Fun Cardboard Playhouse for Kids


A cardboard playhouse is always a big hit for my children. If you have followed my blog, I made my first cardboard playhouse a couple years ago when I only had two kids. And now that I have three kids, I wanted the older boys to experience a playhouse again with their youngest brother.

Cardboard is great when I want to create something new, fun and playful for my children. It is a cheap and effective way to entertain my kids,  especially during this COVID-19 quarantine.

I used 4-5 large moving boxes from past years of moving. I also used old twists/wires from buying bread at the grocery store,, legos with holes to keep the wire in place, a glue gun and glue sticks, and packaging tape.

I decorated the front using a black marker for easy decoration. You can draw nature pictures like trees, sun, flowers, grass, clouds, or neighborhood sites such as fences, cars, or neighbors. For the door, I used glued red construction paper to the cardboard, and created a four glass-like design on the door using white construction paper. I finished up the door using cotton rope as a door knob so kids can easily pull open the door.

Building cardboard toys can be a lot of work, but seeing your kids’  excited faces is always priceless. I love how imaginative they become as they use their stuffed toys for pretend play. They also learn to share and build good relationships with each other.

I found a good cardboard tutorial and inspiration – check it out if you’d like to build something out of cardboard for your kids.

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