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My go-to cordless shaver! No more cuts, razor burns, or irritation!

Monday, November 11, 2019

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Philips.

Shaving is hard. It’s hard to find time to do it as a busy mom of three boys. And getting razor burns, cuts, and irritation from shaving is not fun. Luckily, I found the Philips SatinShave earlier this year and have been using it as my go-to cordless shaver. It can be used on wet or dry skin, meaning no need to use shaving cream while shaving; yet it still leaves smooth skin with no irritation.

This past summer, I decided to search for an easy and effective electronic shaver that would work for sensitive skin. I had been using a disposable blade razor since I was in college, and decided it was time to try something new.  I was looking for something that wouldn’t be harsh on my skin or give me the razor burns, cuts, and bumps that I often get from a manual shaver. After searching and reading reviews online I found the Philips SatinShave. If you are following me on Instagram stories, you’ve seen that I’m hooked on this cordless shaver! It’s like a busy mom’s best friend 😉 I have been using the Philips SatinShave for few months now, and even before I worked with them on today’s post, I was a huge fan of this product!

I love the long battery life, and how easy it is to recharge the battery.  I have only recharged my Philips Satinshave once so far since I bought it at the beginning of the summer this year. It comes with a cleaning brush and pouch, so it’s easy to clean, store, and pack when I go out of town. The design looks classy, too.

The shave is very close to razor smooth, and I prefer to use this electric shaver since it is gentle and won’t irritate my skin and leave nicks and bumps. I never experienced a burning irritation after shaving with the SatinShave, unlike with manual razors. So far, I have only used it on dry skin.After I shave, I moisturize afterwards, and the results have been great. 

Life is so busy with taking care of little kids that it is honestly hard to find time to shave with a traditional razor, since you have to use shaving cream. But with Philips SatinShave, I can easily grab it and use without shaving cream.

If you have sensitive skin, or are an on-the-go person looking for good electric shaver, the Philips SatinShave is for you! I’ve been sharing this product with my own friends and I highly recommend it to every woman who wants a quick, easy, good shave. You can find this cordless shaver at for a very reasonable price. Plus, my readers can get 10% off with code SATINSHAVER at checkout, now through 12/31/19! Perhaps, it’s something you should consider for your holiday gift list, whether it’s for you or for the ladies in your life! I’d like to hear about your experiences with the shaver in the comments below! You can also visit to leave your feedback about the Philips SatinShave.



Favorite Makeup Tips

Thursday, August 15, 2019

It’s been a while since I posted about makeup and beauty on my blog. I think my last post was about brown smokey eye tutorial from last year! I’ve been meaning to post but of course, as a mom of three kids, delays are no surprise 🙂 So before I get even more busy because of my son’s first day of school, I’d like to share today of some of my favorite makeup tips for this hot hot summer!

Makeup tip #1 

Less is more.

Yes, again less is more. When I apply my makeup in summer, my goal is always to look natural. Skip the heavy foundation that will look cakey and patchy when you go out. Just apply in areas that needs coverage to even out your skin tone.

Makeup tip #2 

Opt for primer or moisturizer.

Choose between the two before applying your makeup. I used to wear both but I honestly don’t see a big difference if I only wear one. I often wear moisturizer and I don’t see any problem with my makeup. Just make sure you massage your moisturizer for a few seconds to let your skin absorb it before putting makeup.

Makeup tip #3

 Go for cream or liquid form for blush and foundation.

I’m a lover of liquid and cream. It’s easy to blend, it stays longer throughout the day, and most especially, it looks so natural on the skin. I have this liquid foundation from Antonym that I totally love! I only use a damp sponge for application and it is always smooth and natural-looking. I also love to use cream blush. Most can be used as a lip shade too or even a simple eyeshadow for the eyelids. 

Makeup tip #4 

Don’t over powder.

I have oily skin during the summer but one thing I’ve learned from makeup books and tips from other professional makeup artists is that don’t over powder your face. A little natural shine wouldn’t hurt. If you like using setting powder, I recommend using a small fluffy brush or a blending brush.

Going for a natural look is what I always aim for. I believe that the less products we put on our skin, the better. This way, there’s less clogging of pores that may cause skin problems. Less is more indeed! What’s your favorite summer look?


Everyday Brown Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Thursday, October 11, 2018

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brown smokey eyes hello island mama makeup tutorial 2 brown smokey eyes hello island mama makeup tutorial 3

Smokey eyes can be intimidating and may seem hard to do. But with proper practice and with the right tools, subtle smokey eyes can be your go-to look for work or nights out. I like wearing neutral shades because they’re more wearable and easily transitions from day to night. It also looks more natural and doesn’t look too harsh on the skin.

