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Everyday Brown Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Thursday, October 11, 2018

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brown smokey eyes hello island mama makeup tutorial 2 brown smokey eyes hello island mama makeup tutorial 3

Smokey eyes can be intimidating and may seem hard to do. But with proper practice and with the right tools, subtle smokey eyes can be your go-to look for work or nights out. I like wearing neutral shades because they’re more wearable and easily transitions from day to night. It also looks more natural and doesn’t look too harsh on the skin.

I partnered with Antonym to show how to create smokey eyes using brown and neutral tones. Their makeup is organic using only natural ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, and they have zero tolerance for animal cruelty.

brown smokey eyes hello island mama makeup tutorial

  1.     After using moisturizer, I applied Antonym foundation (shade of tan) using my fingers and then beauty blender. This foundation has a natural finish and long-wearing.
  2.     I applied liquid concealer under my eye and around my nose.
  3.     Using a matte dark brown eyeshadow from the Antonym Quattro palette, I applied it all over my eyelids with a blending brush to blur out the crease area.
  4.     For the outer corner of my eye, I used the satin finish dark brown eyeshadow
  5.     I used the other side of the brush to apply a lighter eyeshadow in Pale Gold for my tear ducts.
  6.     Don’t forget to work on your brows! Brush off after to erase harsh lines.
  7.     Next is black liner on the lower and upper lash lines. Smudge it using a small round brush. I mixed a little satin dark brown eyeshadow to have a gradient look.
  8.     Apply your favorite mascara.
  9.     Brush off some blush, I use this new baked highlighting blush from Antonym called “Lily”. I love that the powder is fine; it gives luminous and velvety feel on the skin. It’s long lasting, too. 
  10. Apply your favorite lipstick. I use this pretty color lipstick pencil in natural shade that keeps my lips hydrated and soft at the same time.

brown smokey eyes hello island mama makeup tutorial 5

Antonym Foundation in Tan / Lipstick Pencil in Naturelle / Antonym Organic  Highlighter

brown smokey eyes hello island mama makeup tutorial 8

Antonym Cosmetic Quattro Eyeshadow Pallete in Noisette. The Antonym palette comes with an easy-to-use brush.

brown smokey eyes hello island mama makeup tutorial 4

Baked Highlighting Blush Lily
brown smokey eyes hello island mama makeup tutorial before and after

The key to a perfect eye makeup is to blend properly, use the right brush, and find a good quality eye shadow that suits your skin. I like Antonym because they’re pigmented and stays longer. Plus, it’s safe to use around the eyes.

What shades do you prefer using to get a smokey eye effect? And on what occasion do you like wearing them?

Let me know in the comments!


How-to apply lipstick for the Fall

Monday, November 6, 2017

This shop has been compensated by Schwarzkopf. #FashionColorExpert #sponsored how to apply dark lipstick hair color schwarzkopf (2)

Anyone here love wearing dark lipsticks for fall? Are any of you hesitant to wear a darker shade? Well today, I’ll be sharing how to apply dark lipstick like a pro, and how to enjoy this look without looking gothic, but fab! Wearing a dark shade of lipstick can be intimidating and messy, especially if you don’t wear it often. However, with a few simple steps you’ll love wearing it, and with confidence! Below are some simple steps to follow. I’m also sharing on today’s post how I colored my hair at home, with the help of >Schwarzkopf Color Ultime. Scroll down for tutorials!

how to apply dark lipstick hair color schwarzkopf (7)

1) Exfoliate and Moisturize – Before applying your dark lipstick, make sure to exfoliate your lips to get rid of flakes. This gives you a smooth surface and even base before applying your lipstick. I like to use a simple mixture of sugar and some olive oil. I then rinse with warm water. Don’t forget to moisturize your lips afterwards with your favorite lip conditioner.

2) Pick your dark lipstick – Choose the right shade by focusing on your undertone. I like to use lip brush when applying dark lipstick so I can control where to apply it. I blot with a tissue and reapply again. Lipliners are optional.

