A look back at 2019 + Family Update


window activity

It’s time to make my youngest son’s silhouette painting. see tutorial here

we did a mini spring photoshoot theme. we also invited some of our friends to join in.


skateboard after work

Easter egg hunt. My youngest son’s first time to do Easter egg hunting.

This was the activity we do in Easter Sunday. We also read a children’s Bible.

toddler walk

We love outdoor

This 2019, we moved to our own first house! Thanks to God <3

Swimming lesson last summer

Backyard is more fun if it is muddy 😉

more backyard fun!

and more… with my sampayan 😉

they love this pool i saw in amazon. You can find it here

breastfeeding journey with my youngest son. It was the longest journey so it was really hard to say goodbye.

eldest son turned 5. check his birthday photos here

and then my second son turned 4. He loves green Ninjago…

and lastly my youngest son turned 2. He loves Daniel Tiger so his birthday theme is all about Daniel and his friends. Hopefully. I could create a blog post about the theme this year. There were DIYs like birthday mask, cupcake toppers and more.

And yes, one of their stuffed animal toys also had a birthday….welcome to my life, y’all.


I was excited to go back in oil painting. I did this floral for my mom-in-law. I never painted flowers before so it’s challenging and fun at the same time.


We are the parents. Normal vs Halloween Mode. Also, my husband just launched his first Youtube channel called Parentpsych to share some tips and advice as child psychologist. Please please subscribe and share his videos <3

Halloween photos here

learning the letter S

My second son being “quiet”. His Kuya started his Kindergarten in Fall so it was quite different here everyday. BUT this second semester, Brent and I decided to homeschool our kindergarten (Please pray for us… and my patience 😉 ) We love the school and the people there but we think that 7-8 hours is way too long for 5 years old. What happened to half day?

another painting I did this 2019. It’s for my children’s playroom makeover. See the final work here 

I know, i know, I’m getting too old. Needlepointing for my children’s Christmas stockings. If you see a lady needlepointing inside the car, in the parking area, school, playground, clinic, that’s me.

Merry Christmas to all of you! See you next year!

“When He tells you what His plans are, trust Him and walk closely with Him. Don’t let the busyness of your present activity keep you from experiencing all that God has in store for you”


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