Dreaming of tropical weather (+ photo editing tips)


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How’s your weather, my friend? How’s mine, you ask? Cold. That’s why I was inspired to create this image of my boys. This time of the month last year, we brought our two eldest sons to the Philippines for the first time. Even though it was the longest and most tiring trip I ever had (and to think I was pregnant at the time), the 20+ hour trip was worth it. We enjoyed the tropical weather and the fresh food and fruits that my mom and my brother prepared for us. I really miss the beach and how relaxing it is to stay on the island of Marinduque.

I wanted to share today a few behind-the-scenes images at how I created this fun and tropical style image of my boys. Scroll down for some photo editing tips!
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Use the same location if you are using natural light for the shoot dreaming of tropical weather hello island mama adventure 5

Use a tripod and remote to make the shoot easier, especially if you need to assist your kids. I also like to plan beforehand what position they will be in for the photo idea. For my baby, I want him to look like he is climbing a tree, so I carried him to get the angle and positioning of his body that I needed. I used clone in Photoshop to remove my hand.

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For the legos, I still try to take photos of them in the same location, so I can avoid doing lots of adjustments for the lighting. I love to use the pen tool to remove the background and transfer the lego onto the the main background.

dreaming of tropical weather hello island mama adventure 8

I try not to show the whole faces of my children here on my blog and Instagram, since my accounts are public.  I love to use props like this toy camera my eldest is holding to cover parts of their face.

dreaming of tropical weather hello island mama adventure 2

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16 Responses to “Dreaming of tropical weather (+ photo editing tips)”

  1. Sabine says:

    This is so cute, Em, You are so creative! It’s been frigid here and snowy. Stay warm!

  2. Tori Stake says:

    This is such a fun edit! I couldn’t live without my camera tripod and wireless remote; it’s a blogging lifesaver! Also, we’re supposed to get some snow tomorrow but have had surprisingly Springy weather. Come on Spring!

  3. You are so creative! I love these shots. I hope you get insta-famous with them 😀

  4. Tiara says:

    Your boys are adorable ♥ I loved the tips about taking photos…Looks like I need to go get a wireless remote! Also, the natural lighting is amazing! I wish I had that much natural lighting in my home!

    • Em Smith says:

      Thank you! Remote really helps a lot for blogging and shooting 🙂 I used to have an apartment that doesn’t have lots of good lighting. I just use Brightness/Contrast in photo editing software. Or levels too.

  5. Shea says:

    I had no idea you could do this. I need to practice my editing skills. You are fantastic.

  6. Keda says:

    I always wondered how people got such fun, quirky and flawless pictures. I just got a new camera for Christmas and have been trying to learn photoshop. Can’t wait to stage photos like this. THANKS for the inspiration.

  7. Kelly says:

    This is a great post! Lots of good tips! I usually try to plan out my kids positioning ahead of time as well, otherwise it will never happen !! Lol

  8. Holly Lasha says:

    cute pictures!!! I am also dreaming of tropical weather!!

  9. This is so funny and cute!!! I definitely learned something here and will be trying this with my boys

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