DIY West Elm Inspired Rug


I’ve been eyeing a gorgeous area rug from West Elm for the past few weeks; the colors and design print is just perfect for my children’s bedroom. But since area rugs are one of the last things that my husband wants to purchase in our house. I have to be creative on how to meet my design needs in decorating our children’s room. That is why I tried to do a DIY West Elm Inspired Rug instead. I found an old canvas type of fabric rug from our church garage sale a couple years ago. And here’s the original design…

I’m not a fan of the design of the rug (it’s a bit strange don’t you think? 😉 ) so I just wanted to use the back surface to paint it in the future.

Here are some of the images from the process and materials that I used to create this West Elm inspired rug. 

Old area rug 

Acrylic paints

White latex paint



Cardboard as stencils

Mixing containers

It’s my first time to paint on rug material. The blending was challenging for me since the fabric absorbs the paint easily, not like when I paint acrylic medium on canvas. I used tons of water to mix the color and with quick brushstrokes.

I found a fabric paint on my tools so I also used it to color the lighter blue part of the rug.

I cover the fringe tassels with tape on each side to protect from the paint.

I’m not satisfied with the color of white acrylic paint so I opt for an exterior white latex paint to keep it visible.

bunk bed from Bel Furniture / teepee crate & kids  (similar)/ floating shelves /

This is the original rug from West Elm called Sunkissed Landscape Rug: If you have the budget for this rug, go for it, it’s on sale! I think it’s cute for nursery room, kid’s bedroom, playroom and even living room!

What do you guys think of this DIY? 

I haven’t washed the rug yet, so I’ll update you all if something changes with the look. 

If you’ll try to paint your rug like this, don’t forget to tag me @helloislandmama so I can see it 🙂 

See you in the next blog post! Stay safe and God bless!



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