Kitchen Organization on a budget


I love organizing our home. I think that is something that I got from my mama. Last month, I finally organized our kitchen on a very budget-friendly basis. I always like to try DIY first and see if it works before buying. I used some upcycled material (jars, juice containers, oats containers) and made DIY containers that ended up working well for the pantry and our kitchen.

Here are repurposed glass jars and re-used juice containers. Most ground or small food goes into a juice container since the opening is smaller, such as grits, popcorn, small pasta, and Cream of Wheat. Other foods such as nuts, cereals, raisins are inside the glass jars. I spray painted the lids white just to look nice.

In my childhood days, I watched my mama soaking the label stickers on glass jars in warm water with dish soap to remove the labels easily.  You can find some residue afterwards, but a mix of baking soda and cooking oil easily removes it with a little rubbing. Using steel wool helps.

To separate and store other foods in the pantry, I used DIY containers made of small boxes and covered them with scrap fabrics. You can find a tutorial here and free downloadable labels.

Some of the containers in our pantry came from a thrift store hunt. You can definitely save $$ if you stop on your nearest consignment or thrift store! The couple of containers we bought new are for flour, rice and sugar. We keep these items in containers with wheels (we found them here),  so they’re easy to pull out if we need them. These containers are actually for pet food…but it’s just a container, right? 😉

We keep our plastic wraps, foil, and parchment paper in a recycled cardboard box.

Seasoning packets, baking stuff,etc. are in a small plastic organizer.

Another way I organized our kitchen is using cardboard/ cereal boxes for plastic food lids. I started this a couple years ago and it has always worked well in our kitchen! I made these with  strong cardboard covered with fabric. You can also use cereal boxes and cover with thin fabric so it won’t add extra weight when you attach them on the cabinet doors. I used velcro and hot glue. You could also use small hooks with double sided tape.

I know this organizer doesn’t look classy, but again, it really works for our kitchen. I love how these repurposed oats containers help to organize our stuff in the kitchen. It makes it so much easier to find and grab things, like my husband’s lunch bags or dishcloths. You only need a few large rubber bands to attach the containers together and keep them in place.

I hope this post gives you ideas for solutions to keep your kitchen and pantry organized in a budget-friendly way!

Which parts of your kitchen do you need to organize?

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