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3 Favorite Hairstyling Hacks For Busy Moms

Thursday, January 11, 2018

3 favorite hairstyling hacks for busy moms

Ponytail and bunny hairstyles are my everyday hairstyles, as a mom of two toddlers and a baby. They’re quick to do and don’t bother me and my baby during nursing time. I honestly don’t give any effort to my hair sometimes. I prefer to use my limited time to do my makeup first, when I go out. However, I found some hairstyling hacks that totally helped me as a busy mom. That is why today, I wanted to share 3 of my favorite hairstyling hacks that I’ve been using lately. Have you tried any of these?

3 favorite hairstyling hacks for busy moms 2

Double Ponytail

Use this hack to make your hair look full or longer, by dividing your hair into a double ponytail. You can adjust the bottom of the ponytail depending on how long you want your hair to look.

3 favorite hairstyling hacks for busy moms 4a

Spray Bobby Pins

Use a hairspray/dry shampoo to spray bobby pins, before styling and using it on your hair. This makes the pins sticky and allows for a good grip, keeping them in place in your hair.

3 favorite hairstyling hacks for busy moms 6

Puff It Up

Use a pen, pencil, or chopstick to puff up the top of your hair for some volume. Then, use hairspray to set it.

3 favorite hairstyling hacks for busy moms 5

It sounds simple, but these hacks totally make a difference! Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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Tutorial: How I Curl My Hair (VIDEO)

Monday, June 19, 2017


I finally had the guts to take video of myself for my blog, although I need to improve on recording myself, like not recording in the vertical position. 😉 This hair tutorial is about how I usually curl my hair, which I mostly do on the weekends when we go out. I like to begin curling with “dirty hair” or unwashed hair. I don’t wash my hair everyday and it helps my hair curl easily and have a loose, soft finish. Here’s the process on how I achieve this hairstyle.

  1. I brush my hair to make sure there are no tangles.
  2. My hair is super dry so I like to apply hair serum to the bottom part of my hair (from the middle to the end of my hair) to make it soft. I use a Filipino brand called St. Joan Hair Care Shine Serum. It protects the hair from damage caused by heat appliances like curling iron.
  3. I usually section my hair, but in this video I didn’t. I just started to curl the left side of my hair using 1 ½ “ curling iron starting from the back of my hair.
  4. I continued to curl on the right side of my hair. I like to grab only small sections of hair (ideally 2 inches), so the curls will last longer. I also curl outwards.
  5. After I’m done curling, I set my hair with hairspray so the curls​ hold throughout the day. I also like to use my fingers to brush off my hair instead of using a comb or brush.


Watch my first hair video tutorial below and don’t forget to subscribe to my new channel!

I hope you enjoy watching my first video! I promise to do better recording next time. Maybe Brent can teach me. 😉 Any requests for my next video?

Have a great week!


Side Braid Hair Tutorial

Sunday, April 30, 2017

side-braid-hair-tutorial (1)

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a hair tutorial on my blog (my other hair tutorials are here and here). Today’s post showcases my absolute favorite hairstyle, which I’ve been using all the time since becoming a mom. You have may noticed that I love using this hairstyle often. I think it’s perfect for thick and long hair, like mine. It helps keep my hair in place and looks pretty with an outfit, or even for a normal day at home with the kids. Here’s what I used:


1 First, brush your hair to remove any knots and tangles.

2 Begin by gathering a small section of your hair on the top right side.

3 Divide the hair into 3 even sections. Then, start to braid without pulling any hair.

4 Add more hair by pulling on the right side before crossing underneath the middle section of hair.

5 Next, do the other side. Add more hair from the left side before crossing it underneath the middle section of hair.

6 Continue repeating #4 and #5 until there is no hair to gather and combine to the braid. Continue to braid until you reach the end.  Secure it with hair elastics. You can also use hairpins on the left side to secure the hair, if you have short layers like mine.


side-braid-hair-tutorial (2)

What are your favorite easy hairstyles that you like to do?

I hope you had a great weekend!


Must-try: Simple Reverse Crown Braid For Spring Using Goody Tools

Monday, February 29, 2016

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #GoodyStyle #CollectiveBias


Spring is coming next month! I’ve been looking forward to this season because I’m not really a fan of cold weather, nor of wearing my two-three layers of clothes (sorry, I came from an island where it is always sunny…). Spring is a great season where you can see nature, see more of God’s wonderful creation, and enjoy the sun without it being super hot. It’s also great time to go outside and enjoy fun activities with my family!

Today, I’m excited to share a hairstyle hack with all of you. It’s a style that makes me feel “young” and girly-girl, and  I think it’s perfect for Spring. The hairstyle is simple and easy when you use the right tools. I went to my nearest go-to destination, Target  to grab hair tools and accessories for this hairstyle look. If you are a Goody fan like me, you know they make quality products!

Goody_hair_tools_reverse_crown_braid_tutorial_blogger_em_smith_5 Have you heard about the Goody Clean Radiance Oval Cushion Brush? I don’t normally brush my hair, but this brush has changed my hair routine. I have very thick, dull hair. When I first used this brush,  I immediately noticed how my hair looked more beautiful. Even if I skipped using conditioner, my hair seemed more alive, shiny and healthy looking. I found that the copper bristles help to massage the scalp and give back natural moisture. It comes with a cushion pad, which adds comfort while I’m brushing. And I love the white color! Although it’s not recommended to use the brush for blow-drying since the copper bristle may turn hot (ouch!) I love using the Goody Clean Radiance Oval Cushion Brush when my hair is air-dried. This is actually more healthy for your hair, since it is more easily damaged if you brush it when it is wet. Cleaning tips: Dip the bristles in a mixture of lemon juice and water and then wipe the bristles with dry cloth.

So let’s begin to do this simple Reverse Crown Braid:

1). After you brush your hair, section your hair into two and braid each side, securing each braid with Goody Ouchless Elastics.

2). Hold the end of each tail and cross over the braids as shown in the photo.

3). Pull the ends of the braids up. Tilt your head down to keep the braid from falling.

4). Secure the braid by using bobby pins, and the hide the ends of the pigtails underneath the hair.

5). Try to use accessories like headband. I used a Goody headband, which comes in set of either brown or black colors.



Goody Ouchless Elastics is my favorite hair tie  because it won’t snag, and it works great if you have thick hair like mine. Ask my husband -you can find these everywhere in our house! I always like to make sure I keep extra Goody hair ties in my bag/diaper bag, beside my bed, bathroom, etc. I have baby who likes to pull my hair, so better to tie it back or else my hair will become his teether 😉


If you are on Facebook, Goody often posts some helpful tutorials on how to use their products, so hop over to their page and be inspired for Spring! 🙂 Goody_hair_tools_reverse_crown_braid_tutorial_blogger_em_smith_target

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How will you use Goody accessories and tools to create your style?


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