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Star Wars Family Halloween 2020 + DIY costumes

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Happy Halloween! It’s been more than 3 months that I haven’t updated this blog. Sorry, things got busy in our family as my husband and I became licensed foster parents and got our first placement a couple months ago 🙂 Anyway, I thought to update my blog today since it’s Halloween again! If you know, we enjoy wearing costumes with our kids (see our last year’s family costume here,) I think it’s a fun way to build memories with them!

My husband chose Star Wars as the theme for our family Halloween costume this year. He’s a fan of this movie but I’m not. BUT, I know that my husband and the boys are excited to be in the Star Wars character for Halloween so no questions asked.

Dressing up for Halloween is fun but I have to be mindful in spending since there will be 6 people who need costumes. Handmade or DIY costumes are a great way to save up your money. But of course, if you are not into making your own costume, I found sites where you can find and purchase these character costumes. I will link the site below.

The first costume that I made is R2D2 for my second son.

Using a plant stand, I used an exercise ball and covered it with a garbage plastic bag to do paper mache (it was probably 4 layers). Aluminum foil for silver material on R2D2’s head, you can also use metallic spray paint.

I found random stuff in the house (warning: I’m a plastic container / lid hoarder). I used plastic small cups, laundry lids and milk formula lids.  Too much junk right!?  I also added a small headlight on the lower part of the head to get that R2D2 headlight that he has.

I attached a helmet inside so it’s easy to wear around while trick or treating. And if you are curious if the costume are heavy, my son runs wearing them lol 


I used a wire fence (?) that we use for our garden to create the R2D2’s body. We found this drywall tarp cover in a construction site near us and used it to cover the entire wire surface.  The only blue material that I have at home is this blue stripe paper bag  and use it to decorate the R2D2’s body. I used my guitar holder straps to hold the costume so my son can carry them around easily.


It might look junky but as long as it looks R2D2, that will work for one night 😉 

Total cost: $0

Next costume is for my eldest son as C3PO…

I have to spend golden fabric for this costume and a few other things. I started to sew his costume and used my son’s pajamas to get a pattern for the long sleeves and pants

I found this chestplate from Dollar Store and added the rounded part using lids from milk formula, green olives and milk. And then, painted it with white acrylic paint as a primer to pop out the gold color. I used gold acrylic paint to finish the accessory. Again, you can use spray paint if you prefer.

Don’t forget the gloves! I traced my son’s hands but the pattern was too small for his hand when the gloves were done. I tried my hand size and it worked perfectly for him.

I used a scrap black fabric to complete the look and used colorful pipe wires to portray C3P0’s costume. I found a C3PO mask  and Amazon was nice to let me keep it since the mask was so dusty when it arrived.

He’s very into it, don’t you think!? 😉

Total Cost: less than $10

Okay, let’s proceed to my third son.. Whoa! so many boys here haha! 

Nothing much to explain here, very simple costume for Yoda. I used my jacket for this photo but I ended up using a beige Thai pants that my husband got from Thailand before. For the mask,  I decided to purchase a Yoda mask since they love wearing masks around the house. But I actually wish I could just make DIY ears, it’s easy to make and you can find a tutorial on Youtube.

Yoda is ready to harvest some veggies. 

Total cost: $23

Next costume is for our foster daughter, Baby L! I’m glad that she’s with us in fun times! She’s our little Ewok.

I found a baby bonnet tutorial on Youtube and stitched these ears that I found in a thrift store (it came from a winter hat). For the brown fabric, I used an old cloth bag  and added some details using embroidery thread and cotton rope. I also added a weapon on the side using scrap fabric and filled it up with pillow stuffing.

She is adorable! We are very blessed and thankful that she’s here. My kids love her!

And Yoda, too!

Costume cost: $2.99 

Next costume is for my husband, Darth Maul.

Brent is wearing his black jacket with a hoodie.  I used a black curtain fabric and created a hole for the neck. We are too cheap to buy the real costume and even the real weapon, that’s why I only tape the lightsaber swords together and painted them red. My husband wasn’t happy with that but I asked him “Do you wanna spend and buy new ones?”, he didn’t answer he’s happy in the end 😉

I face painted my husband’s face but I told him I don’t like the small horns since it looks scary and also, that will be a lot of work to do  lol

Total cost: $2

Lastly, here’s my Star Wars character – Aayla Secura. My husband chose this character for me. If you ask me who this character is, I really don’t know. All I know is that she needs more fabric for her costume 😉

For the headpiece. I tried to use fabric paint but it didn’t work. I ended up using fabric and sew to make the shape.

