Our baby’s bedtime routine


nigh routine with the baby halo sleepsack

Our youngest son just started to roll over, a few days before he turned 4 months old! I forgot how new milestones make me feel excited. My eldest son was confused why I screamed for joy when I noticed that his baby brother was on his tummy instead of his back, in his play gym. I love seeing these milestones. They give me a priceless feeling, as a stay-at-home mom. Since he is rolling over now, my husband and I transitioned him from a swaddle to wearable blanket. I‘m excited to partner with one of our favorite companies, HALO, and their excellent products that all my kids have as babies.  I also want to share in today’s post what we normally do for our baby’s bedtime routine.


Since regular bathing can make the baby’s skin dry, I give my son a bath once or twice a week. If it’s the day of no baths, Brent and I make sure to wipe his face, neck, and hands  clean before applying moisturizer. Of course, clean diapers are important too.

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We like to put him in clothes that will keep him warm during the night, together with the HALO SleepSack Platinum Collection, that we replace loose blankets with. This combination keeps our baby safe and warm at night. I like how it offers a two-way zipper, so that I can easily change my baby’s diaper at night and easily dress him.

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We love to read books to our kids, and started this when they were at a very young age. I think it also helps to give a baby a signal that bedtime is coming soon. Some of the books that we love to read for our baby include Goodnight Moon and Hello Baby.

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Nursing my baby is such a wonderful way for us to bond and end the day. Although he still waking up every 3-4 hours, I don’t want to complain because that is way better than every 1-2 hours like he did before. 😉 I also love to sing him lullabies and Tagalog songs. I don’t think I have a good voice, but he falls asleep when I sing. 😉

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What’s your favorite bedtime routine with your baby?

Disclosure: HALO sent me this sleepsack to review. All my opinions are my own.

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