3) Balance the look – When wearing dark lipstick, it’s better to opt for a simple look by having a clean eye makeup look, adding a touch of blush or bronzer (to compliment your dark lips), and filling up your brows. However, if you are going for a more dramatic look at night, you may go for a different eye makeup look.

I also want to share with you all how I colored my hair using Schwarzkopf Color Ultime in Cinnamon Brown, available at Walmart. I just had a haircut a few weeks ago to get a new look for this new season. It was also because it was hard to maintain my long hair with my three little kids around… I often color my hair at home and my mom would help me out. Since she wasn’t visiting the United States this year, I had a chance to color my hair on my own. I actually felt nervous not having assistance, but surprisingly, it wasn’t as hard as I thought! Schwarzkopf has a ready to mix color cream and application bottle with developer lotion. It’s convenient to use and you can see the results beforehand! Here’s how I did it.

how to apply dark lipstick hair color schwarzkopf (5)

Prepare these items above before coloring your hair so they’re easy to grab. Don’t forget to wear your gloves. Cover your clothes with an old towel and grab a watch so you can time the process. To start the application, unscrew the application bottle and pierce the tube of the Color Cream tube. Squeeze this Color Cream inside the application bottle and close the lid firmly. Then, start shaking it to mix all the creams together. Make sure you hold the bottle away from you, so that when removing the cap it won’t squirt out on your face. Unscrew the upper cap and start applying directly from the Application Bottle onto your dry, unwashed hair.

For a full head application, apply the cream throughout all of your hair thoroughly, strand after strand. I focus more on my gray hairs. I used a dye brush that my mom left here at home. Allow the hair color mixture to work for 30 minutes.

After the process time, rinse your hair with warm water until it runs clear. Afterwards, shampoo and rinse well. It also comes with Intense Conditioning Treatment to massage into your towel dried hair. Wait for 2-3 minutes after massaging, then rinse your hair thoroughly.

how to apply dark lipstick hair color schwarzkopf (6)

how to apply dark lipstick hair color schwarzkopf (1)

Here are the before and after shots of the process, with Schwarzkopf Color Ultime in Cinnamon Brown. I love how it’s still vibrant even though it’s already been a week now. It leaves my hair softer and has beautiful shine too!

how to apply dark lipstick hair color schwarzkopf (3)


There is a Try Me Free Rebate where you will be given a rebate to cover your purchase with your original receipt. You can also go with another option of earning up to $5 on Ibotta when you purchase any shade of Schwarzkopf Color Ultime.

how to apply dark lipstick hair color schwarzkopf (4)

What new look are you planning to try this season?



Last minute Halloween makeup look

Monday, October 30, 2017

last minute halloween makeup spider inspired

I wanted to share today a last-minute halloween makeup tutorial. It is simple and suitable for Halloween celebrations! I couldn’t help making at one creepy look for this year’s Halloween makeup post! At least, it’s not creepier than the ones I made before, right? Check them out here. 😉 I think this last-minute halloween makeup tutorial is a great idea for those who work during the day and want to do something “fun” on the day of Halloween. It doesn’t require a lot of props since I only add a few spiders and is worn with a simple black dress from Pink Blush. When I was at Walmart, I saw these spider decorations (for less than $3) to show to my kids the next day. They inspired me to create this makeup look which features soft smokey eyes and a dark lip shade. 


last minute halloween makeup spider inspired 2017 -C

To finish up this look, I use a matte bronzer to contour my cheekbones and some on the side of my nose.

To apply the spider, I used false lash glue and waited a few seconds before applying it to my skin, so it would stick well.

What is your last-minute look this Halloween?

Don’t forget to share and pin this image on your favorite Pinterest board. Thank you and Happy Halloween everyone!


DIY Golden Leaf Crown

Thursday, October 26, 2017

instagram filter inspired makeup look tutorial 2

This look is inspired by Instagram Filters. I know some of you are enjoying these filters, like I am. That’s why I wanted to do a pretty makeup look and also share an easy DIY golden leaf crown, that you can wear for Halloween. As some of you know, I liked creepy Halloween looks before and I’ve been slowly trying to stuff on pretty side rather than the scary side. I have kids around me now and I don’t want to scare them. I also conducted a poll on my Instagram Stories asking friends if they prefer “something scary” or “something pretty” for Halloween looks. Most votes went for something pretty. With that being said, here’s a video on how I created this look. Scroll down for product details and a step-by-step tutorial for the DIY leaf crown.