I used egg cartons for the ears and covered them with blue fabric.

The colors are not exactly as Aayla Secura’s headpiece. I only use what I have at home except for the blue fabric that I got from a local fabric shop of my friend.


My costume cost: $20

NERD!!! haha


Here are the ready-made costumes for Star Wars, if you don’t have time to make one:

R2D2 Costume for Infant

R2D2 Costume for kids

C3PO costume with mask

C3PO mask only 

Yoda mask

Yoda costume for babies

Yoda costume for kids

Ewok costume

Darth Maul Costume

Aayla Secura (headpiece)


I hope you enjoy reading this post and inspire you. Happy Halloween from Smith family!



Family Halloween Costume: The Hobbit

Friday, November 1, 2019

This year my husband was the one in charge to pick what theme we’ll do for Halloween since I chose the costume from last year . He was always keen to do The Hobbit since he wants to be Gandalf (Hello Lord of the Rings fans!). It was such a fun, messy, and challenging experience to prepare our costumes. I tried my best not to spend for the materials as much as possible. I mainly had to buy the wig and ears since I don’t know how to make them from scratch.

Here are some behind-the-scene images I took from weeks of preparation. I hope you enjoy, get inspired, and learn something from it! 🙂

I’m thankful that there was a week when my mother-in-law was in town so she taught me how to sew the kids’ cloak and Gandalf costumes. I found all the fabrics in a thrift store. The cloak is  mostly made from window curtains.

DIY Gandalf costumes using an old bed sheet.

DIY Gandalf Hat. I used cereal boxes and wrapped an old pillowcase with a different fabric.

Testing the Gandalf hat.

My husband loves Halloween…

Gandalf Beard. It was made of wool which means it can be pretty messy….it shredded a lot, so beware.😉

Brent told me to use my hairspray to lessen the shredding. I used a mix of water and Elmer’s glue instead. I don’t want to use my nice hairspray you know? 😉

For the hobbit feet, I used their own shoes to mold to create the hobbit feet. These are made of paper and I finished it with a brush of  mixed water and Elmer’s glue.

Fun part! Painting! To add some hair, I used black threads and trimmed it into small pieces.

Our friend Clint of @boyd.woodshop helped us create these cool wooden swords for our kids!

The cute vest was from old button shirts.

The only DIY for myself is the headpiece of Galadriel.

My husband told me that I’m the dark elf version, so I did my makeup in a lighter way 😉 My dress was given by Susan from our church. I found the shawl in thrift store and used an accessory that came from my wedding dress. Thanks to Photoshop for my colored eyes 😉

So thankful for thrift stores! There are many things that I found that made these Halloween costumes less expensive, yet creative. 


These are the links if you’d like to see where we found these items:

Elf ears

Galadriel Wig

Light Ball for Gandalf Staff


Happy Halloween! Stay warm in this cold weather!



Last minute Halloween makeup look

Monday, October 30, 2017

last minute halloween makeup spider inspired

I wanted to share today a last-minute halloween makeup tutorial. It is simple and suitable for Halloween celebrations! I couldn’t help making at one creepy look for this year’s Halloween makeup post! At least, it’s not creepier than the ones I made before, right? Check them out here. 😉 I think this last-minute halloween makeup tutorial is a great idea for those who work during the day and want to do something “fun” on the day of Halloween. It doesn’t require a lot of props since I only add a few spiders and is worn with a simple black dress from Pink Blush. When I was at Walmart, I saw these spider decorations (for less than $3) to show to my kids the next day. They inspired me to create this makeup look which features soft smokey eyes and a dark lip shade. 


last minute halloween makeup spider inspired 2017 -C

To finish up this look, I use a matte bronzer to contour my cheekbones and some on the side of my nose.

To apply the spider, I used false lash glue and waited a few seconds before applying it to my skin, so it would stick well.

What is your last-minute look this Halloween?

Don’t forget to share and pin this image on your favorite Pinterest board. Thank you and Happy Halloween everyone!


