Finding your daily “me-time”


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As a parent, we all have different struggles with how to find time for ourselves. Before I had my third son, I tried to wake up a few minutes before my two eldest, so I could start my day quietly. But now, since our 5 month old still wakes up a few times at night, I’d rather wait for our human alarm clocks (our two older boys) to wake us up. I thought to share a few ways that help me recharge as a full-time mom with my three boys.


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House messes and to-do lists such as laundry can be overwhelming to think of and can easily distract me as a stay-at-home mom. But my husband Brent, always reminds me to give our kids time to bond, whether it is a few minutes playing with their Legos or sword fighting… I can really notice afterwards that they are more independent and happy when I give them my time to play and bond.


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Like I have mentioned in my post about “Mom life with 3 boys under 3”. Brent and I learned to circulate the kids’ toys so they will be excited when they see the toys they haven’t seen for weeks. This keeps them occupied and gives them some time to play on their own. I kept the big toys in their playroom, but I made 4 boxes and separated different toys into each box. I thought to put different colors to make it more exciting to the kids’ eyes. I find this simple way of circulating toys makes the house less chaotic from mess too. Plus, I believe that kids can concentrate on playing when there are no huge mountains of toys on the floor.


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Since my 5 month baby is getting into a naptime schedule (Twice a day! Hallelujah!). I tried to put my eldest boys on the same nap time as him in the afternoon. This is such a big “me time” solution to get 100% silence and get things done, such as cleaning, chopping ingredients for dinner, blogging, or shooting for a product, etc. I feel thankful that my boys continue to sleep for at least 2 to 2.5 hours! (Knock on wood!)


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I grew up in a family that had the TV on throughout the day. My husband Brent who studied child psychology opened my eyes to the fact that TV can be very addicting and not healthy for a child’s brain, especially for young ages like our boys. We try to use screen time on Fridays (as a reward or for popcorn night) or weekends. They love Daniel Tiger and Animal Planet. During normal weekdays, letting them watch is my last resort if I’m totally overwhelmed and I need some space. If I I do, I let them watch a quick Youtube video with my supervision (I often show them videos about how to learn Tagalog words, I like to use this Youtube channel). Another effective way is when I let them browse through books like “The Grounch Lady Bug by Eric Carle” and use this Youtube video of the book to let them hear a narrator reading the story for them. All the while, they listen and browse the book. You can simply open a new tab, so they can’t see the Youtube screen.

Any other tips or effective ways to have few minutes of your own time?


13 Responses to “Finding your daily “me-time””

  1. Roxanne says:

    Super very helpful tips. You’re really such an inspiration Em when it comes to taking care of your kids while still having a “ME” time. I really learn a lot from your blog rips and advice. ?

  2. The same nap time is essential in my opinion too!!

  3. Kamyshia says:

    I LOVE the idea of circulating toys!!! Why have i never thought of this! It seems kids stop playing with toys so fast and it is so frustrating! Tha ks for sharing!!

  4. These are great tips! Now that neither of my boys are napping, afternoons are tough. I got used to that down-time and without it, my mom brain gets overwhelmed sometimes. We try to still do quiet time in the afternoons, and sometimes tv is the reward for getting other things done earlier in the day. I love these ideas, though! Truly helpful.

  5. Tramayne says:

    I also grew up in a home where there were TVs in every room and they were always on. When I moved to Charlotte, I deliberately didn’t put any TVs in our bedrooms. There’s one in the family room and the other in the playroom. I thought it would bite me in the butt (you mean I have to entertain him all day now??), but surprisingly, it’s working really well! We’re more connected at home, which then gets me some me time when we get tired of each other lol

  6. Ariel says:

    YES! To all of this! I, myself, have 3 littles ages (freshly) 4, 2, and 1 and “me” time is SO hard to come by! As time goes on, though, you definitely learn to get creative!

  7. Liz says:

    Great tips about sectioning out the toys so they don’t get bored!

  8. Kelsey says:

    We just started rotating toys – great idea! Scheduled nap time is key, I agree! I am guilty of using the TV but recently limiting it to while I am making food and it is amazing! The kids sit and actually watch the short show nicely and seem to enjoy it. Thanks for the post!

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