Making Good, Messy Memories!


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I learned to paint when I was in college getting my BA in Fine Arts. I’ve always enjoyed painting – it’s fun and there are always new techniques and styles to learn. But as a mom of small three boys, it can be challenging and stressful to paint with kids. Messy hands, messy house, messy clothes…oh boy lol. When I think about the mess, it holds me back from  enjoying art time with my kids. But as my husband once told me, it’s important to let kids try new things – even messy things! –  in order for them to explore and learn about art. 

I’m thrilled that I teamed up with all® laundry detergent to bring you a fun and messy painting activity for the family that helps children explore art and makes good memories for the kids. all®  laundry detergent is the detergent our family has used ever since we started our family. I love how this brand focuses on putting family first and encourages parents to create messy moments without fear. Parents don’t need to worry: it’s “all good”, because all® laundry detergent is there to help clean up our messy kids’ clothes!

For today’s art time, we did a yarn painting activity where I covered the canvas using painter’s tape and let the kids use yarn instead of paint brushes to paint the canvas with water based paint. I had the kids dip their yarn into the paint (we used washable paints), then sling it or drag on it the canvas. As if this wasn’t messy enough, I also let them use their hands 😉 

This was a really messy activity, but I had confidence that all® stainlifter® OXI liquid detergent would keep my laundry bright and fresh since it fights 100% of stain types (*bleachable, oily/waxy, enzymatic, particulate). This detergent works effectively even in cold water, and can also be used for pre-treating by rubbing a small amount on a stain before washing.

My kids love activities that create a mess… My eldest son told me “I love this messy painting mom!”. Messy activities are okay sometimes because they can help kids learn about art while also making good memories for them. 

I love how all® laundry detergent allows me to put life before laundry™ and enjoy these kinds of moments as times to treasure for the future and worry about the mess later.

Art projects or activities with the kids are not the time to be perfectionists. Instead, enjoy the moment you and your kids are building. Go and try all® stainlifter® OXI liquid detergent available in Amazon for your next messy activity with your kids.

 What kind of messy kid projects do you have in mind?


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