Summertime at Schlitterbahn Waterpark Galveston


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We had so much fun at Schlitterbahn Waterpark Galveston, which was our first waterpark experience as a family! Schlitterbahn is a perfect place for families since it has many different rides for kids of all ages, lots of areas for kids to play and swim, friendly and attentive lifeguards, and allows families to bring their own food and drinks. There are three parts of Schlitterbahn waterpark: Surfenburg, Blastenhoff and Wasserfest (check out the map here). We explored each of the parts and had so much fun in each area!.

We went to Surfenburg first, where we went straight to the kids play area called “Tiki Tikes”. The kids loved Tiki Tikes because it has two kid-sized water slides that the kids slid down over and over again. It also has a shaded lounge area nearby where we could relax and watch the kids. Then we went on our first ride as a family, which was the “Wolfpack”. This was the most exciting ride we went on as a family. Up to 4 people can ride on one raft, which was perfect for my husband, two boys, and me. The Wolfpack starts high up in the air, and you can see whole waterpark as you get in the rafts. We twisted and turned down this fast-flowing, curving slide on a giant pink tube! It was pretty awesome!! I screamed a lot! I really recommend this ride for families with kids I think this was my favorite ride!

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Here’s the view from the top taken by Brent.

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Brent tried the Cliffhanger for couple of times. He said it was really fun! But that is something I couldn’t do!

There are many other good rides that we enjoyed such as the Dragon Blaster, Thunder Tub, and Loopy Luge. If you are looking for something relaxing that turns exciting, try the Kristal River. This is a lazy river that connects to the Whitewater River and Torrent River, and lets you enjoy floating throughout the entire waterpark. One of the most fun parts of the river is when it meets Torrent River. Here there is a giant wave that pushes you through a narrow part of the river over and over. We went back on the river several times since we enjoyed these giant waves so much. It was so much fun!

An indoor waterpark is available in the Waserfest area. This is a nice, shaded play area for the kids. They enjoyed climbing onto the ship and sliding down the slides. It was good thing my mom came along to watch the kids so Brent and I had a chance to try some of the adult rides. We went on the Faust and Furious, which was definitely the scariest ride I went on! Brent went on the Rohr! and loved the steep drop-off of that slide. Later we brought the kids on the Guada Loopy, which was an exhilarating ride on a two-person raft from 40 feet up in the air down a twisty, dimly lit tunnel.

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While the rides were a blast, there were a lot of other things we liked about Schlitterbahn. The parking is free and close-by. There are many places to buy food,but Schlitterbahn also lets you bring your own food, and even to bring your own ice chest (as long as there is no glass containers or alcohol). There are many tables and benches around the park, and even lounge chairs along the water so you can relax and see your kids at the same time while they’re playing. Private cottages and luxury loungers are available as well.The lifeguards and other staff were very friendly, and I always felt like my kids were safe because there were so many attentive lifeguards.

One tip is to consider going on the weekdays. We went on a Tuesday and it was not too crowded, especially in the morning. We didn’t even have to wait in line the first hour! Also, you might want to check the weather before going, because if it begins to thunder and lightning, the rides will be stopped and everyone will have to get out of the water.

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I think this was the coolest summer experience we had this year! Schlitterbahn is such a fun place for families with amazing rides, kid-friendly play areas, and a friendly staff. If you live in Houston or happened to visit, you can purchase ticket online or buy season pass to continue the fun throughout the summer.

What rides do you enjoy at Schlitterbahn waterpark?

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11 Responses to “Summertime at Schlitterbahn Waterpark Galveston”

  1. Marysa says:

    My kids love waterparks – this looks like a lot of fun! I’ve never been to Galveston either, but it would be cool to visit.

  2. Samantha says:

    I’ve never heard of this water park, but it looks so fun!

  3. Yza Pillone says:

    Looks fun! It is always good to have a family day. I am a little afraid of heights, but I would like to try those slides!

  4. It looks like you would get in all your daily steps just by climbing all of those stairs! I don’t like those big drop waterslides, either. I’ll stick to the Lazy River.

  5. Cindy says:

    I need a water park in my life STAT! The heat has been brutal.
    Looks like such a great time! And the view from the top is awesome!!

  6. I haven’t been to a fun waterpark like this in literally decades. What a fun family trip and a great way to cool off in the heat!

  7. Petria says:

    This water park looks amazing! We have one in Australia that is similar and our girls absolutely love going!

  8. Swapna says:

    Looks like you had great time…. Nice pictures…

  9. Cheri says:

    These pictures are so fun! We went to the other Schlitterbahn Water Park one summer when the boys were young, and we had a blast. It was one of our favorite vacations. Love this post, Em!

  10. Cheri says:

    Also, they have to think that their Dad is THE coolest!

  11. Jennifer says:

    This looks like such Ana amazing family retreat!! I love water parks and the memories that are made at them!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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