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Tutorial: How I Curl My Hair (VIDEO)

Monday, June 19, 2017


I finally had the guts to take video of myself for my blog, although I need to improve on recording myself, like not recording in the vertical position. 😉 This hair tutorial is about how I usually curl my hair, which I mostly do on the weekends when we go out. I like to begin curling with “dirty hair” or unwashed hair. I don’t wash my hair everyday and it helps my hair curl easily and have a loose, soft finish. Here’s the process on how I achieve this hairstyle.

  1. I brush my hair to make sure there are no tangles.
  2. My hair is super dry so I like to apply hair serum to the bottom part of my hair (from the middle to the end of my hair) to make it soft. I use a Filipino brand called St. Joan Hair Care Shine Serum. It protects the hair from damage caused by heat appliances like curling iron.
  3. I usually section my hair, but in this video I didn’t. I just started to curl the left side of my hair using 1 ½ “ curling iron starting from the back of my hair.
  4. I continued to curl on the right side of my hair. I like to grab only small sections of hair (ideally 2 inches), so the curls will last longer. I also curl outwards.
  5. After I’m done curling, I set my hair with hairspray so the curls​ hold throughout the day. I also like to use my fingers to brush off my hair instead of using a comb or brush.


Watch my first hair video tutorial below and don’t forget to subscribe to my new channel!

I hope you enjoy watching my first video! I promise to do better recording next time. Maybe Brent can teach me. 😉 Any requests for my next video?

Have a great week!


Do-It-Yourself Sling Sandals (Perfect for Summer!)

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

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DIY_do_it_yourself_sling_sandals_flip_flops_comfy_stylish_lightweight_tutorial_emsmith_sally_hansen_wax_14 DIY_do_it_yourself_sling_sandals_flip_flops_comfy_stylish_lightweight_tutorial_emsmith_sally_hansen_wax_16

It’s flip flop season y’all! Today, I’m sharing a DIY hack for sling sandals that are really comfy and are much cheaper than in stores. I’ve always wanted to have these types of sandals, and I’m happy that I was able to make them on my own. Plus, I spent less than $5! I love wearing flip flops all the time, whether it’s when my kids and I go out to the park, or when we’re meeting up with friends for playdates. However, sometimes I want to wear something more casual and comfortable. These sling sandals are WINNERS, especially when wearing a dress! If you’d like to learn how I created these sandals, scroll down and enjoy the tutorial!


Materials you will need:

  • Flip Flops (new or old is fine)
  • Stretch Knit Fabric (You can use an old shirt if the fabric is stretchy)
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Ruler
  • Chopstick or small paint brush (anything that can go through the three holes of the flip flops)



  1. You will need 4 fabric straps. Cut two straps that are 5” wide and 22” long (longer or shorter depending on your shoe size), and then cut out two shorter straps at 5” wide and 11” long.  Remove the rubber straps of the flip flops. You can use scissors. TIP: It’s better to use separate scissors for the fabric and for the rubber strap of the sandals to avoid ruining the scissors.


2. Fold both sides of the long fabric strap along the center. Following the diagram above, fold along the dotted line.



3. Join both ends of the strap together. Then, make a V-shape cut resembling something like a necktie. This way, it will be easier to push the end of the strap into the flip flop hole.


4. Push the end of the strap with the v-shape into the top hole. I used my paint brush,which I found easier to use than a pencil or a pen. You can use a chopstick as well. After pushing the strap through the hole, knot the strap to secure it.  You can also try the sandals on if you’d like before knotting so you know how tight the fabric straps are. This will allow you to make any necessary adjustments.When you have the fit you want, cut off any excess fabric.


5. Use the same fold for the short straps. Overlap the short fabric strap over the long fabric strap as shown in the image above.

DIY_do_it_yourself_sling_sandals_flip_flops_comfy_stylish_lightweight_tutorial_emsmith_6 DIY_do_it_yourself_sling_sandals_flip_flops_comfy_stylish_lightweight_tutorial_emsmith_sally_hansen_wax_15

And here’s the finished DIY Sling Sandals! They’re super comfy and easy to create. I actually wore these sandals last Sunday to church and they were perfectly comfortable to wear. I matched them with my summer dress, sinceshorts, skirts, and dresses are a must in hot Texas weather..