Artificial Flowers in gold (I got mine from a Dollar Store)

Glue stick and glue gun


instagram filter makeup tutorial diy golden crown leaves 4

STEP 1 While waiting for the glue gun to get heat up, remove all the golden flowers and cut off all the petals individually. I only used the petals of these artificial flowers for this crown, and I kept the rest of flowers to use for something else. These petals will be used as our leaves.

instagram filter makeup tutorial diy golden crown leaves 3 instagram filter makeup tutorial diy golden crown leaves 2

STEP 2 Apply hot glue to the center of the headband. Carefully, put two leaves on the top, facing in opposite directions (as the image shows).

STEP 3 Continue to put the leaves on until it covers the headband. You may also add small details like artificial nectar to customize your crown.

That’s it! It’s easy and will complement your pretty makeup look for Halloween parties.

instagram filter makeup tutorial diy golden crown leaves

(This is my DIY Marble Makeup Brush Holder, tutorial here)

instagram filter inspired makeup look tutorial

What do you want to see on my next makeup tutorial?



How to Achieve a Fresh Makeup Look

Thursday, July 13, 2017

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How to achieve fresh makeup HERO

I have a fun and fresh-looking makeup tutorial today a look for a clean summer look. I’m sharing my favorite makeup techniques and tips to achieve glowing skin, and to keep you feeling fresh and hydrated. Summer in Texas is getting seriously hot, so I have to keep myself well-hydrated. I make sure to drink plenty of fluids for my skin and body. I was inspired to create this fresh makeup look by vitaminwater, which I found at Target. Drinking a refreshing bottle helps keep me hydrated. It tastes great and is perfect for busy lifestyles like mine. Staying hydrated is one of the most important ways to get glowing skin and to achieve a fresh makeup look. Scroll down for a step-by-step tutorial on how to create this look!

How to achieve fresh makeup look 2a

How to achieve fresh makeup look

1 ) After washing your face and moisturizing, use a tinted moisturizer and apply to your face with your fingers.

2 ) I opt for liquid concealer to even out the dark circles and red spots around my nose. Use a dampened sponge to even out and blend the application well.

3 ) To fill in the brows, use a retractable brow pencil and a brow brush. Blur the edges and lines.

4) Use less powder on specific areas, like under the eyes and around the nose (if you have oily skin in this area), to set the concealer. I like to keep the other areas of my face free from powder so that it looks natural, healthy, and radiant.

5 ) I love using a liquid type of blush. Pat it down on your cheeks, using your fingers to blend. You may also use a cream blush or even lipstick with a creamy texture.

6 ) For this look I prefer a simple style without eyeshadow. This allows you to pat powder on your eyelids for a clean look and matte finish.

7 ) Curl lashes to the side and immediately apply mascara to lock the curls. Do the same for the other eye.

8 ) Apply your favorite lipstick. I’m using pink tone for this look, which is inspired by kiwi-strawberry vitaminwater.

9 ) Finally, use a bronzer to dust around your face and neck.


Makeup tip: Use a spray bottle of water or facial mist spray on a rounded highlighter blush before applying highlighter powder. This makes it stand better, but keeps it looking natural (not flaky or powdery) on the skin. I love using this technique for myself and for my makeup clients.

How to achieve fresh makeup look 1

Highlight upper cheekbones, bridge of the nose, chin area and tear ducts using a small brush or your pinky finger.

How to achieve fresh makeup look 4

How to achieve fresh makeup look vitaminwater instore

Have you tried “Shelf-Selfie”?  I did! Get 15% off when you buy vitaminwater, by simply following the instructions below:

1) Visit your local Target.

2) Snap a Shelf-Selfie (selfie in front of the vitaminwater shelf).

