first few days of breastfeeding can make me sore, which is why I’m going to bring this cream. It helps soothe the soreness, and will help in case I need to stay in the hospital longer.

Baby Oil – I’m bringing a small bottle of baby oil. During labor, you may experience a very bad backache, so I asked Brent to massage my back sometimes while I am in labor. I actually forwarded a Youtube video to him on how to give a massage during labor. (Hopefully he watches it beforehand…)

Contacts / Eyeglasses – I like to wear my eyeglasses, but this time I will also bring contacts. From my experience (during labor), the room can sometimes get warm and my eyeglasses tend to get foggy. If it does, I’ll try to wear contacts.

DSLR Camera

Facial Wash – Who doesn’t like a fresh face after delivery? 🙂

Laptop – so our family can videochat with us to see our new baby!

Bag  – I found this bag from the thrift store, but you can check out a couple of cute bags like this large travel tote bag from Longchamp, or this cute pineapple duffle bag. I like to use a bag that is large and opens wide, so my husband can easily find things that I need.



Receiving blanket

Outfit for going home – Most of my kids’ clothes are hand-me-downs or from the thrift store, but I’ve liked getting new attire for the baby’s first time going home. The clothes will be something I keep as a memory. 🙂




Onesies – Some hospitals provide white onesies, but I’ll bring a couple of newborn sleep attire, just in case he needs warmer clothes.

Small bag – It’s helpful to have a separate small bag for baby’s clothes. It’s convenient for Dad too so that he can find it easily. I am just using a mesh bag with a zipper. You may also use a laundry bag too!

I’m bringing a blanket for Brent too since the hospital can be cold. Aside from my hospital bag, I’m done packing bags for my 2 toddlers. They’ll be staying with a good friend of ours, who will take care of them, while my mother-in-law is driving down to Houston.

I’d love to hear from you! Any other helpful essentials you want to share for a hospital bag?

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