April Recap: family, our first garden and my kid’s favorite learning activities


Tomorrow is the last day of April. I thought to share for today’s post on what we’ve done this month during the time of quarantine, how we celebrated a couple of special events like Easter and my birthday and a few personal DIY projects that I did. I rarely share personal posts about me and my family here on my blog, maybe because I prefer to share them on my Instagram and/or in person. So here’s our month of April recap!

Easter Sunday, my youngest son’s first official egg hunting in the backyard. We used our backyard to hide plastic eggs (with raisins and Cheerios inside) for the boys. Our garden was a great place to hide eggs as well.


Easter activity, it’s all about Jesus. After we worshiped via online, the kids have coloring activities that focus on Jesus.

We do schooling in the morning. Here’s my daily routine schedule with my three boys if you’d like to try to set up a schedule with your kids.

My 4 year old son is learning how to write numbers. He enjoys math, like Dada.

Finding letters/words. We use Duplo lego blocks.

I made a chart for “days of the week” and a “weather chart”. Every morning, I ask each of my eldest kids to update these charts.

Little Archaeologists.  My boys tried this for the first time. All you have to do is to put random toys in a large bowl and cover them with water and freeze it. They love doing it but as a mom, I’m a little worried because they have to use pointed metal like screwdrivers to break the ice..imagine there are three little hands :/

Watercolor painting. I asked them if they want to follow a tutorial or paint on their own. Guess what they chose? Hint: Abstract

“Spring” painting using acrylic and fork

Here’s our first garden. Brent planted okra, zucchini, broccoli, carrots, green beans, watermelon, snap peas, peppers, cilantro and four kinds of tomatoes. Brent loves tomatoes so much! And of course, all plants are taken care of by my husband.. Me and my kids are just here to water the garden 😉

Bedtime story with Dada.

Cardboard DIY hot wheels, tutorial here

I’ve been doing a lot of hobbies and DIY projects to try. I think the West Elm Inspired area rug for my boy’s bedroom is my favorite project.

And my second favorite DIY for my boys is the cardboard playhouse.

I don’t remember if I posted here this oil painting that I’ve been working on since the beginning of last year 😉 Not all done… but we will get there 🙂 You can watch this painting process on my Instagram story highlights called “painting”, you will see how I started it.

April is my birthday month and this is how I celebrated my birthday; folding little clothes 😉 Since my birthday month is during COVID-19 pandemic, we are all at home except for Brent who needs to go to work. And hey, I had Pad Thai and chocolate cake. That’s all I want for my birthday 😉 


See you next month!



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