Another must in hot Texas weather is making sure my legs are moisturized and hair-free. If you shave your legs, you know how shaving can make hair grow back thicker, faster, and can create bumps. When I used to live in the Philippines, I would go to salons to have my legs waxed (it’s a lot cheaper there). Now that I live in the US, I’m glad I’ve found an easy-to-use and safe wax to apply at home. I picked up Sally Hansen wax strips for the body at Walmart. What I love about this product is that I feel confident and hair-free for up to 8 weeks as compared to shaving, where hair comes back after just 3 short days!. Sally Hansen is a well-known and trusted brand when it comes to hair removal products – that’s  why they have been in the business for many years!

DIY_do_it_yourself_sling_sandals_flip_flops_comfy_stylish_lightweight_tutorial_emsmith_8 DIY_do_it_yourself_sling_sandals_flip_flops_comfy_stylish_lightweight_tutorial_emsmith_sally_hansen_wax_9

Tips:  For better results, wait for your hair to grow for at least 2-5 days. When removing the strip,pull backwards – NOT upwards. Do this quickly in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Make sure your legs are clean, oil-free, and dry before using the wax strip. I like to use a wet wash cloth and wipe off any excess hair downward in the direction of the hair growth.


I also tried the microwavable wax for eyebrows, face, and lips. It was my first time waxing my brows. To be honest, I felt worried that my eyebrows would get waxed in half or something like that. However, Sally Hansen offers an eyebrow adhesive as a guideline and these help protect the hairs you don’t want to wax. After finishing my waxing, I realized how easy and painless it was compared to plucking my eyebrows (Ouch!). Again, you won’t get unwanted hair for up to 8 weeks! Sally Hansen eyebrow adhesive also comes with a blue spatula to help you determine if the wax is too hot or when it’s ready to use. Cool isn’t it? DIY_do_it_yourself_sling_sandals_flip_flops_comfy_stylish_lightweight_tutorial_emsmith_sally_hansen_wax_11 DIY_do_it_yourself_sling_sandals_flip_flops_comfy_stylish_lightweight_tutorial_emsmith_sally_hansen_wax_12

How will you wear these sling sandals? To learn more about how to get smooth, hair-free legs, check out these video tutorials
Happy weekday!! 🙂

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Top 5 Things I’m Excited for This Spring!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Yesterday was the first day of spring! Although, the cold weather did come back to Dallas these past few days. However, next week, temperatures will be back in the 70s! Yey! So what am I looking forward to doing this spring? Here’s my TOP 5!

  1. Wearing dresses and flip flops (No more jackets and boots!).
  2. Taking a family trip to Arkansas, to visit my husband’s grandmother.
  3. Wearing bright lip colors.
  4. Enjoy having dinners with sunlight (because of Daylight Savings Time).
  5. Having many picnics with my kids, near the lake!

Here are photos of Lauren Bloom that will make you smile and inspire you this spring season!

Hair: Styling by Macey

Model: Lauren Morgan

Makeup: Em Smith skechers(1of1)-5copy Skechers(1of1)-35 Skechers(1of1)-37copy Skechers(1of1)-38 Skechers(1of1)-39 Skechers(1of1)-40 Skechers(1of1)-41 Skechers(1of1)-42 Skechers(1of1)-50 Skechers(1of1)-52 Skechers(1of1)-53


Must-try: Simple Reverse Crown Braid For Spring Using Goody Tools

Monday, February 29, 2016

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Spring is coming next month! I’ve been looking forward to this season because I’m not really a fan of cold weather, nor of wearing my two-three layers of clothes (sorry, I came from an island where it is always sunny…). Spring is a great season where you can see nature, see more of God’s wonderful creation, and enjoy the sun without it being super hot. It’s also great time to go outside and enjoy fun activities with my family!

Today, I’m excited to share a hairstyle hack with all of you. It’s a style that makes me feel “young” and girly-girl, and  I think it’s perfect for Spring. The hairstyle is simple and easy when you use the right tools. I went to my nearest go-to destination, Target  to grab hair tools and accessories for this hairstyle look. If you are a Goody fan like me, you know they make quality products!

