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 We know that not all gifts are equal for loving dads out there. So I hope today’s post about gifts for dads can help you out if you are still hunting for something for Father’s day.  I asked some mothers to share their ideas about Father’s Day gifts, whether past gifts or ideas for this year. These moms also share what they admire about their husbands as dads.

Gift Idea #1 Charcoal Grill 

Savannah says “I got this for my husband, Brenton a few years ago and it is perfect for camping, picnics, tailgating and even the backyard”.

What do you admire in your husband as a father? My husband is the perfect balance of tenderness and sternness for our girls; he is such a strong leader who loves so well!”


Gift Idea #2 Camping Hammock

Karla B. says “We got a hammock for father’s day 8 years ago and Josef has gotten sooooo much use out of it. All the boys get excited when dad sets it up, climb in the hammock to chill and relax. He tells them stories and makes them laugh. This hammock is lightweight and comfy! The eno brand has fun accessories too that we have gotten over the years for father’s day gifts. We got him these hammock lights one year and this year we will get him the bug net for it ”.

What do you admire in your husband as a father? The thing I admire most about my husband in his ‘father role’ is that he loves to spend time with his 4 boys; he takes them camping, bike riding, to the beach, spends hours playing basketball and baseball with them, has devotionals with them in the mornings…you name it he does it! Josef is one of 4 brothers and when you see him with his sons, you see him in his element. He knows how to speak to them, instruct/counsel them, he is honest with them and tells them his struggles and pitfalls in life. My husband teaches them to be strong Godly men and to be bold followers of Jesus”.


Gift Idea #3 Men Shoes

Lesley says “These shoes are so classic, well made, and can be dressed up or down. My husband wears them when he teaches students 8 hours a day, wears them to church as well and even just to check the mail.”

What do you admire in your husband as a father? I admire how well he connects with Willow and that he does such a good job caring for her. He takes care of her all summer when I’m gone working 12 hour shifts plus commuting…. he can do everything for her that I can do except nursing haha. He knows her personality and moods so well and can tell if she’s not feeling or behaving normally (which is very helpful since I work long shifts). His years of teaching experience helps him engage her in play and teaching her things like cleaning up, reading books and talking.”


Gift Idea #4 Water Guns

Jenn Morrison says “I love a sentimental gift but my husband is more about experiences. We’re a very active family so there’s nothing better than a good old fashion water gun fight! Leave a note with the water gun loaded telling him to come find you!”

What do you admire in your husband as a father? My husband is such an honorable man who always puts his family first. He’s constantly trying to find fun things for us to do and changed his hobbies to be things that include us. We fixed up an old Jeep to take mudding and on the beach, we ride dirt bikes and skate boards together, and love to plan trips to different places with our boys.”


Gift Idea #5 Cordless Drill/Driver and Impact Combo Kit

Joy Leslie says “My husband loves the Dewalt drill set that I gave to him. He loves to build things that I would like to have to hang in the house or build things that will make my plants beautiful to hang, or even climb onto. It makes him happy to see that I’m happy  with the things that we accomplish together in our little projects that we come with”

What do you admire in your husband as a father? “He always put his kids first and myself before anything else. One thing I admire him most is he got a big heart to everyone! He always love to help.  I am very blessed to have him in my life and father of our 3 boys”.


Here are more gift ideas from my past gift guide post for Father; Gift idea under $30 / Gifts For Him


Happy Father’s day to all dads out there especially to my loving and understanding husband, Brent.


Whoever fears the LORD has a secure fortress, and for their children it will be a refuge.” Proverbs 14:26

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