I partnered with Antonym to show how to create smokey eyes using brown and neutral tones. Their makeup is organic using only natural ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, and they have zero tolerance for animal cruelty.

brown smokey eyes hello island mama makeup tutorial

  1.     After using moisturizer, I applied Antonym foundation (shade of tan) using my fingers and then beauty blender. This foundation has a natural finish and long-wearing.
  2.     I applied liquid concealer under my eye and around my nose.
  3.     Using a matte dark brown eyeshadow from the Antonym Quattro palette, I applied it all over my eyelids with a blending brush to blur out the crease area.
  4.     For the outer corner of my eye, I used the satin finish dark brown eyeshadow
  5.     I used the other side of the brush to apply a lighter eyeshadow in Pale Gold for my tear ducts.
  6.     Don’t forget to work on your brows! Brush off after to erase harsh lines.
  7.     Next is black liner on the lower and upper lash lines. Smudge it using a small round brush. I mixed a little satin dark brown eyeshadow to have a gradient look.
  8.     Apply your favorite mascara.
  9.     Brush off some blush, I use this new baked highlighting blush from Antonym called “Lily”. I love that the powder is fine; it gives luminous and velvety feel on the skin. It’s long lasting, too. 
  10. Apply your favorite lipstick. I use this pretty color lipstick pencil in natural shade that keeps my lips hydrated and soft at the same time.

brown smokey eyes hello island mama makeup tutorial 5

Antonym Foundation in Tan / Lipstick Pencil in Naturelle / Antonym Organic  Highlighter

brown smokey eyes hello island mama makeup tutorial 8

Antonym Cosmetic Quattro Eyeshadow Pallete in Noisette. The Antonym palette comes with an easy-to-use brush.

brown smokey eyes hello island mama makeup tutorial 4

Baked Highlighting Blush Lily
brown smokey eyes hello island mama makeup tutorial before and after

The key to a perfect eye makeup is to blend properly, use the right brush, and find a good quality eye shadow that suits your skin. I like Antonym because they’re pigmented and stays longer. Plus, it’s safe to use around the eyes.

What shades do you prefer using to get a smokey eye effect? And on what occasion do you like wearing them?

Let me know in the comments!


New hair color with Schwarzkopf + 3 makeup looks to try!

Monday, April 23, 2018

This shop has been compensated by Schwarzkopf.  #FashionColorExpert #sponsored

new hair color schwarzkopf makeup looks Spring (10) new hair color schwarzkopf makeup looks Spring (4)

Today in Hello Island Mama, I’m partnering with Schwarzkopf color ULTÎME® to help me to get a new spring look. These looks are inspired by the runway, but I’ve adapted them so that readers can easily try them at home!! Hair is also a big part of my final look, and that is why I’m happy I had a chance to try Schwarzkopf color ULTÎME®. Scroll down for 3 looks you can try for spring and some great makeup tips!

new hair color schwarzkopf makeup looks Spring (1)

new hair color schwarzkopf makeup looks Spring (2)


If you’d like to have a fresh makeup look this season, try adding a golden highlighter on the upper part of your cheeks and brow bone. I opted for this yellow-gold highlighter powder to bring out the glow of my skin.

How to: Use a tapered designed brush or fan brush to apply highlighter powder. This creates a subtle effect on your skin while applying the makeup. Use the brush to blur the edges and blend into your skin. I also like to  use matte foundation, which helps bring out the luminous effect of the highlighter.

new hair color schwarzkopf makeup looks Spring (6a)

new hair color schwarzkopf makeup looks Spring (7)


I rarely use colored eyeshadow for my eyes, but this rosy eye look is so pretty, especially if you match it with a pretty curl hairstyle.

How to: Apply eye primer or liquid concealer on the entire eyelid. This will help the eyeshadow to stay longer. Use a flat brush for the eyelid to apply a rosy eyeshadow powder.  Then switch to the blending brush to blur and to add the same eyeshadow on the crease. Use eyeliner to define your eyes.
new hair color schwarzkopf makeup looks Spring (3a)


Turn your regular winged eyeliner into a sparkle look. There are few ways to create this look depending on what products you are using.  I used a regular black eyeliner pencil + glitter eyeshadow and a mixing medium.