3) Text your image to 89000 to receive the hidden Cartwheel offer link for 15% off a 20 oz bottle of vitaminwater.

That’s it! Easy and simple

How to achieve fresh makeup look 5

vitaminwater offers a great variety of flavors. Check out other inspiring posts on how vitaminwater fits their lifestyles for the summer.

How to achieve fresh makeup look 3

How do you keep yourself looking fresh and hydrated from the inside out?

Pinterest how to achieve fresh makeup look


5 Minute Spring Makeup Look + Makeup GIVEAWAY!

Monday, April 10, 2017


Since my kids are close in age and toddlers now, they play together well. I’m taking advantage of this by using the time to do a quick makeup application for myself. This application is something I do before we engage in an outdoor activity or even when we’re just at home. It’s a good way to wake me up and help me feel ready to chase my boys around. 😉 Here’s a step-by-step makeup tutorial, perfect for women who only have 5 minutes to spare for makeup. This is great for busy moms like me!

5-minute-spring-makeup-look-giveaway (3)

1 After I moisturize, I use a primer that has an illuminance glow finish on my face. I love it!  

2 Using liquid concealer that comes with a wand, I apply it under my eyes and around my nose to even out these areas.

3 I usually use my fingers to blend my concealer, but I find using beauty blender (similar like this)a quicker way to blend liquid concealers. I love to spray my beauty blender with a bit of facial spray (water will work too), so that it’s easy to blend with the liquid product.

4 Right now, I like using an eyebrow pencil that comes with a brush tool on the end. This way, I can brush off and blur edges quickly.

5 I then apply blush onto my cheeks. I have recently been using a lip and cheek stain as my blush, which is easy to apply and blend using just your fingertips. I love how it stays on longer. Plus, it is made with all-natural ingredients like cherry fruit water which prevents fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.

6 I use the same product for my cheeks for my lip color. I also like how the colors fit for springtime. I have dry lips, so I like to apply lip balm on top of it.

7 Next, I curl my eyelashes and apply mascara.

8 After that, I put highlighter powder on my upper cheeks and/or bridge of the nose. I use a technique where I spray a little bit of facial spray (or water) on the brush, before applying  the highlighter powder on my skin. Check my post about this technique here.

9 (Optional) Apply a flesh-colored eyeliner on your waterline. This makes my eyes open up and helps me look less tired. Be sure you blend, so it won’t look patchy.

10 (Optional) Use a contour powder (which is 2 shades darker than your skintone) on the side of your nose and cheeks.

5-minute-spring-makeup-look-giveaway (4)

I’m excited to bring this Filipino makeup brand here to America.  For you to experience the benefits of these products, I’m giving away St. Joan’s best sellers: 8-Hour Lip & Cheek Cream and 8-Hour Lip & Cheek Stain to 2 winners! Simply follow the instructions below to enter:

  1. Follow me on Instagram @helloislandmama and @st.joancares
  2. Like the image in Instagram where I posted about this giveaway
  3. Tag a friend on the comment box. You are welcome tag more friends in seperate comment.

This giveaway is open to all residents in United States only. Contest ends on April 17, 2017. Winners will be contacted through Instagram.

5-minute-spring-makeup-look-giveaway (1)

Do you have any favorite products you like to use for quick makeup applications?

A blessed week to all!

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Dark Lipstick Tutorial

Monday, January 30, 2017


My first makeup tutorial for the year 2017 will be this dark lip tutorial! I know some of you are a fan of dark lip colors, that’s why I want to share a simple and easy way to apply them. There is also a makeup technique that I love to do when I want to turn my lipstick into a matte-looking finish. I have always been a fan of matte finishes for lipcolors, ranging from natural to bold colors. I think it looks lovely! Not only do I love how it looks, it is long-wearing too! Here are a few easy steps to follow:

dark-lipstick-tutorial-2-5 dark-lipstick-tutorial-2-2

Step 1: Use lip liner that has a color close to your lipstick shade. Apply it completely over your lips. In case you didn’t know, lip liners make your lipstick stay longer, as it acts as a base for your lipstick. It can also change your lipstick color if you try to mix them together. See my post about changing lip tone color.


