DIY Hot Wheels Car Parking With Lift


Before I throw cardboards, I asked myself first.. “Do I need this for something?” and I always said “Yes!” haha My husband knows how I’m a cardboard hoarder. But.. I do inspect the cardboard first before I keep them. I make sure it’s a good quality cardboard that will be good for making diy toy for my kids and even for a storage bins just like the ones I made for my children’s playroom. I think it’s fun to make something out of the cardboard before I tossed it in the trash ๐Ÿ™‚

Last week, my sister shown me a doll house toy for her daughter, and because I have three boys, I searched for a playhouse for boys and I ended up watching a DIY cardboard hot wheels with lift in Youtube. Here’s the Youtube video if you’d like to see the tutorial. I copied the main concept of the car parking with lift except for the tracks since my kid’s already have hot wheels tracks. If you already have your own tracks and connectors, this concept will work! The idea of this DIY is that to allow the kid to choose a car from the parking lot and use the lift to pull up the car and have a fun car race competition.ย  My boys really enjoy it! And yes, I’m not expecting that this diy toy would stay for a long time. My husband already warned me about it ๐Ÿ˜‰


This is the place where you will connect the two connectors of the tracks. I used a glue gun to stick the long pieces of cardboard on each sides. Make sure the connectors will fit in the empty space.

Apply the top with same width but extend the length around 2 cm so there will be no gap between the connector and the cardboard.


I use different colored papers on each tracks just for fun. I also made a stopper using Popsicle stick (see below image)


The lift is fun to play! Not as perfect as you move them but it still works. I used couple of milk lids to attached a wooden stick inside with hot glue.


I hope this post inspire you to make something out of cardboard box too! You can check some of my old cardboard works that I made for my kids: DIY cardboard Playhouse / DIY carboard Play Kitchen / DIY School Bus Costume

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