How to: First, make sure you sharpen your eyeliner pencil before using to be precise in applying. Create a winged eyeliner shape you like, I created a look to wear during daytime. Using a pointed small brush, I mixed a pea sized amount of mixing medium and some glitter eyeshadow together. Using the same brush, I applied the mixture on top of the winged eyeliner, mostly on the center. Try to keep looking down (where you hold your mirror) while the glitter eyeshadow is still wet.Also, don’t forget mascara!

new hair color schwarzkopf makeup looks Spring (5) new hair color schwarzkopf makeup looks Spring (8)

Thankfully my mom is in town to assist me in coloring my hair using Schwarzkopf color ULTÎME® in Cocoa Red.  I was easily able to pick up this hair color in Walmart, and the result is a vibrant, fresh color! I’m happy with how the colors turned out, and even more happy that the color defies fading up to 9 weeks! It is a “true to box” color result. Not only that, it is still shiny after being washed multiple times. Check out other shades at the Schwarzkopf website ,or just head to nearest Walmart. new hair color schwarzkopf makeup looks Spring (9) new hair color schwarzkopf makeup looks Spring (11)

Share or comment below your on-trend fashion or beauty you like to try this spring!

Happy Monday! 🙂


Makeup tips before going on a date

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


I wanted to share a checklist with makeup tips for you, that might help before you go out on a date tomorrow or this coming weekend. Makeup is fun to do and can enhance your skin and facial features, but only with the right application and technique. It also helps to finish your look with the right wardrobe. For example, something like this pretty floral wrap dress from Pink Blush, would be great for Hearts Day. Whether you’ll be wearing makeup for the first time on your date or you’re trying a new look on Valentine’s day, here are some tips to help you with makeup application.

Avoid foundation with SPF

If you go out for a date night and are planning to take some pictures with flash, try to skip foundation with SPF so you don’t have the appearance of white-ish skin in photos. I like to use a good coverage foundation. Something that will give your skin a natural look and doesn’t feel heavy at all.

Less glossy lips

Use a matte or satin finish of lipstick to get a long-wearing lip that lasts throughout the day/night. A lipstick that is too creamy tends to come off easily and may transfer to your teeth (Problematic for when you say “Cheese!”) I also advise to limit the use of lip gloss. If you’d like to have a long-wearing lip application and smooth lips before applying lipstick, exfoliate your lips before applying those products. Here are some gorgeous colors of lipsticks that you can try.

Lash Out

Lashes are gorgeous! Even if you don’t wear eyeshadow, good lashes make your eyes flattering. If you are planning to use false lashes, I recommend natural false lashes that look like this. If you are comfortable applying individual lashes, that will be the best way to achieve natural looking lashes that don’t look fake. Let’s be honest though, many of us don’t have time to put on false lashes, especially when you have little kids or are always on the move. You can opt to use mascara with primer to volumize and lengthen your lashes as well.

makeup tips for going on a date shop pink blush 4

Good Base

I never forget to apply moisturizer to my face before applying foundation. It makes such a big difference with the application and finish of your foundation. I like to massage my face for a few seconds with moisturizer first. Make sure you choose a moisturizer that is lightweight and non-greasy.

Keep it simple

Keep your makeup simple and clean; no glitters, not too much contouring, nor excessive powder layered on your foundation. Don’t use mirrors with magnifiers to check your makeup because obviously it will just show all the imperfection of your skin. It’s better using a normal mirror and looking from a distance showing your whole face and neck.

makeup tips for going on a date shop pink blush 3

makeup tips for going on a date shop pink blush

My Valentine’s date. He got the memo! Haha! Be sure to check about our cultural differences (when Filipina meets Kano) 😉

makeup tips for going on a date shop pink blush 2

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11


XOXO Banner (FREE Printable)

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

hello island mama x pink blush valentines day hero

Do you ever use “xoxo” at the end of your emails or messages? I barely use it, but I thought it’d be cute to use for this Valentine’s Day banner decoration. I used this banner in my previous blog post titled Cultural Differences (When filipina meets Kano). I added my kids on that post’s images as cupids! This banner is now hanging on my workspace to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit! Today, I wanted to share this easy and cute “xoxo” banner, that is a perfect addition for your decorations. Whether it’s for a Valentine’s Day party with friends, or to surprise the special person you love, it’ll add a nice touch to your decor. Scroll down for a FREE printable!


xoxo printable letter banner helloislandmama 3


Printable XOXO


Colored Pink Paper (Dark and light)


Style of string you prefer


First, download this free printable of XOXO letters and print it. You may print as many as needed depending on how long you want your banner to be. Cut out the letters. Tape string behind the tops of the letters, to connect them. Leave some slack between each letter so that when you hang them, they won’t overlap. If you want your banner to have a more rigid design, paste the letters on top of cardboard and cut them out again. That’s it! It’s so easy and fun to make for your upcoming Valentine’s Day.

xoxo printable letter banner helloislandmama 5

Off Shoulder Black Dress from Pink Blush and it’s on SALE!