DIY Golden Leaf Crown

Thursday, October 26, 2017

instagram filter inspired makeup look tutorial 2

This look is inspired by Instagram Filters. I know some of you are enjoying these filters, like I am. That’s why I wanted to do a pretty makeup look and also share an easy DIY golden leaf crown, that you can wear for Halloween. As some of you know, I liked creepy Halloween looks before and I’ve been slowly trying to stuff on pretty side rather than the scary side. I have kids around me now and I don’t want to scare them. I also conducted a poll on my Instagram Stories asking friends if they prefer “something scary” or “something pretty” for Halloween looks. Most votes went for something pretty. With that being said, here’s a video on how I created this look. Scroll down for product details and a step-by-step tutorial for the DIY leaf crown.






Artificial Flowers in gold (I got mine from a Dollar Store)

Glue stick and glue gun


instagram filter makeup tutorial diy golden crown leaves 4

STEP 1 While waiting for the glue gun to get heat up, remove all the golden flowers and cut off all the petals individually. I only used the petals of these artificial flowers for this crown, and I kept the rest of flowers to use for something else. These petals will be used as our leaves.

instagram filter makeup tutorial diy golden crown leaves 3 instagram filter makeup tutorial diy golden crown leaves 2

STEP 2 Apply hot glue to the center of the headband. Carefully, put two leaves on the top, facing in opposite directions (as the image shows).

STEP 3 Continue to put the leaves on until it covers the headband. You may also add small details like artificial nectar to customize your crown.

That’s it! It’s easy and will complement your pretty makeup look for Halloween parties.

instagram filter makeup tutorial diy golden crown leaves

(This is my DIY Marble Makeup Brush Holder, tutorial here)

instagram filter inspired makeup look tutorial

What do you want to see on my next makeup tutorial?



(Throwback) My Halloween Makeup Looks

Sunday, October 15, 2017

trippy double vision halloween makeup inspired promise phan Trippy Double Vision

It’s that time of year again! Halloween makeup looks are always fun to do, even if they take a lot of time to create. I wanted to share some of the makeup looks I did for the Halloween season, ever since I started to blog my makeup works. As some of you know, I started blogging to showcase my makeup works for myself, for model shoots, or for my clients and their maternity or wedding shoots. This blog inspired me to create different creative looks using makeup and props. It even motivated me to create DIY accessories for the shoot.


Bohemian look


Queen of Thorns



White Winter (This is how I feel during winter in America…) You can also learn how to create your own icicle necklace using hot glue from my DIY tutorial here.

halloween makeup forest nymph inspired Forest Nymph

easy-fun-sprinkle-lip-art-tutorial-2 You may also focus on wearing creative lips for Halloween, instead of full face makeup. I made this sprinkle lips on a model few years ago and I think this will be fun for Halloween too! (full tutorial here).

green lips gothic halloween makeup

Gothic look for the lips using normal eyeshadow. I think my base was a concealer.

lip art hello island mama web size

The base for this look was a pigment powder, and the top was a clear gloss with golden glitter.

I’ve been thinking about what to do for this year’s Halloween makeup look tutorial. I want to avoid a bloody and super scary look, since I have kids around. I don’t want them to cry when they wake up from their naps  😉 I want something that looks pretty (similar to Bohemian or maybe like Trippy double vision look yet creative) Leave me a comment on what you want me to try this year! Or email me a photo here:

Have a great week, beauties!


Halloween Family Costume 2016

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

halloween-2016-family-costume2a halloween-2016-family-costume-4

We were finally able to experience having our first matching family Halloween costumes! They were inspired by the school buses that my kids get excited about when they see them on the road. That’s how I thought of the idea for our costumes. Brent and I weren’t initially going to wear costumes, but I thought it would be fun to get involved in this event for the kids. Although, my husband was opposed to wearing the “Stop”sign. 😉 Anyways, I thought my readers would want to know how I made these homemade school bus costumes, so here are some photos of the process. 🙂 Enjoy!


I hope you had a fun and wonderful Halloween with your family and friends! What did you dress up as?





White Winter Inspired Makeup Look

Monday, October 31, 2016

Learn some tips on how to create this white-winter inspired makeup look, along with a DIY icicle inspired necklace.

October is a time when I make a creative look like this. This brings me back to the time I was on college, writing my thesis about makeup looks inspired by paintings (A few examples can be found here). As I mentioned in my previous post, here’s the full makeup look I mentioned in the DIY icicle inspired necklace tutorial. This makeup look was more on the lighter tones with an illuminance. I made a mixed foundation, 3 shades lighter than my skintone, with a highlighter. I then applied it all over my face and neck. The makeup look is simple, it’s just a matter of more highlighting in the areas like the bridge of your nose, cheeks, chest and shoulders. I didn’t put any eyeliner on, using only false lashes instead to give my eyes a flattering look. Using a sponge and white face paint, I dabbed it around my forehead to blend in with the white color of my hair. Speaking of my hair, thanks to my mom who braided my hair to create this braided crown hairstyle. I think it looks nice with the concept!


