A sign you need a MOMCATION (+ photo editing tips)


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Do you ever take a vacation all by yourself, leaving the house and mom duty for a few days? As much as I love my kids, I sometimes wish that I could take a few days away from the noise, refresh my mind, and spend time alone. Maybe I could have a spa appointment, go to the beach, stay in a hotel, and eat my favorite treats without hiding from my kids? Yeah, it’s all just daydreaming right now. 😉

Here in Galveston Island, we’ve been getting lots of tourists these past few days, since the weather dropped down to the 70s. Brent and I brought the kids to the beach over the weekend too. As I was walking with my baby by the shore, someone stopped me to ask if I had 3 boys. I replied that I did. They are a couple from Canada who have 3 boys too, but are all grown up. They were on vacation here in Galveston Island. How wonderful it will be when you reach the age when your kids are all grown up! I’ll be able to travel with my husband like that couple! Brent and I are looking forward to that. Today, I want to also share photo tips and a behind the scenes look at this creative shot! I thought it’d be fun to share what goes on behind my creative shots. It’s fun to look at, especially if you have an interest in photo editing and photography in general!

sign you need a momcation photo editing (6)

I took a picture of myself wearing this pretty ivory floral wrap dress. It can be used during pregnancy and nursing as well.


sign you need a momcation photo editing (2)

I used a chair for my toddler’s table set, so I could take a picture of my baby, pretending he was on top of the suitcase.

sign you need a momcation photo editing (1)

As for the floral wallpaper, I laid my dress down on a flat surface and took a photo of it to transfer on Photoshop. I then edited it for use on the wall. I adjusted the levels and used the “Multiply” tool to make the photo look realistic on the wall.

Again, I used my Nikon DSLR (an oldie, but it still takes good images), a tripod, and my remote (like this one)  to make the shoot easier.

sign you need a momcation photo editing (4) sign you need a momcation photo editing (7)

This is an image I took in Austin, TX while Brent and I were on our honeymoon. I thought the image was beautiful, so I decided to use it for what was outside of the window. sign you need a momcation photo editing (8)

Hope you enjoyed today’s behind the scenes topic!

Where do you want to go and what do you want to do for your “momcation”? Give me some ideas!

5 Responses to “A sign you need a MOMCATION (+ photo editing tips)”

  1. I am a SAHM to a very high-energy 3 yr old. I daydream about momcations all the time. In fact, my husband asked me what I wanted for my upcoming birthday, and it took everything not to say a solo trip to somewhere warm. lol

  2. Cassie says:

    No sign needed here! I already know I need a momcation. ??

  3. andrea says:

    yes! mommy vacay needed here! great tips , thanks!

  4. Sarah Kate says:

    Beautiful photos and how cool that your dress matches the wall paper!

  5. Anne Mari says:

    Lovely blog! All mommies definitely need a momcation once in a while.

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