Goody_hair_tools_reverse_crown_braid_tutorial_blogger_em_smith_5 Have you heard about the Goody Clean Radiance Oval Cushion Brush? I don’t normally brush my hair, but this brush has changed my hair routine. I have very thick, dull hair. When I first used this brush,  I immediately noticed how my hair looked more beautiful. Even if I skipped using conditioner, my hair seemed more alive, shiny and healthy looking. I found that the copper bristles help to massage the scalp and give back natural moisture. It comes with a cushion pad, which adds comfort while I’m brushing. And I love the white color! Although it’s not recommended to use the brush for blow-drying since the copper bristle may turn hot (ouch!) I love using the Goody Clean Radiance Oval Cushion Brush when my hair is air-dried. This is actually more healthy for your hair, since it is more easily damaged if you brush it when it is wet. Cleaning tips: Dip the bristles in a mixture of lemon juice and water and then wipe the bristles with dry cloth.

So let’s begin to do this simple Reverse Crown Braid:

1). After you brush your hair, section your hair into two and braid each side, securing each braid with Goody Ouchless Elastics.

2). Hold the end of each tail and cross over the braids as shown in the photo.

3). Pull the ends of the braids up. Tilt your head down to keep the braid from falling.

4). Secure the braid by using bobby pins, and the hide the ends of the pigtails underneath the hair.

5). Try to use accessories like headband. I used a Goody headband, which comes in set of either brown or black colors.



Goody Ouchless Elastics is my favorite hair tie  because it won’t snag, and it works great if you have thick hair like mine. Ask my husband -you can find these everywhere in our house! I always like to make sure I keep extra Goody hair ties in my bag/diaper bag, beside my bed, bathroom, etc. I have baby who likes to pull my hair, so better to tie it back or else my hair will become his teether 😉


If you are on Facebook, Goody often posts some helpful tutorials on how to use their products, so hop over to their page and be inspired for Spring! 🙂 Goody_hair_tools_reverse_crown_braid_tutorial_blogger_em_smith_target

Take advantage of Cartwheel offers below to save 20% off and continuously check for the future Cartwheel offers on Goody products.

Goody Kids Accessories: March 9th to 12th and March 13th to 19th.

Goody Hairbrushes: March 13th to 19th

How will you use Goody accessories and tools to create your style?


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Easy Romantic Hairstyle Tutorial + Concealer for Gray Hair

Friday, February 19, 2016

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This post is something that my mom will giggle at and be excited about! It’s about how I conceal the gray hairs on top of my head. Yes, believe it or not, I do have them. And yes, concealer is not only for makeup, you can use it for hair, too! Gray hair is something that I got from my mother’s side of the family. From what I remember, I already had gray hair early on in college. Something I regret doing back then was pulling them out. Why? I got more gray hair! Boo! However, I got excited when I found out that John Frieda had released a product that can blur and conceal gray hair. At first, I thought this was only for those who wanting to conceal their root regrowth, but then I found that it is also helpful for those like me who have gray hair on top. I chose the shade of Root Blur™ Colour Blending Concealer Chestnut to Espresso For Medium to Dark Brunette since I have dark hair.

Say, “Hi” to them! 😉


I find it easy to apply the concealer powder to cover my gray hair. Since I have thick, long hair, I tie my hair back. This keeps my hair from moving a lot while applying the concealer powder.


I noticed a big difference in my hair after using this concealer powder! I normally section my hair to one side so that my gray hairs don’t show. However, I’m glad that this concealer powder  will allow me to section anywhere I want, with the style I want. What I love about the John Frieda concealer powder is that it doesn’t feel like there is product on my hair; it is weightless, and doesn’t feel sticky. It also stays right where I place it until the next time I shampoo my hair. Plus, it comes with two customizable shades.


Now that we’re clear of gray hair, here’s a romantic hairstyle I did to match my pretty pink make-up. I used:

  • 1.5-Inch Curling Iron
  • 2 Small Plastic Bonds
  • Hairpins

To do this hairstyle, you’ll need to start by sectioning your hair to one side. Let some hair remain in front. Start to braid your hair, using a thickness of your choice. Tie and pin it underneath the rest of your hair. Do this on the other side as well. Finally, start to curl your hair, including the hair remaining in the front.  So simple and quick!

root_blur_concealer_john_frieda_grey_hair_deep_brunette_before_after_beauty_blog_emsmith_5 root_blur_concealer_john_frieda_grey_hair_deep_brunette_before_after_beauty_blog_emsmith_4 root_blur_concealer_john_frieda_grey_hair_deep_brunette_before_after_beauty_blog_emsmith_target_8

John Frieda products will be available on an endcap display at Target until March 5th. Here’s a bonus: If you buy 3 products, you’ll get a $5 Target gift card! Whooa!!


What shade of John Frieda Concealer Powder  will you pick for your hair?




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