How I Fit Three Boys in One Room + Closet Organization



how three boys one room closet organization (8) how three boys one room closet organization (5)

how three boys one room closet organization (1)

When we found out that our third son was another boy, we knew that all of our three boys would share one bedroom. We want them to grow up together in one room so that they would be close and learn to share (even though 3 boys in one room can get crazy at times 😉 As they’ve grown up they’ve become very close and are always playing and laughing. We’re so glad they’re building strong relationships and making great memories!

If you have noticed on my Instagram, we have finally moved into our new house, which is the first house we have ever bought! Praise to God! When we moved in we were excited for the boys to start rooming together consistently. But the boys room aren’t very big,  so I had to make sure that the furniture would not make the room look cluttered or too crowded. My first thought was to maximize their new bedroom space by using bunk bed. After some looking, we found this perfect  Metal Twin-Twin  Bunk Bed from Bel Furniture in Houston. It’s sturdy, stylish, and space-saving, and I really enjoyed decorating the room with it.  I added some matching some wooden decor so make a boyish, warm-feeling room.  

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Thanks to the space-saving bunk bed, there’s plenty of room for our youngest son’s toddler bed. But this is just temporary – one thing I love about the bunk bed is that there is plenty of space for a trundle bed in the future for our little one. Then there will be even more space in the room for dressers, desks, or whatever else the boys need.

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For their closet organization, I used two metal frames with wire mesh drawers on either side of the closet. This gave us plenty of storage for all 3 boys’ shirts, shorts, pants, etc. 

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The kids really love their new bed! After getting everything set up I decided to add a small book shelf for each boy so that they each have a separate space to read their books when they get too crazy during the day 😉 

Thank you for Bel Furniture for helping us to maximize the kids’ bedroom! You can find the bunk bed we have here. It’s on sale!

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5 Responses to “How I Fit Three Boys in One Room + Closet Organization”

  1. Claire says:

    What a lovely room your boys have, it’s a great use of space.

    I’m sure your boys will enjoy many years of fun in there together x

  2. Anitra says:

    You definitely have some great ideas for storage. This is great, I need to use some of these ideas for my own room!

  3. Disha Smith says:

    I’m a neat freak and I have to have everything organized. These photos of the boys’ room are like music to my ears. You did such a good job!

  4. Jalisa Harris says:

    I only have one but feel like he has way too much stuff. I need to try this whole organization for him

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