Do-It-Yourself Desk Organizer for Kids


I made this desk organizer for my kids to make their pens, pencils, markers etc. be organized and stored in one container. It’s helpful and easy to carry around when we need them for homeschooling, doodling and doing other arts & crafts. It saves a lot of space in our bookshelf as well, since I used to separate these things in different containers. Here’s how I made it and materials that I used to create this cute and functional desk organizer for kids.


Beer Carton Carrier


Glue Gun and Sticks

Cotton Rope

Elmer’s Glue


Small brush (optional)

Thread and needle or sewing machine (optional)

Brent cooked sausage bratwurst a few weeks ago so we had beer to marinate the sausages. I used the beer carton carrier as the main material and just added a few cardboard inside to make the bottom and sides strong.

I used scrap fabric that I already have and started to cover the cardboard. I start from the outside and the holder as pictured. I use a glue gun to stick the fabric onto the cardboard.

Finish the both sides and inside divider by covering them with fabric. To seal the edges of the fabric, I fold it in a small seam and sew it or you can simply apply glue gun instead.

I used cotton rope to add detail on the handle. For the front, this is optional, you can make letters on the front by using the same cotton rope. Write the word you like for the front and start to trace it using cotton rope. I chose the word “create”.

I think creating letters using cotton rope can be tricky and requires patience.. I had to seal all the ends of each cut rope with a glue gun so it won’t fridge. Tip: after I apply the glue gun on the end, I wait for a few seconds and when it’s about to cool off,  I pressed it with two fingers to seal the end.

Once you are done making all the letters using cotton rope and glue gun. Mix part Elmer’s glue and part water in a small bowl and use a small brush to give a coat on the top surface of the rope. This helps to add stiffness and put the cotton rope in place.

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Again, the front design is optional. You can simply add rope around the container as a stripe decoration or maybe add fake small flowers if you’re making it for your daughter. Or use felt fabric to create letters or just leave the front as it is.

I hope you enjoy this another DIY for kids! Hope to see you again on my next post. Be sure to follow me on Instagram or subscribe on my blog to see my newest post 🙂


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