Step 2: Apply your favorite dark lipstick completely over your lips. I like to use lip brush, so I can control the application on the edges of my lips. Unless you have a wand like liquid lip color, you may use the wand too.

Step 3: Use a translucent powder with a blending brush to dust over your lips. This helps keep your lipstick shine-free and have a more matte look.


That it, done! I told you it’s easy!

What kind of makeup look do you like to wear with your dark lipstick? I like simple eyeshadow with bold brows 🙂

(I used Lorac Pro Contour Palette for my mirror.)


Holiday Makeup Tutorial (To get that picture-perfect look!)

Monday, December 5, 2016

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Hello, beauties!! I know some of you are very excited this month because of the holidays, and especially because of all the family get-togethers, parties and photos  with loved ones. There will certainly be a lot of photo taking this month.  For example, I did my own makeup for our Christmas family photo session just last week! That’s why I’m sharing a step-by-step makeup tutorial with you so that you’re camera-ready.. With today’s post I tried something fun for the eyes. If you’ve been wanting to wear sparkle and glitter on your eyes without looking tacky, I’ll show you to create a simple, stunning eye makeup look. Here’s the full face makeup step-by-step tutorial to give you more confidence with your photos!

Step 1 After you moisturize your face, begin to fill your brows the way you normally do. I’m using a brown matte eyeshadow with an angle brush.

Step 2 Fill the entire eyelid with an eyeshadow base. I used Neutrogena cream eyeshadow on a stick that acts as a primer as well.


Step 3 If you don’t have glitter eyeshadow, you may simply use an eye cream and golden glitter mixed together. I applied this DIY glitter eyeshadow on my entire eyelid and blended upwards. holiday-makeup-tutorial-to-get-picture-perfect-3

Step 4 I thought of doing a simple cat-winged eyeliner, so I grabbed my small angle brush with gel eyeliner. I then began to draw a small line upward on the outer part of my eye, followed by a line on my upper lash line. Finally, I connected them together at the end of the small line, on the outer corner of my eye. You may apply 2 coats to cover excess glitter.

Step 5  To get the perfect winged eyeliner, I used Neutrogena® Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes. They cleaned up the excess and also some of the glitter that fell off my eyelids. It’s really easy and quick to do this! Not only do the towelettes clean, they are also  gentle around my eye. This is especially great for contact lens users like me.


Step 7 Curl your lashes.

Step 8 Apply your favorite mascara.

Step 9 Begin to apply your foundation. Blend well.

Step 10 Use concealer to cover dark circles and highlight some areas like the bridge of your nose.

Step 11 Apply blush using a big brush. I love to apply my blush before I use setting powder. I think it makes my blush last longer

Step 12 Set your concealer with setting powder so it doesn’t move or become cakey. Don’t forget to dust a setting powder on your T-zone as well. This helps prevent you from getting a shiny look in pictures.

Step 13 Don’t forget to apply mascara on your lower lash line.

Step 14 Slightly highlight the bridge of your nose with a highlighter powder. (This is optional if you have a narrow nose.)

Step 15 Using your little finger, dab with the same highlighter powder, then dab that on your tear duct, and blend. This is a good tip for taking pictures, especially for the holidays. 😉


Finally, don’t forget to apply your lip product! I am currently loving this Neutrogena® MoistureSmooth Color Stick in Soft Raspberry (60). It keeps my lips moisturized, and it lets me choose the color that I want with 16 shades to choose from! The application is easy to do since it uses a twist-up mechanism. That means no sharpener needed!


Beauty Tip: For a quick brush cleaning between makeup applications, I love to use Neutrogena® Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelette to remove makeup from my brushes. The towelette smells so good! This Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelette is perfect when you’re on-the-go. You can just put it in your purse and forget about it until you need it. They’re great at removing stubborn makeup, such as waterproof mascara and eyeliner.

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes and Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Sticks are both available at Walmart.


Which shade of these MoistureSmooth Color Sticks do you want to try for your glitter eye look? Share your favorite shade below! 🙂


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