8 Creative Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas (Budget-friendly)



Here are some creative and fun Christmas gift wrapping ideas that you can try at home. Whether you have gift wrappers or maybe you are on the budget, there are fun ways to wrap up those gifts this Christmas. I’ve shared some tips and creative ideas down below. I hope you enjoy it!

Gift Wrap Idea #1: Use Christmas tree ornament. I use random ornament that we have. I get most of my ribbons in consignment store.

Gift Wrap Idea #2: If I need small boxes but I don’t have one, I like to recycle cereal/food packaging boxes and use the inside surface. You can try to draw Christmas characters, put ribbons, attach an image on top, paste cut-out pictures or wrap with a gift wrapper.

Gift Wrap Idea #3 : Use scarf or scrap fabric to wrap up your present.

Gift Wrap Ideas #4 Use favorite movie character. Tutorial and free printable here

Gift Wrap Idea #5 Make your own Christmas stencil. Tutorial here

Gift Wrap Idea #6 Use paper cut outs to make Christmas character faces

Gift Wrap Idea #7 Use and design brown lunch paperbag

Gift Wrap Idea #8 Try painted gift wrap using artificial pine leaf as brush. Tutorial here

Have fun wrapping!


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