Road trip with toddlers and newborn


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We had a road trip over the weekend to see our family in Dallas and celebrate our nephew’s first birthday; a good reason to have a family road trip. The difference of having a third child is that Brent and I are becoming more flexible and less paranoid. To think our son just turned a week old… I remember we didn’t go out for more than a month with our first baby and now, we had our first family road trip a week after I gave birth. Today, I wanted to share a few things that made our trip less chaotic… From what I thought.

1) Snacks – Forget everything, but not the snacks. Right, mommies? I like to keep their snacks in a container similar to this one, so they can self-feed and have less of a mess.

2) Manual Breast Pump – In this trip, I pumped so that I could feed my baby even though we were on the road (Brent drove). It’s the easiest way to feed the baby. Since I couldn’t burp the baby after feeding, I only tried to feed him 1 oz at a time and then let him suck a pacifier, then wait a few seconds to feed him again. I found this way was kept him less fussy and not uncomfortable in the tummy. I used this milk bottle.

3) Carseat/Nursing cover – I wish I had this cover from Milksnob for my two previous babies. I used this all the time during our travels, from covering while pumping inside the car, to nursing my baby in restaurants. This can also be used as a cover for car seats, shopping carts, high chairs and much more. They offer a modern stylish print and super soft, lightweight fabric too! Better check out their site! They are from Texas too! Howdy!

4) Ice Chest / Cooler – Since I pumped during the road trip, I kept the milk cool inside the ice cooler in case the baby decided to go back to sleep. Ice coolers are also great to bring to keep water cool and fruits fresh.

5)  Laptop- Brent brought our Chromebook and downloaded a few toddler shows that my 2 toddlers could watch while we were on the road. This is one of the times that Brent and I used a gadget for our kids, just to have an hour of quiet and peace. 😉

6) Grocery Bags for trash – We always eat inside the car and that means there will be lots of trash to be thrown away. I like to have a grocery/plastic bag inside the car to put away all the trash, so it will be less messy and chaotic (for Mama’s eyes… 😉 ).

7) Small Toys – My boys loved to play with small cars while we were driving. We also lover to use this doodle pad for guessing letters and pictures (similar pad). Stickers and books are a great way to entertain toddlers too!


Do you have any suggestions on how to keep toddlers entertained during road trips?

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