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Being a mother of three has made me shop intentionally. Gone are the days of impulsive shopping and going over budget. I guess it just comes with the experience. My needs are less of a priority and I prefer spending for my family than myself. I love seeing my kids happy and content even if that means I don’t get the latest dress or shoes.

My style has changed, too. I prefer basics with plenty of mileage, roomy totes that can hold all the things I need, and shoes that I can comfortably walk (or run!) on for hours. Trust me, with three energetic little boys, comfy shoes is really a must.

When it comes to basics and footwear, Adidas has always been my go-to. As much as I want to run after my kids in espadrilles, it’s not possible. With their Home of Classics collection, I never felt that I had to sacrifice style over comfort. I can easily dress it up or down with anything in my closet. When you’re a busy mama, this is the ultimate pro: getting out the door in five minutes while still looking put-together.

I never thought that having a curated closet will improve my lifestyle dramatically. The time I save on mulling over which clothes to wear and what shoes to go with it is a lifesaver. I now understand Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg’s fashion choice more than ever! 

If you want to give your wardrobe a makeover, I suggest giving Adidas Home of  Classics a try. It’s quality and stylish that works well with almost any lifestyle. Are there any basics you’re planning to add in your closet?


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