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?


3 helpful tips for maternity shoot

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

houston maternity photographer newborn lesley lastufka pearland alvin friendswood galveston john o'quinn nature preserve-10a

A good friend of mine,Caroline, had her first baby girl (she is adorable!). I had a chance to do her makeup for her maternity shoot, here in Galveston Island. I also had the chance to work with one of the photographers in Houston, Lesley. Today, she wants to share three tips for those who are expecting and how to be ready for memorable images that you can share with your child, family, and friends.

houston maternity photographer newborn lesley lastufka pearland alvin friendswood galveston john o'quinn nature preserve-9a

Schedule Your Session Early

Maternity portraits are captured ideally between 6-9 months of pregnancy. Your photographer will be able to help you determine the best time based on your weight gain, previous pregnancies, and if you are having a high-risk pregnancy. Start searching for a photographer early to ensure a spot and have adequate time to plan. Once your baby is almost here, you will have so many other things to think about!

houston maternity photographer newborn lesley lastufka pearland alvin friendswood galveston john o'quinn nature preserve-8a

Find Your Style

Indoor or outdoor? Your home or a studio? Spontaneous or guided? What kind of images do you enjoy looking at and envision on your wall? Lesley is proud to offer portraits that she design together from the beginning, bringing your vision to life. Starting a Pinterest board is a great way to help select elements that you love.

houston maternity photographer newborn lesley lastufka pearland alvin friendswood galveston john o'quinn nature preserve-12a

Make It Last

Portraits of timeless moments are meant for so much more than ‘likes’ on Facebook. Let your children know you’ve loved them from the very beginning. Consider asking your photographer for a photo album, wall art, or other printed portraits that you can show off or easily access. She is pleased to offer both maternity and newborn photography sessions. You can book both sessions together for a bundle savings, and select photos from both sessions for one lovely photo album!

houston maternity photographer newborn lesley lastufka pearland alvin friendswood galveston john o'quinn nature preserve-14a

Lesley specializes in customized portraits both outdoors and in-studio. She also does newborn photoshoots and is trained in newborn safety by industry leaders.

houston maternity photographer makeup square (1 of 4a)

This is behind the scene for our makeup session.

What’s your favorite tip for having a maternity shoot?




My current makeup routine for dull weather

Monday, January 22, 2018

current makeup routine for dull weather (2)

current makeup routine for dull weather (3)

Today, I wanted to share the makeup products that I’m currently loving to use for this icky and dull weather. Winter is not my favorite season, but instead of keep focusing on how ugly and difficult it can be to live in a country with cold weather, I just spend a few minutes to myself for pampering and putting makeup on. Sometimes, it’s better to do something for myself to change how I feel and how I view things, since I obviously can’t change the weather and bring the Philippine weather here. 😉

1) Nourishing Day Cream – My skin easily dries in the winter and this moisturizer is keeps my skin moisturized. It’s not heavy on the skin. It is super lightweight! I love to use moisturizer every time I put makeup on. At night, I love to use night cream and mix it with coconut oil if my skin is really dry.

2 Dew Skin – I love this product because it gives a dewy sheer and healthy glow after I put it on my face. This is totally worth the buy! Plus, there are no toxins in the ingredients used for this formulation.

3) Touchup Concealer – I super love this concealer!! It’s buildable and easy to blend. What I also love about this is that it doesn’t make my eyes feel itchy or irritated. I use this under my eyes, around my nose, and a few areas that need to be evened out.

4) Eyebrow Pencil – It’s easy to apply and this pencil totally gives a natural brow look! It comes with a soft brush that I use, before I apply brow makeup to groom my hair.

5) Duo Eyeshadow – I keep my eyeshadow simple by putting a neutral brown color on my eyelids. I then use the dark eyeshadow on the lash line area for a simple, defined eye look. If you are concerned if you have sensitive eyes, I recommend this eyeshadow because it has a flower extract, that helps to moisturize delicate skin around the eyes. Better check out their other gorgeous shades on their site!

6) Honest Truly Mascara with Primer – I like to try different mascaras and so far I’m loving this mascara with primer, from Honest Beauty. Not only are the ingredients all-natural, but it definitely helps my lashes to give some good length. Plus, it doesn’t smear!

7) Matte Bronzer – This weather can make my skin look very dull, so I always find a matte bronzer to do the trick and give my skin a natural, healthy sunkissed look! One important tip I can share in choosing bronzer, use 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone. Avoid a color that makes your skin “orangey.”
I also use a lipstick that keeps my lips moisturized and soft for this cold weather. I love this lipstick brand that has several gorgeous options for colors! Hope this helps! 🙂


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