I also made this icicle hair piece using the same procedures as with the necklace. I just needed to apply it on a flat surface instead of a bowl. I glued a big bobby pin onto the finished icicle hair piece, so that I could clip it on my hair. white-winter-inspired-makeup-look-3 white-winter-inspired-makeup-look-4

I also painted my nails with white glitter (tutorial here) and dabbed some white face paint onto my fingers for more of a winter frost look. Check out this similar dress that matches this look!


Anyone here like to create an avant-garde makeup look for Halloween, event, or occasion?

P.S. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, I’ll be sharing my kids’ Halloween costumes that I’ve been making this week.

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DIY Icicle Inspired Necklace Using Hot Glue

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Learn how to create your own necklace using hot glue. This necklace was inspired by ice and the winter season, gorgeous to wear for Halloween or a costume.

diy-icicle-inspired-necklace-using-hot-glue-1 diy-icicle-inspired-necklace-using-hot-glue-2

I’m thrilled to share my latest DIY today! This time it’s not for home decor, but an accessory to complete your Halloween or costume look. This necklace was inspired by ice, winter and a DIY ice queen’s crown I stumbled on at Pinterest. I saw how they made crown out of hot glue, but chose to create a necklace instead to add an accent for my neck.  I’ve been wanting to create a look like this that is mainly white in color or ice inspired. Here are the materials that I used. Most of them are from Hobby Lobby (art store).

Plastic Bowl

3-4 Glue Sticks and Glue Gun

Petroleum Jelly


Clear Nail Polish (I used Sally Hansen)

White Glitter (similar here)


Optional: String, Needle, Rubber Band, 2 Safety Pins

(Apologies for the quality of these photos. I took them at night while my kids were in bed. 😉 )


  1. Prepare your glue gun, glue stick, and plastic bowl. Turn on your glue gun and wait until it’s hot.
  2. While waiting for the glue gun, apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly on the surface of the bowl where you are planning to apply the hot glue. This makes the necklace easier to remove.
  3. Start applying the hot glue to the bottom part of the bowl as the foundation. I based the length of the necklace to match my jawline. Apply at least 2-3 coats of hot glue to make the foundation strong and thick. Wait a few seconds between coats. If you make a longer length necklace, you’ll able to trim it later to fit around your neck.
  4. Start on the center by letting the hot glue drip. Make sure the center is much longer than the rest of the necklace pattern, to create a nice dripping icicle shaped necklace. Create at least 2-3 coats of hot glue. Again, wait a few seconds between coats. I like to move the hot glue in random directions to create texture, so that the design is not perfectly smooth.
  5. Turn your bowl upside down and place it under the light to check if you have missed some parts, or to see if you are satisfied with the proportion of the glue drippings.
  6. When you are done, wait to dry and clean up the strands of hot glue. Carefully remove the dry glue using a cutter or razor
  7. Apply clear nail polish (same polish I used here) on top of the icicle inspired necklace. I sectioned it by 3 so the clear nail polish would still be wet for the glitter to stick on.
  8. Next, dust the white glitter over the top of the clear nail polish, to cover the surface of the hot glue-made necklace. Proceed to the next section and repeat steps #7 & #8 until you are done. To seal the glitter, wait for the nail polish to dry and re-apply clear nail polish over the top of the glitters
  9.  I used white sequins to decorate this necklace and glued them on with hot glue.
  10. I didn’t have the right string for the necklace since this was an impromptu project. Instead, I used a needle and white thread to finish this necklace. I put a rubber band on my thumb, making it easier to push the needle in both ends of the necklace. I used 2 small safety pins to attach both sides of the thread and make the necklace easy to wear. Again, I used this method only because I didn’t have the right materials, but if you can, use the right materials and tools for it. :-)

I’ll be posting a full makeup look soon that I did, inspired by ice and winter. Be sure to check them out here on my blog!

Any creative looks you are planning to do for Halloween?

By the way, for makeup bookings (in Houston) this Halloween, for parties, etc. Feel free to email me at


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