My current makeup routine for dull weather


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current makeup routine for dull weather (3)

Today, I wanted to share the makeup products that I’m currently loving to use for this icky and dull weather. Winter is not my favorite season, but instead of keep focusing on how ugly and difficult it can be to live in a country with cold weather, I just spend a few minutes to myself for pampering and putting makeup on. Sometimes, it’s better to do something for myself to change how I feel and how I view things, since I obviously can’t change the weather and bring the Philippine weather here. 😉

1) Nourishing Day Cream – My skin easily dries in the winter and this moisturizer is keeps my skin moisturized. It’s not heavy on the skin. It is super lightweight! I love to use moisturizer every time I put makeup on. At night, I love to use night cream and mix it with coconut oil if my skin is really dry.

2 Dew Skin – I love this product because it gives a dewy sheer and healthy glow after I put it on my face. This is totally worth the buy! Plus, there are no toxins in the ingredients used for this formulation.

3) Touchup Concealer – I super love this concealer!! It’s buildable and easy to blend. What I also love about this is that it doesn’t make my eyes feel itchy or irritated. I use this under my eyes, around my nose, and a few areas that need to be evened out.

4) Eyebrow Pencil – It’s easy to apply and this pencil totally gives a natural brow look! It comes with a soft brush that I use, before I apply brow makeup to groom my hair.

5) Duo Eyeshadow – I keep my eyeshadow simple by putting a neutral brown color on my eyelids. I then use the dark eyeshadow on the lash line area for a simple, defined eye look. If you are concerned if you have sensitive eyes, I recommend this eyeshadow because it has a flower extract, that helps to moisturize delicate skin around the eyes. Better check out their other gorgeous shades on their site!

6) Honest Truly Mascara with Primer – I like to try different mascaras and so far I’m loving this mascara with primer, from Honest Beauty. Not only are the ingredients all-natural, but it definitely helps my lashes to give some good length. Plus, it doesn’t smear!

7) Matte Bronzer – This weather can make my skin look very dull, so I always find a matte bronzer to do the trick and give my skin a natural, healthy sunkissed look! One important tip I can share in choosing bronzer, use 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone. Avoid a color that makes your skin “orangey.”
I also use a lipstick that keeps my lips moisturized and soft for this cold weather. I love this lipstick brand that has several gorgeous options for colors! Hope this helps! 🙂

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